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Remove 5 most played maps!?

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Sup Fluxers!


So I have a proposition. Call me daft but there seems to be a small handful of TTT maps that we play CONSTANTLY. And every time I'm on one somebody is trying to RTV or complaining about how boring the map is.


"Are they boring?"

No way! They're the most popular maps for a reason, I think they're just a little over-played.


So let me throw the idea out there, that for a short duration of time (maybe 2 weeks?) We remove the 5 most played maps!?!


"What, remove the maps people like to play? great idea IRIS you numpty"

Thanks Wolfe i mean voice in my head that sounds like Wolfe. But yes, I think it's a great idea. It wouldn't be taking away what we love, just coming together as a community to try out new things. Don't worry we'll play them again after the 2 weeks are up.


What does everyone think?

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Ehh People play what they know, and what are usually decent maps. Certain maps like Community Pool or Bowling are popular because everyone knows them. Removing any map or banning a map for a period of time would cause some players to leave as it's foreign maps they haven't played. You can't exactly control what maps people vote for or want to play on. Yes, there is always that One person who rtvs or complains, but they're welcome to do that alternatively they can live with it or leave for the duration of the map or the rest of the day.

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I think a feature that bans a map from being played if it was played in the last 2-3 maps would be good, to prevent a rotation of 2 maps being played infinitely as happens some nights.


Interesting idea, would also like to know people's opinions on this. However I haven't seen the server ever be stuck on two or three specific maps.


banning a map for a period of time would cause some players to leave as it's foreign maps they haven't played.


I don't think that's necessarily true, the player base is pretty constant and stable. And I doubt any new-comers would know TTT well enough to prefer the current maps and be so angry they aren't in rotation that they'd leave the server.


How can you be so sure more people would leave than there are currently people dropping off when a map they don't like gets picked? I stopped playing the server tonight when a certain Minecraft map got chosen and thought to myself "Guess that's enough for tonight, I'll play tomorrow when it's a different map".


Also, most people have played the other maps once or twice before so it won't be an entirely 'foreign' experience.


I respect your reservations but don't think the effect will be as dramatic as you think.

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you also need to realise that voting for maps is a majority vote, just because a few people complain a lot about one map and rtv does not mean through majority of people hate that map. Also two weeks is actually a long time not to play a map when you think about it. While I do see your point and have maps that I don't necessarily like playing it doesn't cause me to want to quit playing. while like Zoidberg said that it may make you want to get off a bit early it doesn't have much of an impact. Some times maps are even voted to be extended which is normally the top maps especial ly rooftops, this shows that people really love playing them and taking away the maps that everybody loves would have a worse effect.

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How dare the voice in your head sound like me.


For real though I really feel like this is a bad idea. It's a majority vote to play these maps so it's clearly what the majority want to play and taking that away from them won't encourage them to come back. If we start taking away the maps that people want to play, they'll just move to another server that has those maps.

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Removing the most popular maps for 2 weeks will just end up killing the server. Although have a cool down on maps isn't a bad idea I've play on quite a few servers that have had a cool down feature so that the same maps don't get spammed over and over again. I know some of my more casual friends that play gmod once in a blue moon usually like to hop on and play maps they know like Rooftops,Dolls,bowling etc removing maps like these will alienate not only the current player base but also any new players searching for a new server to play

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Your point is invalid.

Gametracker shows the server Flux Servers ★ TTT #1 | CoinFlip | Custom Weapons | AirDrops;  There's a pie diagram showing that the top 5 maps only contribute 31% of map rotations on the server, the top map being Innocent Motel: 9%. This is not an issue, the map rotations are repetitive, but not as you pictured.


Removing the top 5 maps will cause outrage in the community. Over time, the community will adjust to their predicament and a new top 5 maps will supersede the old popular maps. This will achieve nothing, and you'll be making another complaint in two months for the same reason.

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I agree here, the current most popular maps have been the most popular for a long time, some even since the server's conception and others since they were added in quite some time ago. However, removing them entirely is not the way to go about fixing the issue, as others have said that it will cause an outrage in the community. In my opinion a cooldown feature is the best option here, and it will be brought up to the server management team.

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3 hours ago, Dr. Zoidberg said:

New Maps would be fun, but It's gunna be a pain to find them, then find bugs and test to make sure that glitches and exploits on them are patched, before it actually hits the server properly.

Literally the process that happens with all new maps, it's nothing new and is something that has to happen

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