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  1. By the way, its called defamation when its written, you called it slander earlier and that for spoken word. Just making sure you report the right thing to the cops. Also its only defamation if you damage someone's good reputation, your reputation is already poor. Also also defamation isnt a crime, its something you have to sue for as a civil matter. Cops dont give a shit if you call them about it, they will just make a report and thats it. This incidentally shows how immature you are that you dont know this and also didnt have the patience in your anger for being called out to even do a 30 second google search. Enjoy trying to subpeona DIscord to find out where I live just to serve me court papers when the police wont help you lmao.
  2. No, I actually didn't post at all in chat until their staff said "we flux". You @me after I responded to their staff as shown IN YOUR OWN SCREENSHOT to try and get a reaction out of me. Also you then went across to the dreambot discord and did the same thing. You haven't changed a single bit, enjoy being denied. I honestly have a feeling you knew you would be denied and just wanted to entertain yourself. https://imgur.com/a/GAGKpww
  3. Ignoring that you made an alt account to circumvent a ban... I spoke with some Vulcan staff because I doubt you've changed at all and they seem to have a very NEUTRAL opinion of you. Hesitant to say either good or bad things. This in itself is a bad sign, showing either they dont know you that well or are worried to say anything negative. VulcanAU doesnt have history for you older than 3 months. With even a short cursory search of their discord there are a few instances of you being very negative to Flux, complaining about staff decisions and defending what you did to get yourself banned in the first place. Your first ever message on Vulcan was @'ing Aeyon which judging by your past is likely intended to provoke him. Also you have donator on there and we dont want you back.
  4. What is this "Other AUstralian community"? Id love to ask them about you and see if you're telling the truth.
  5. Hi gay boi's and gurls! Im bored in lockdown and found my old shitty TTT map I started to make and gave up on because T-traps are fucking bullshit hard to make work correctly. What are your favourite maps to play? Why? What aspects of maps do you like? Personally I just want to make a map with interesting and not Insta-kill T-Traps, puzzles like rooftops etc. Having a goal of something to do that isnt just "Survive" makes sitting around as innocent a bit more interesting imo. What do you think?
  6. You dont play tennis. I play soccer, my PC cost over $4500, ive never eaten Tofu
  7. I havent played on the server in months due to bad internet where I moved to so I dont know the current community opinions. But not refunding or replacing purchases made with real world currency sounds like a good way to piss off a good chunk of the recurring revenue for Flux. Its possible it may also be against national consumer protections.
  8. -1 Seen you on twice, both times I had to slay you at least once.
  9. +1 for more game nights and a Zombie Survival server
  10. "You know what else isn't gonna happen? Me getting banned" *Gets banned* *Surprised pikachu face*
  11. As the staff member that banned you, I will be managing your appeal. You were banned not for the act of RDM but because your response to the player that reported you was something to the effect of ":^) sorry, misclick" You have prior warnings for lying and being deceptive in your RDM report responses, I have not played with you more than once before today that I can remember but clearly you have caused issues in the past with other staff. From my understanding you were warned that if you did this again, you would be banned. As a result of repeatedly not taking the game seriously, repeatedly ruining the enjoyment of the server for others and disobeying directions by staff, you were banned. Its only a day, you will be able to play again tomorrow around 6-7pm when it expires. APPEAL DENIED
  12. Im not going to beat the horn of everything that has already been said so instead ill say this. Relax, play the server a while, get to know the staff a little more, then apply again if you are still interested.
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