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  1. Whilst you may have been a very regularly involved member of the community, you also happen to be one of the most regular rule breakers, and have probably had the most second, third and fourth chances across all of Flux. Yet somehow, you have still managed to land yourself with another permanent ban within the community. Regardless of the countless Discord bans, due to this being your third/fourth major ban on the TTT server alone, and yet you still haven't seemed to learn... Your appeal has been: DENIED We do not tolerate cheating on our servers.
  2. As a simple report on this issue, it's somewhat defined between parties, but I wouldn't say there's a whole lot of agreeing. However if this is a larger report against Kat and other staff members for multiple occasions as you say, we will need more than merely a description of what you perceive is happening. If no evidence exists currently, please try and gather some at a level you believe is sufficient enough, and then perhaps more action shall be taken. Unfortunately what we have now isn't enough for much to be done unless both parties can come to a proper agreement with one another. We also wouldn't usually be actioning punishment on anyone with what evidence we currently have either, be they a player or a member of the staff team.
  3. It's difficult to know exactly what happened in this specific example without any form of evidence, bar the word of either side. If this is genuinely a problem that you believe is persisting then please ensure to provide something physical (ie. Game recording, shot/chat log screenshots, etc) for our staff manager to look over and determine what's occurred. I can understand frustration that sometimes issues don't have the outcome you want on the server, however all our staff members make mistakes on occasion, and evidence is the only way to truly understand what happened in the situation. Any further comments I leave for Mr Staff Manager @ Generic .
  4. Yes but I have none
  5. Quit the false accusations or I'll slap you with a fish
  6. I'll take 4200 and 6900, otherwise no deal
  7. I'm not sure how this would prove useful for anyone either lmao
  8. Menace has no interest in DarkRP at all, and while it would be nice to expand our borders a bit, the previous attempt at DarkRP was a pretty big flop, so you'd need to present him a fairly impressive server to host if the gamemode were to ever return to Flux. Currently the priority however is TTT, when TTT is at a point that Menace is satisfied he has little to do, then attitudes towards opening up the community to other games or Gmod modes will be a bit more relaxed.
  9. Locking this thread until a decision is made, things are starting to get heated. If anyone still has any legitimate concerns they would like to voice, please feel free to PM @ Generic or myself on here or the Discord.
  10. Quick flex there you liar, you still have that account, only it has more than 150 now. 1. I have visited each individual state and territory in the country, just not all of their capital cities. 2. I own hundreds of books and could read basically the whole the newspaper when I was 4 years old. 3. There are over 30 guns sitting in my shed, majority of which are shotguns or high calibre rifles. Haven't been to NT before, does anyone actually want to?
  11. Accepted Your mute has been removed, however you will be placed on a probationary period until the 11/08/2021. If you restart the behaviour that led to the mute in the first place, then your punishment will be reinstated without the chance to reappeal. Welcome back sir, make good use of this second chance.
  12. Granted, you will live to the ripe old age of 97, wasting your lifelong Centrelink payments on Lotto tickets every week, only for them to pull your ticket's numbers 8 days and 14 hours after you pass away, the exact time of your funeral. I wish I had socks that never got holes in them
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