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    Alright your speaking perms are being removed
  2. This gun is part of the newest weapons pack, and hasn't been on the server long enough for an average price to be established. Because of this, the pricing guide hasn't yet been updated and there is no set value that we could recommend.
  3. Quick response to some of the points you just brought up that I disagree with or have additional comments on, Higashi: This us for the most part incorrect. People do play TTT2 whilst TTT1 isn't full, either because they want a less popular server or because they dislike people on the main one. As long as it is played, it will not be brought down. That's the only reason that TTT3 and PropHunt - the only two long-lasting servers we've had that aren't around anymore - were taken offline, the need for TTT3 passed and PropHunt was played once in a blue moon. He very much could do it, yes. Not so much in the blink of an eye, obviously it would take time, including all the bug testing and issues and whatnot. The problem? Menace doesn't want to do it. That's why it hasn't and likely won't be done, at least not by him. That is the plan for the forums, I know what I am doing and I have done it before. Things have just not been installed and set up yet. As a side note, Poseidon had a decent MyBB forums, but when they changed to Invision it looked boring and the interface was changed completely, so I don't know what the go was there. On that note, Poseidon's forums were so popular because they started with their forums and a TeamSpeak server. TeamSpeak is far more difficult to communicate long term on compared to forums or Discord. They then moved to Discord as well, however retained their TeamSpeak, so the forums were still popular and acted as a middle ground for users of both voice communication platforms to discuss things on. This, and Poseidon had many more years to build up an active community before apps such as Discord became available. I feel like the only way that we can get our forums to the point of being as active as what you imagine them to be (Poseidon type of active), is to either disable text chat in Discord for a few months, or completely rework it to limit what people can and can't say there to move things like trades and stuff here, and neither of those are likely to happen. It would shatter the community. I don't think I was clear enough with what I said there. There are currently people in server management positions who are more than capable of doing what they need to do in said positions. I'm not saying that they should be put into a new backseat role, merely that they are inactive because of a lack of motivation. Motivation that could be sparked anew by the server getting a revamp and renewal. We already have Menace who is the owner and Generic who actively takes care of the guns, Taylor is supposed to be doing maps but is apparently waiting on Menace for something, idk. Either way, there are capable people there, just lacking the motivation and/or ability to get things done. I can agree with the guns needing a rework, the balance sucks at the moment. That said, there is no way to keep the balance with the incredible range of guns we have right now. We can't just go and say "let's take stats from CS or something" because those stats are designed for a game where the guns are bought with in-game cash and every player has access to them. However we also can't go and make the guns worse than the default ones that everyone has access to either, because then what would be the point? There is a fine point where the guns will truly be balanced. The more weapons, the more variance, which makes it more and more difficult to balance them properly whilst still maintaining individuality of the guns. I personally feel like all guns of the same kind should have the same damage values. ie. AK Dragon, Iron Beast, etc are all the same as the base AK-47, as with the M4s, Deagles, etc. This would require A LOT of work to put in, however it would mean less variety and mean some guns aren't a straight cop of others. As I said, there is a very fine line to find the balance between crap and OP guns, so it's at the point where something needs to be done other than just tweaking every gun individually. I explained the gun stuff rather poorly, so it's probably hard to understand, which is why it's something that needs discussing via voice with the staff and admins to come up with a better way of balancing them.
  4. Feel free to let us know if there's any locations that are exploitable, and there may be a reward involved, but you will not gain any official title or permissions of sorts such as "Prop Surf Dev" to achieve this. That said, and not to sound crude or anything, but if you find somewhere like this and do not tell us, instead opting to exploit the location repeatedly, there will be punishments involved. Thank you
  5. Here are some things I can immediately say off the bat: Deathrun: Sid left Flux, he was not booted. The server does not need to be taken down for a new one to go up, this has had to be reinforced to the community and staff countless times, and will probably continue to be. Minecraft: Is a possibility, and there have been servers for the staff team that have gone public in the past, however either it wasn't advertised enough or nobody bothered to play it after they logged in for the first time. The only way one of these will take off is if there's a team of dedicated people who will maintain and take care of it, who are trusted enough by Menace to log in to and use his server host. Guns: I can see the benefit of having a gun team, or something similar to it. The idea of deleting older guns has been toyed with, but that's it. Personally I have a different idea in mind that will have a result similar to this without having to remove the guns. More on this will have to be talked about and discussed with the admins before I can say and confirm anymore. Maps: Here is where everyone is going to an extreme. Yes, let's add more maps. No, let's not delete overplayed ones. Instead, we need to have a cooldown after a map is played, of let's say 5 maps until it can be played again. An exception to this would be if the map is voted for a repeat, and can only be voted for a repeat once, for example. Vanilla TTT: Some staff including myself have been asking Menace for this for a long while. It may happen in the near or distant future, or it may not happen at all. Hopefully if he sees more of the community wanting this, it may finally happen. Advisor/Developers: I'll be honest, there are staff who are lacking at being active in their respective fields. This is primarily due to a lack of motive, which hopefully can be solved if the ball gets rolling towards a Flux revamp. Developers, that's really down to Menace and who he's capable of/willing to work with, if he even wishes to do so. Bear in mind that this is a server he's been working on far longer than the 3 years it's been up for, so it's understandable if he's a bit of a mama bear about it. That said, it wouldn't be unwise to seek out assistance from another dev, for whatever use he may need of them. Forums: Here's a big bit of controversy. The forums need a little work, I will admit. Despite those who want Discord to replace them, the forums have much more possabilities than Discord, and should not be made invalid. That said however, the use of the forums does not come down to staff forcing people to use them, it comes down to the community (which includes the staff) choosing to use them. They have been neglected by the majority of the community, for one reason or another, but they have potential and will be worked on. I will note an issue with a lot of the QOL suggestions here. This is Gmod. Because of that, and the amount of content on the server, it's already under a lot of strain. Adding more things that the server needs to process in the background, likely won't help with performance, as it similarly hasn't in the past. I don't know how much some of these suggestions could impact the server, so it may be worth a test, however that won't guarantee that they stay. The server performance is already, at least to me, severely lacking and could be much better. I'm going to stop here because I'm starting to lose track of my thoughts, but this is just a small response to the list posted. Some ideas or variations thereof I agree with, others I am against. At some point soon I'm expecting a big discussion between the staff/admins about this and any additional ideas suggested, so if anyone has any more, get them in quick. That is all.
  6. We had Terrortrain, idk what happened to it, may have been considered too small and was one of the maps that was removed during the server crashing phase. I feel like we've had Aircraft too and it was removed for a reason, possibly the helicopter and all that. I don't recall seeing any of the others though, so they may get tried and tested. We have had Terminal before as well, it was full of areas that people could get out of with jump packs, but it hasn't been tested out since that feature was removed, so it's a maybe.
  7. Only on Saturday and Sundays, some Thursdays and Fridays
  8. Ah fair enough, your's is up the other end of the country then
  9. I'm curious now, roughly whereabouts is ya Bunnings store?
  10. Unfortunately this isn't enough evidence to hand out a ban, however this player will be watched in the future. If he does it again without staff around, please supply pictures of the logs that clearly show him RDMing. Thanks for the report
  11. I'd say that this is reviving a dead thread, but given the circumstances, technically the giveaway hasn't ended yet so...
  12. Wookie


    Is not allowed, get out boyo
  13. That is a good question, it has been brought up several times and I thought it was given an answer. I'll look into that
  14. DENIED After much deliberation, we have decided that we do not believe you are suitable for staff at this current time. Thank you for your application.
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