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  1. I didn't even see this lmao. I assume you meant that this was a Flux meme competition? You never actually stated that specifically in the post... Implying it was like St Clair's adresses a very select group of people who knew what that was.
  2. DENIED We do not believe you are suitable for a staff position at this current time. Thank you for applying
  3. DENIED We do not believe you are suitable for a staff position at this current time. Thank you for applying
  4. Honestly didn't think you were gonna go through with the application. Now I just get to abuse you more if you get trial
  5. DENIED Thank you for the application, however you seemed to go inactive mere days after applying, and have nor returned for a sufficient amount of time since. If and when you return to the server, you may reapply if you wish.
  6. DENIED Thank you for the application, however at this point in time, we do not believe you are a suitable candidate for staff. You may try again in the future if you wish.
  7. Thank you for the report, this has been handled. Both @Kayda | Flux and Kwafee are receiving a warning now, they will both receive an awarn for staff reference the next time they are on, I trust that you shall see this post and take note. Do not do this again, we will not be so lenient next time.
  8. For starters, Wookiee is spelt with two e's, I am spelt with one e. Secondly, the point you are trying to make is like saying that players aren't allowed to swap weapons during the round. Say that you see someone killed by a deagle, now by your logic everyone who has a deagle is suspicious. It's the same principle. You see a Daft Punk kill someone, and now you want all people with a Daft Punk to be high sus. Now, if you were actually observant enough and used deductive reasoning, like you say TTT is all about, you would notice that quite often a traitor would remove their model after that model was called out for doing something traitorous. Also, who are you to say that player models are only intended for something fun? If people have figured out that they can get an advantage over others by removing their player model, good on them! They're actually using their brains. The main reason I would say that other servers haven't got mid-round model changing enabled, is exactly that - they just haven't got it enabled. It's not like every single TTT server runs off the exact same pointshop and model equipping system. Finally, this isn't exploiting in the slightest. Everyone has the ability to buy models, everyone has the ability to equip and unequip models, and everyone has the ability to swap them in the middle of the round. It is incomparable to abusing !unstuck because that command teleports you across the map to a new spawn location. I think it's safe to say that swapping your model doesn't do this.
  9. This is incorrect, a method of deciding this has not been discussed or determined as of yet.
  10. Why does model changing matter? It's not like you should KOS off of a player model, you need a name otherwise you can't act upon it regardless. Besides, changing model is a strategic thing to do because, as you said, it throws others off your scent. Plus if the innocents are observant enough they'll notice that a player isn't wearing the model that they usually would, and the key to winning is to be observant after all.
  11. I bet you didn't flip anything you liar, this is all fake news!
  12. Sorry for the long delayed response. This report was dealt with, thanks for reporting the issue.
  13. The thing is, we as staff would prefer it if forum reports were left for things that are more important than this. If everyone who was toxic and needed a slay for it was reported on the forums, there would be about 20 reports every hour. We would generally just prefer it if the only things reported on here were incidents like a mass RDM, metagame or other action that deserved a punishment like a ban. If you need staff on the server to deal with someone who is just being slight bit of a dickhead, you should just mention @TTT Mod in our Discord server. Anyway, this report has been resolved so I am closing this thread, thanks for the report Larko, and it would be appreciated if everyone considered what I have said for future reference.
  14. I know this thread's about props and propkilling and stuff, and nothing against you Predzee, but I can't help but laugh every time I see a post on here from you. Using language and punctuation that looks like you're trying to talk to the Queen without offending her, just makes you look so snobbish and uptight and I can't help but find it hilarious. Not to mention what feels like an attempt at minimodding in every post. Seriously, nothing against you mate, but I just thought I should let you know, cause I bet I'm not the only one. (See the underlined and bold quoted text for examples... So like, everything) Anyway, as for the props, I agree with Muffin Man for once, in saying that the car props aren't much of an issue compared to a lot of the propkilling that occurs on other maps, however I'll chuck in a request for the car to be removed if that's what the people want. That being said, propkilling has been an ongoing issue on the server for years, regardless of whether staff are on or not. Some people just don't care about the punishment, and many players have been banned for it. Yes, staff being on does help with the issue, but trust me, any repeat offenders are just going to do it regardless. Also just to add to Predzee's post, unless you're a 'professional propkiller' (jeez, imagine having that title🙄), propkilling is not strategic at all. It's far easier to just shoot someone and hide the body, than to try to launch a bucket at their foot and hope it kills them before they tap you in the forehead with a bullet. Besides, it doesn't always award you the kill, the prop usually gets all the credit.
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