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  1. No worries, I'll have a look into it tomorrow night after work. If I forget and it's not fixed by Saturday then DM me here or on Discord
  2. As an FYI, former staff member's recommendations can't be included, but you still have two that are valid so you're all good
  3. A lot has changed, that was quite a while ago Snake. But to both of you, this isn't a thread to debate how staff applications work and how things are decided, so we don't need to worry about it here
  4. Please elaborate, I'm curious to know what you saw during that day.
  5. Find me the addon that automatically adds achievements to individuals and I'll look into it
  6. If you have a way to automate a system such as this, then have at it and suggest things. Until then, I'm not going to even try to add anything that'll require more constant manual work
  7. That wasn't referring to implementing it, I mean for every single one of these "achievements" someone (me) would have to manually add it to the account, just like I have to for staff ranks. It's not just a simple process with a button on someone's profile either. It's a matter of signing into Steam, signing into the admincp with Steam, finding what you're looking for in the cp (user profile in this case), and then changing the settings in one of the many submenus. Yes, what I said doesn't sound like much, and Invison is easier and/or more versatile than a lot of other forum software, but that doesn't make it convenient or fun to use on such a regular and tedious basis
  8. I'll also copy and paste from your post on Poseidon, this time a comment: "It'd have to be done manually, and even so having someone do that manually (...) gets really tedious"
  9. A new and different server will more likely than not attract all dormant members of the community who have remained lurking around the game and/or Discord. The TTT playerbase honestly couldn't get much worse than it is now, so I don't think that's much of a worry
  10. No, I think Recap: The way that you eat pizza can be very intense towards a certain, scientific study of the creatures known as furries. They frolic in forests full of shrooms every Friday evening I beat my head to tunes. But, some days my head disappears. Or does it? I can't tell. Is it because I am gay? No, I think.........
  11. Know my cause of death, then I can do all the dumb shit I want (besides that) knowing that I won't die from it. Would you rather have to say whatever comes to your mind immediately, or never be able to speak again?
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