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  1. Im gonna -1 because i believe that in the end + and - 1's are pointless and in the end it's upto a decision of the higher up staff members
  2. bump because it's been at least a week
  3. So there i was 2 people other than me left and i knew who the t was because the over guy defibbed me and i come across dead t body and check it for credits and i get 6 of them. So i decide ill buy a radar and get rid of the rest by buying flashbangs and throwing them so that in the small chance that i died the t wouldn't get the 5 spare credits off my body. So i throw all the flashbangs and end up killing the t and i recieve this warn from aeyon without warning and without breaking any rules that i know of.
  4. I wasn't listening to your TED talk i was reading it.
  5. new maps aren't the problem. Even if you add new maps people are still gonna be mindless sheep that just rotate around the same maps they already play innocentmotel, community pool etc.
  6. one of the ways out was legit on terminal but people would get on top of the actual building itself by propsurfing with 2 suitcases
  7. pretty sure we had terminal at one stage
  8. so you only hate some parts about being a cheater.
  9. he cheated he got banned. I say leave him banned
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