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  1. Sup Fluxers! So I have a proposition. Call me daft but there seems to be a small handful of TTT maps that we play CONSTANTLY. And every time I'm on one somebody is trying to RTV or complaining about how boring the map is. "Are they boring?" No way! They're the most popular maps for a reason, I think they're just a little over-played. So let me throw the idea out there, that for a short duration of time (maybe 2 weeks?) We remove the 5 most played maps!?! "What, remove the maps people like to play? great idea IRIS you numpty" Thanks Wolfe i mean voice in my head that sounds like Wolfe. But yes, I think it's a great idea. It wouldn't be taking away what we love, just coming together as a community to try out new things. Don't worry we'll play them again after the 2 weeks are up. What does everyone think?
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