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  1. Actually this application was posted just before 48 hour mark, I think it was at the 47 hour mark. That is a ridiculous attempt as trying again. If you are denied again, I recommend you wait a bit before you reapply and try and work on the feedback that was given to you by the community.
  2. Because my last one was removed due to a "Rollback" I'll summarise. You are a walking contradiction, you have said various things that contradict each other. Such things include: The other thing is you have clearly struggled to comphrend something as simple as "Recommendation(s) from staff" Menace was kind enough to fix the mistake of putting down Muffin Man as a staff recommendation for you. The other thing too, is I don't believe you attempted to ask any staff for a recommendation which if you ask most people on the server they'll say something like "I suggest you ask a staff for a recommendation" While it is not required it is helpful to you. I am also getting a "Sucking Up" Vibe from you, you call staff for every single RDM that occurs against you, but doesn't appear to be against others. While Yes, It is helpful you let us know when there is RDM you have also been informed you can make reports on the forums and to gather evidence. In which in one report you made, you didn't gather evidence to it but you have made complaints about the user in the discord in the past. Please note, I do not have any issue with you. These are my observations. For now I am not happy with you getting staff
  3. Stop with the back and forth bickering and arguing.
  4. This has been resolved. Thank you for reporting it. In future it would be appreciated if you also included the logs of the rounds that he RDMED you, Such as in the first video when he Did shoot you but you did not show it.
  5. You need evidence before we can do anything. Without proof nothing can be done. I am aware of what BigAidy Can be like, however we can do nothing.
  6. We had crummy cradle, it was removed because it kept causing issues, as some people could joins others could not. Yet on some days they could.
  7. I mean, as for the "Meme" Mail, I am curios as to why you took the time, to create or generate a complete fake email etc, just to send an email to her. From What I know only Edgy Guy Has called you this, as well as doesn't matter what she has done still doesn't give the right to email them randomly. Also, from what I have been told you were banned from her discord for breaking it's rules, and you had some form of hissy fit which lead to this. Do you have an actual proof to this, and it occurring on flux? Because otherwise it is entirely irrelevant just like the amount of pigments that some fish can see (over like 1000) when they live in an ocean... This line here contradicts what you said in game, where you said "You sent her an email" After stating you didn't know if it was or not. You also asked "If she got it" not knowing if it was her email or not These things confuse me, and no doubt may confuse others as you have stated so far The Email is a "Meme" You didn't know her "Email" You wanted to know if she received the "Email" My Question is, Why do all three of these things you have said not line up properly. From what I make of it, You tried multiple different emails, to email someone for a meme and just assumed she got it and wanted to verify if you did, and you did all this with generated emails you created, just for this?
  8. Sorry, I apparntly mistakingly banned you. I apologise for this, as I appear to have copied the wrong ID despite the game telling me I copied the intended Player's ID. I am unbanning you off all the servers. I accept responsibility for the fuck up, I sincerely Apologise.
  9. Fun Fact, I didn't ban you this was Bocaj. Please next time actually check your facts or ask before you accuse someone of something. As I don't appreciate being accused of shit I haven't done. If I've done it I'll own it. In this case I cannot own it because I haven't done it As for your previous ban I did it because I was told to by a higher up. As for this ban, I don't know too much but from my understanding Michelle, reported you and Bocaj Dealt with it. Ohh and as for people calling you Ben, your discord name was Ben, it was made Public information to the community, if it wasn't Ben and it wasn't public information then it would be a dox technically yes. @BocajYour turn
  10. Does Menace Put The Lotion in The Basket? For TTT
  11. New Maps would be fun, but It's gunna be a pain to find them, then find bugs and test to make sure that glitches and exploits on them are patched, before it actually hits the server properly.
  12. I don't believe that it is possible for the deathscene to show if someone is in disguise, I mean if it is possible it would require custom coding from @Minced Meat however, I know the Logs ARE meant to show when people turn on a disguise and turn them of, but it doesn't from memory.
  13. You got that backwards, Unwoven was the one who said "I'll give you 1k If I can kill you only if your T" Which is essentially a bounty hence why I said not to and said you'll see why later, because if he did so He'd have been warned for placing bounties as he was told not to earlier by me. I also also Innocent, and afk most of that round. Also, I stated to Unwoven in steam, that it was not meta gaming, I even stated it to him in game through Pms. I told him, that if he had done it he would have been given a warn for placing bounties. As for the other things you stated about me Predzee, Aurora covered it for me but In all the cases you stated I was told by higher ups to ban those players for those set reasons. While it is true, he hasn't gained any warns from the past month, He was told at one point that he is on a very thin line, and will receive a perma. Huons Actions were seen to go over this line by Accel, resulting in the permanent ban. As you can see from his Ban record, they are all for various reasons that can be chalked up as "minge" things. Huon Joined, Within the first round of being on INTENTIONALLY threw a frag grenade into a group killing ONE person and damaging two others, then when reported said "Sorry I didn't know it's my first day" which resulted in them forgiving, as they had stated "It's ok your learning". Please also not that HUON was CONTRACT and it was Called out. Huon then mic spammed as Unwovened was doing a point giveaway event yes, but he had said to put your answer in chat, No one else was mic spamming Huon was purely just screaming "Me" and his Answer. In which Huon admitted to doing the mic spam in his appeal.
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