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  1. These parts right here make me want to +1
  2. As the #4 person on forum posts i agree we need cooler titles
  3. I am very sorry higashi but I am going to have to dumb react because you were too lazy to replace Poseidon with Flux
  4. in the castle map or whatever its called the round winning object got deleted because we could get it in like 10 seconds of the round starting
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyyVCym8Sa0
  6. the temple of notch as a ttt map
  7. ttt_minecraft_communitypool
  8. also make a good solid set of rules and dont just add into the rules that staff get to decide what they want without any discretion as that is very gay
  9. Get rid of claiming t weapons from the rules its fucking t baiting to be running around with a t weapon out. Not everyone is staring at chat the entire round and can be fucked remembering who claimed the knife and who claimed the nyan cat gun.
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