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  1. I was on today and wawi and poizy had another 5 people helping them kill Higashi repeatedly, Higashi would not even have time to do anything and he was RDM'ed at the start of the round for an entire map. Not sure about it previous days but I did notice it was really bad today.
  2. in Innocent rules, #4, you should have to ask them to identify the body as sometimes people can miss it, it is possible especially when there is a large group of bodies and while you may have seen the hidden body they may not have. you should have to warn traitors when you plant a c4 regardless of whether you can see it or not, it is the same with other T explosive weapons. This means that if someone dies to it then they have no excuse. While there is an indicator to tell you where it is, T's will run around and will only run away when it gets low, but if someone finds it and tries to defuse while there is a lot of time left it might kill T's who are nearby and did see it. you need to alter one of the D rules slightly, you said "you cannot asking players to kill one another" this is a valid thing to do when you have a radar and there are only provens plus a few unproven (depending on how many T's are left) alive but tab menu says there are more. While the inno's think there are more you know how many so your orders are a valid reason for them killing another player. Also in general that rule is worded weirdly. Another innocent rule you had was that you can't kill a detective, while they may be proven there have been multiple occasions where the D decides to RDM purely because they are D and these situations are reasonable to be able to kill D if they do it often. Rule 12 states that you cant kill players because they are high-sus or it is overtime, flux servers does not have overtime so that part is invalid Rule 14, change incendinary grenades to just grenades with (exluding smokes) as there are also innocent frag grenades or add incendinary/innocent frag Rule 7, you said prop killing is allowed, im guessing you are talking about prop killing to kill someone who is KOS'ed or your a T but probably needs more clarification then just rdm rules apply. also you did not put RDM rules explaining what RDM is here. Rule 17 is the same as Rule 9 Rule 3 of detective rules shouldn't be a rule, this would more be something that people just need to learn over time, not knowing how to use DNA scanner shouldn't be much of a problem and they shouldn't need to opt out of the role, if need be they can just give DNA scanner to another player
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