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  1. Steam Name: Predzee Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:455273540 Reason for Ban: Racism. Been warned multiple times. Staff Member Who Banned You: Aeyon Ban Length: 1 week. 6 days and 1 hour remaining. Your Appeal: Someone called me a gay cunt in voice chat. I responded, And you thought in 50000 years the aboriginals would have made some technological advancements. What i said was antagonizing, and may have stereotyped characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that culture. When I first joined the server, a staff member said to me, basically you've got a free range with anything that doesn't use slurs for people that pretty much only used as insults nowadays. There are conflicting views on humor and racism in the community, and it's not clear where they draw the line. What i said was offensive, but not derogatory or hate speech. I was not promoting prejudice of threatening a race, ethnicity, or culture. I did not use racial slurs. I am confused. A staff member told me Aeyon has his stick up my ass months ago when I joined the community. The player that called me a gay cunt was not gagged. I was muted, and banned the following round. The ban length was enhanced by what is justified by facts and I question whether the ban was subject to prejudice against my character. Anyway, the extent of my ban has been fulfilled according to the forums staff guidelines: 1 day. Edit: I forgot to comment on the statement been warned multiple times. I have been ulx_warned once. Regards, Predzee.
  2. Issues and Suggestions - Recommendation Requirement - 22-05-2019 - Retz: I messaged like literally every staff member asking them if they'd like to recommend me and if not what I could improve on. Clearly has the initiative to become staff. Retz has abundant knowledge of community and server rules, is wise, active on Discord and the Server. Retz is always trying to improve, and in time, will be a great moderator. Verdict: Strong +1.
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