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  1. Hello. There are many abilities that characterize the predator blade, an aggressive Traitor Weapon costing 1 credit, when associated can overwhelm the playerbase. The regenerative aspect of the traitor blade, the high damage output exceeding 100, complemented by the enormous speed and lunging ability, are unfair and should be dealt with. For example, on ttt_complex, BigAidy commented, Whenever you kill someone you gain 50hp. I've reached over 180hp before, and combined with body armor... Combined with body armor, a passive Traitor Weapon that provides the use with 30% damage resistance, BigAidy will have reached an insane capacity of 180*1.3=234hp. This is overpowered, and an "infinite knife" with Speed Cola. An effective nerf will be the damage output and the hp capacity of the user. 1) The damage output is decreased to 95. The predator blade will not be able to immediately kill full hp players, forcing them to strategize, and add an interesting element that was not evident before. 2) Do not completely remove the regenerative aspect. But, make the hp capacity of the user 100. Combined with body armour, the user will reach a hp capacity of 100*1.3=130. A use will regenerate 50hp every kill, yet, the user will not be able to achieve hp that exceeds what is justified by fairness. Regards,
  2. I have experienced this problem with high latency's. The allocation of my role (Traitor, Innocent or Detective) is delayed 10 seconds into the round. I've also become 'stuck' on high latency's where I'm unable to move while spectating the game which is expected. I believe this problem is due to a poor connection to the server. I also want to bring this thread to bring light to another issue, where players abuse a red text hat by typing 'T' so the role of the player becomes indistinguishable. This problem is accentuated when the text hat blocks the view of the low-opacity 'glowing red T sign.'
  3. Steam Name: Predzee Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:455273540 Reason for Ban: Racism. Been warned multiple times. Staff Member Who Banned You: Aeyon Ban Length: 1 week. 6 days and 1 hour remaining. Your Appeal: Someone called me a gay cunt in voice chat. I responded, And you thought in 50000 years the aboriginals would have made some technological advancements. What i said was antagonizing, and may have stereotyped characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that culture. When I first joined the server, a staff member said to me, basically you've got a free range with anything that doesn't use slurs for people that pretty much only used as insults nowadays. There are conflicting views on humor and racism in the community, and it's not clear where they draw the line. What i said was offensive, but not derogatory or hate speech. I was not promoting prejudice of threatening a race, ethnicity, or culture. I did not use racial slurs. I am confused. A staff member told me Aeyon has his stick up my ass months ago when I joined the community. The player that called me a gay cunt was not gagged. I was muted, and banned the following round. The ban length was enhanced by what is justified by facts and I question whether the ban was subject to prejudice against my character. Anyway, the extent of my ban has been fulfilled according to the forums staff guidelines: 1 day. Edit: I forgot to comment on the statement been warned multiple times. I have been ulx_warned once. Regards, Predzee.
  4. https://imgur.com/RCoVWqp. Blip Bl0p said, I have 8000 discord accounts ready to bomb :monkas:. Click of a button and they join any server I want to crash. 99% sure I won't unless you really piss me off. But ye. I'm going to play the 'Devil's Advocate' and diverge from my initial position. It's unequivocal, the concept of a ddos (dedicated denial of service) threat is a statement of intention to inflict pain against the server by using multiple systems to flood the bandwidth of a server. Blip Bl0p explicitly said, any server I want to crash, and hence, his statement was not a threat directed at the server. Secondly, the imgur link Blip Bl0p posted on discord https://i.imgur.com/YsFqIIS.png to my knowledge, does not display any member of the community's discord profiles. This is not a ddos threat. Blip Bl0p's behavior, bragging that he has 8000 discord accounts ready to bomb was improper with community standards, and Blip Bl0p should apologize. However, Blip Blop did not break this rule. Aeyon said, there is a good amount of evidence that you used an alternate account to post a link to my personal Facebook along with the name of my girlfriend. This is definitely not ok and would not be tolerated. I've talked to Blip Bl0p, and shares a contrasting opinion on the matter. I want to debunk this argument and scrutinize your character regarding the ban of 11Get_Shwifty11 a few months ago on ttt_complex. 11Get_Shwifty11 referred to you by your "Real Name" set by your public steam community profile, and was banned for sharing personal information, etc. I want to explain that you set your "Real Name" on your public steam profile and complained when it was used on Flux TTT#X. Aeyon, you seem to exaggerate everything, and I wouldn't believe that this is valid. This has unban written all over it.
  5. In addition to text hats, masks are an innovative feature to augment customization on the server. I’m convinced this won’t be a drawback to hitboxes, solely covering the face of the playermodel. For example; Payday 2 Masks: Wolf, Hoxton, Dallas, Chains. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381248081 Thankyou. It's time for your opinion! I also want to draw to my large weapons suggestions post: https://www.fluxservers.net/forums/showthread.php?tid=15&page=2
  6. Doma is right. The Howl and Bloodsport are among the best weapons on the server and don't need ads ("accuracy buff"). On larger maps you can swap your loadout, or use a g2 (secondary) for long range encounters.
  7. You have good qualities, possessing extensive knowledge of the rules and ulx, considerable activity on the Discord (Before I was chat banned and departed.) and reasonable activity; but is your character overstated by the many? Yes. On this thread, you said, I'm a really approachable player and love to help people out and take pride in changing and improving the gmod communities experiences on the Flux servers. Three Weeks ago (Issue and Suggestions > Recommendation Requirement) you said, I have finally given up on the hopes of getting staff and moved on since then, because simply it being above and beyond a high expectation and effort. I don't know whether staffing is beyond expectation and "effort" or you love to help people because from experience, you're not. And, you're not approachable either. And you seem to contradict yourself all the time. Is it convenient that the Recommendation Requirement thread was posted 3 weeks ago (by you)? Was it a mechanism for you to manipulate your way to a recommendation? I sniff a power hungry player. You have only really been active on the forums since you've been wanting staff (80% of posts in the last 3 weeks since his Recommendation Requirement). Have you been playing the "nice guy card" in the last 3 weeks? It was only yesterday evening, I overhead you responding to a question on the server, 'that sounds like a you problem.' From my perspective, your response was hostile and negligent. Not the nice guy aye? I love being critical. -1 ∞.
  8. TTT General Rule 2, Do not metagame - Giving out any information about the game to alive players while dead or through external use of any method of communication (Which the alive players shouldn't know). The scoreboard is available to all alive (and dead) players without any means of communication, and hence, all alive player's should be aware of the Detective contract's identity to circumvent RDM. As suggested, this is not metagaming.
  9. Blip said, I don't joke or make threats about this kind of stuff - despite what you've seen on discord - ddos threats are not funny and very dangerous. Could be possible someone framed me - bit i definitely did not. Really? https://i.imgur.com/RCoVWqp.png. Blip transferred our attention to another unrelated matter in his first reply, maybe you should focus your bans on the 3 people yesterday trying to dox everyone like AEYON and BIGAIDY. It's a testament of Blip's character, that he does not have integrity, and won't take responsibility or apologize. Verdict: Enjoy your 5 stages of grief. 5 Stages of Grief: Denial Anger Bargaining Crippling Depression Acceptance
  10. Issues and Suggestions - Recommendation Requirement - 22-05-2019 - Retz: I messaged like literally every staff member asking them if they'd like to recommend me and if not what I could improve on. Clearly has the initiative to become staff. Retz has abundant knowledge of community and server rules, is wise, active on Discord and the Server. Retz is always trying to improve, and in time, will be a great moderator. Verdict: Strong +1.
  11. There was no kos on me. You lying achieves nothing. https://imgur.com/gallery/4MIgVy3, read this before you criticise the authenticity of the thread. Oh no, I was killed with an unclaimed traitor weapon and your friends ignored it. That's teaming. Round 4, https://imgur.com/gallery/4MIgVy3, you teamed with Switcherio. Round 3, https://imgur.com/gallery/4MIgVy3 Tichipoo, Switcherio and Andre teamed. Attachment and https://imgur.com/gallery/4MIgVy3, screenshot of the discord chat. Despite me giving evidence against the other 4 players, you take complete ownership.
  12. Your Steam Name: Predzee Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:455273540 What They Did Wrong: Metagaming Ring Name of Server: Flux Servers TTT #1 Date and Time of Incident: 30/05/2019 in-between 5:50pm and 6:00pm. Reported Player's Steam Name: 1- Chesthair McFluxSweat 2- Andre 3- Tichipoo 4- Switcherio 5- Not CPT.H Barkington Reported Player's Discord Name: 1- Chesthair McTruckSweat 2- Andre 3- Tichi 4- Switcherio 5- Barkington Reported Player's Steam ID: 1- STEAM_0:1:53061745 2- STEAM_0:1:42562189 3- STEAM_0:0:104069443 4- STEAM_0:0:99776070 5- STEAM_0:1:22327417 Evidence & Explanation: After I killed Chesthair for using an unclaimed mine turtle at a Detective, he proceeded to call me lame on Discord, and the group targeted me. The embedded discord link provides detailed evidence of the group's metagaming: https://imgur.com/gallery/4MIgVy3. To my knowledge, 2 of the accused were warned earlier by Aeyon for teaming on Innocent Motel.
  13. Verdict: -1 Issues and Suggestions - Recommendation Requirement - 21-05-2019 - Kcaj: staff do have lives and [are] not subjected to be on the server 24/7 when [their] role as a staff member is VOLUNTARY. St.Clair has played 10.2 hours of garrysmod throughout the recent fortnight, in 3-4 instances where he's come on the server for a minimum of 2 hours. In the recommendation requirement post (Issues and Suggestions - Recommendation Requirement), complaints have been made of the inactivity of staff. I'd anticipate that a trial moderator will dedicate more time towards staffing. You said, "Drama that has existed has settled down." Issues and Suggestions - Recommendation Requirement - 22-05-2019 - Haywire: staff [focus] so much on the past imperfections of individuals rather than the actual potential and knowledge they might have to become staff. Evident in Despairs denied staff application, Trouble in Terrorist Town - Staff Applications - Denied - Despairs Moderator Application - Dr.Zoidberg: My main issue was in regards to the community games night that Taylor hosted, where you were spamming "Metagaming staff in chat" or what ever it was. You were also spouting off some racist comments but it talked after a small bit. You appear to be slipping into poor behavior very slowly and it's not good. Why should you be judged differently? There's no doubt you have extensive knowledge of the rules and are a good candidate for staff. You are active on discord. Haywire argued that players are judged on their past perfections rather than the actual potential and knowledge they might have to become staff, and in that regard, this response could've been a +1. But. Recently, when i asked you on #1, do you think you're a bitch? You responded, only to those who are a bitch to me. I'm weary because of the implication you will be prejudiced and cause further drama, your willingness to staff will deteriorate, worsening your activeness. This response also made me question Milk's -1: You show that you get annoyed over the simplest of things and I don't mean by just me, you have no self control and I doubt that's changed since the last time I've seen you on Garry's Mod judging via the Flux Discord. I don't trust you. I think you will cause problems.
  14. Type "!nominate" to nominate your map preference. It will improve its probability of appearing in the map-vote. Link: https://cache.gametracker.com/server_info/ ; https://cache4.gametracker.com/server_info/ In the past week on #1, Innocent Motel has been played 9% of the time, rooftops 8%, community pool 6%, complex 5%, 67thway 5%. Quantitatively, the top 5 maps on #1 aggregate to 33% of the map-vote. On #3, Minecraft City 8%, Complex 6%, Minecraft 5%, Island 5%, Fastfood 5%. Quantitatively, the top 5 maps on #3 aggregate to 29% of the map vote. There is no complication in the map-vote system, and this post is an exaggeration. It's unjust to criticize the player-base on their map choices. Don't need to overhaul the democratic system. There is common distaste towards some maps on the server. But, we're free to vote as we desire. NO to communism, some maps are avoided because they're shit. VERDICT: Waste of time.
  15. My question was, is the purpose of the trial moderator position not to test the player whether they are worthy for promotion to moderator. It seems like, an application for trial moderator, is really an application for moderator. The purpose was to outline the unrealistic idealistic expectations of staff for the role of trial moderator, and their unwillingness to trust employ anybody, where i don't see the server progressing from the recessive period of toxicity. You need to trial somebody instead of trial moderator being a pathway to moderator. It's called an investment, a risk.
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