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  1. Wookie


    Not forever if you join on Halloween and Christmas
  2. Wow, this has gotta be the longest introduction thread on the forums. GG everyone involved, keep up the cat speak
  3. He's the one on the far left, you can barely see his fat nose and forehead
  4. Here is my hand, high five! It didn't wanna go upright so now I have a wonky hand... 🙁 Edit: Image corrected itself, no long wonky. Yay me
  5. Well it is if you're gonna go saying it like that, jeez man, ever heard of discretion?
  6. 🤔Worked as a plumber you say... ................
  7. I have a plan in mind for a forum rank system, I hope to try and implement it soon so stay tuned!
  8. Wookie


    Why hello there Higashi, welcome to Flux Servers, I hope your time here goes well
  9. Wookie


    And once again Predzee, a rookie of Flux Servers, rides off to never be seen again... Supposedly
  10. Hello there Sud. Nice to see such an extensive introduction here. Welcome to FluxServers, please enjoy your stay
  11. Not to distract from the fact that this is a staff application, but why does it need to be TTT#1? Someone gets staff on one TTT server, they get it on all of them
  12. Prophunt no longer exists by the way...
  13. Appeal resolved, MilkOverlord never responded
  14. Literally the process that happens with all new maps, it's nothing new and is something that has to happen
  15. Whomst is me?
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