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  1. +1 meets the hour requirement
  2. @Generic please ban him he asked for it perma with no appeal
  3. while we are at it can we make it indestructable as well
  4. I think the rifle shot on the radio t weapon needs to either play twice as loud or able to be spammed even faster
  5. should have learnt his lesson the first time he got in trouble about sprays
  6. taylor told people to not @ him again and you go and do it
  7. -1 lied about age in discord voice chat keeps saying he is 14
  8. well strawberry it might have to do with the fact that no one played it. People only play flux for ttt other game modes end up with people on the first day then die down pretty quickly
  9. this dark rp idea sounds pretty good and went so well before when they tried it
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