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  1. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56484101 Reason for ban: Toxicity/Harassment Issuing staff member: CoiNz Ban length: 2 months reduced to 1 month Appeal: I understand my words have left a deep wound to some members of this community and to those people I apologise. The two of you who I've insulted did not deserve it nor anyone who saw it deserved to read it. My absence has left me with more than enough time to think over what I've done and who I've hurt from my actions and I wish to became a better person not only for them but the community itself. I would greatly appreciate coming back to this community earlier than expected so I can have fun with the friends I've made along the way. Even if I was to be either muted/gagged for the remainder of my original sentence. I am genuinely sorry for my actions and hope that I can be forgiven.
  2. Please fellow community member there is no need for insults towards me for I have reformed. :)
  3. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56484101 Reason for ban: abuse via rampart Issuing staff member: Ban length: 7 day vacation Appeal: i will not type i am a good boy pls i dindu nuffiin major guys please dont make me play league of legends
  4. I was honestly zoned out just bhopping around the map bored out of my mind waiting for the traitors to do something which is what I do majority of the time in every single map
  5. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198073233931 Reason for ban: Teaming/Metagaming Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: 1 Week Appeal: The situation: pro caster shoots at me and I shoot back, we're both using bornbeasts but he knifes the ground after shooting at me. For those that don't know, I'm friends with pro caster from communities before flux and so I knew he wanted a mutual bornbeast knife fight. Now keep in mind this little fight in total took around 15 seconds. Stuff like this is fun because it's something different from just mindlessly gunning down people. We both try and knife each other and he wins the round for the traitors. A couple rounds later I get banned. Am I in the wrong for wanting to have fun with a friend or should I have strictly followed the rules Aeyon?
  6. Incident occurred on TTT, at 10/12/19 23:69 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198073233931 Reported Player: molly (STEAM_0:1:60237263) Description of incident: blatant cheating cos he's insecure or something Evidence:
  7. Just add a few source maps. They're easy to learn the layout of and many people know them from playing on other servers.
  8. This is the number 1 problem I've seen servers have. It's not a small problem either.
  9. Why do you want to buff guns that are already at the top of the best guns in the server?
  10. Your Steam Name: Doma Your SteamID: lol Name Of Server: Flux TTT Date & Time of Incident: 4/06/19 10:00 Reported Player's Steam Name: tea Reported Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57290520 What They Did Wrong: Aimbot Logged Evidence on Reported Player: Video Evidence on Reported Player:
  11. Name: That One Arab Server: Traitors are in Trouble in a Town A bit about myself. I like to eat food to survive, play video games to make FRIENDS and post in introductions on forums to introduce myself into a community :))) oh and my name is jessica and im a gaming girl x3 feel free to hit me up and you can protect me in L4D2
  12. I've played on multiple servers where they've had martyrdom and it's so incredibly bad. It's damage is insane, the range of the explosion is big, no sound when it drops, able to get stuck on if you stand on it like any other grenade and it causes RDM much more than you would think.
  13. Damage and firerate are fine, accuracy compared to all other guns needs to be nerfed (that is if it keeps its accuracy when not on the ground).
  14. Steam Name: Doma Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:56484101 Reason for ban: Map Exploitation (On probation at the time of ban) Staff Member who banned you: No idea, should really try and get that fixed. Ban Length: Permanent. Your Appeal: Honestly I think anyone in the EXACT same situation as myself would've done the same things (e.g use the spiderman gun to avoid or stand next to an object that will prevent your death) to survive since you would much rather live then die. If I was told that what I was doing was considered "map exploiting" then I would've just typed kill in console straight up due to myself being on probation. However I think the instant ban was unwarranted even considering I was on probation. If someone were to constantly get out of the normal boundaries of a map and warned by staff for it then a ban is undoubtedly the right thing and I understand something like that. Honestly in my mind, the scenario of someone trying to survive and win the round for their team using tools implemented by high-ranked staff should not be a ban worthy offense (unless they're obviously in the insane bullshit spot that neither guns/traitor equipment can kill them than that's understandable). I understand more about what the staff considers map exploiting and if I was to be unbanned then I would watch the way I play much more closely and not knowingly go into ban-worthy situations like that. I am sorry for any trouble I have caused for staff and players. If you have any questions please ask and I will answer them the best I can.
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