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  2. so the player will take dmg every few seconds and stoping at the same time then the screen gets really dark blue
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  4. Can you elaborate on freeze a bit more? Last shot sounds nice, I kinda like that one. Smoke I like the sound of but I'm not sure how that one would go, can see it causing RDM more than anything tbh. Strongly dislike disable, anything that does things like stop movement or gun firing is a major turn off and has no place in TTT imo.
  5. I love this sever I've been on it for a few years now and the improvement's its gone through is amazing and i love playing daily i may not be good noir the smartest player i will not lie i do make heaps of dumb decisions I do apologise for those but in general I just love having a fun time with everyone
  6. Mr Plow hasn't been on in awhile haven't seen him has he died?
  7. (Freeze) has a 20% chance of taking DMG and your screen will be hard to see from (Last shot) your last bullet dose an extra 5 DMG increase (Smoke) after dying or killing someone a cloud of smoke will appear not sure on the % (disable) the enemies gun will stop firing for 3 seconds
  8. Unfortunately you have been Denied Apologies for the long overdue response, but we currently do not have a high demand for staff, and do not believe you are a suitable candidate at this current time. Thank you for taking the time to apply however
  9. Quick Fix seems to be the winner of the four there, I think it's definitely got the most potential, for reasons already mentioned. I think drowning is onto the right general idea, slowing is about the furthest you could go in regards to messing with player movement, though rather than yet another DoT mod I could definitely see trying out a deafen effect for a second or two or maybe a sort of fish-eye kinda filter over the screen instead? Pellets again, it's onto the right idea if there were gun specific mods, there may yet be at some point but for now I think the mod pool will remain fairly universal and all-inclusive. Disintegrate, sounds good in theory but as it's been stated already, it'd cause more issues than it's really worth.
  10. You had multiple gags prior to receiving your permagag so there was no excuse for not knowing what wasnt allowed, your gag will not be removed but reduce to 1 week. if you are seen mic spamming again after this then a permagag will be given again.
  11. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:28364005 Reason for ban: Mic Spam Issuing staff member: Ban length: indefinite Appeal: I was not aware that non ear-rape sound clips were counted as mic spam. I Apologize for not knowing this and promise not to do it again
  12. Been trying to spitball some new mod ideas that wouldn't be too OP or take away from your ability to fight back too much against them. First is deadeye: a mod that adds small, stacking damage bonuses for each headshot kill you achieve in a round. I.e gain +2 base damage or alternatively reload speed increases. Second is adrenaline rush: the lower your HP is, the faster you can swap weapons and move. Final one is memento mori: when you die your body keeps DNA longer and increases DNA scan speed against your killer.
  13. The more you tell him, the easier this becomes for him... you're giving him too much power Jaska smh
  14. Drowning sounds kinda OP ngl, not really a fan. Pellets sounds kinda nice I guess, but I don't think Menace was planning on adding mods for specific guns and you could just go for the damage increase mod or burning or something really. Quick fix sounds pretty nice ngl, wouldn't mind seeing that one. Disintegrate would only be worth having as a traitor, and would result in innocents being RDM'd after killing T's because they'd have no way to prove the person they just killed was a traitor so I'm not really a fan of that one personally either. Also, moved to TTT Suggestions.
  15. Reflect sounds kinda nice, and something I'd like to see on the server as well. Prop and switch not so much. Prop would be a horrible thing to use as an innocent as you'd have no way to prove the person you've just killed was a traitor, and if it was made so it only worked as a T then you'd have a mod that's only useful sometimes which I personally don't like the sound of. Switch just sounds annoying af.
  16. DENIED, Do not attempt to appeal this ban again.
  17. Quick fix is actually a good idea, though a name like head hunter would work more. The others, well, yeah not a fan of. Definitely want to see the quick fix mod be a thing though, it rewards accuracy with no overly punishing counterplay.
  18. You were actually warned twice Jaska warned already and then i gave you a second warning but you did it anyway, you can serve the one day for a poor taste joke.
  19. I like you wildcard but i warned you in voice chat not to do what you did and still went ahead and did it anyway you're lucky you got away with only a one day ban, you can serve the one day for a poor taste joke.
  20. (Drowning) has the same % as fire burning it lets players move a little slower and makes them take more damage the longer they get drowned for by each bullet cause u can stack this with more bullets and make them drown longer (Pellets) this is only for shot guns and adds more pellets to the shotguns (Quick fix) head shots increase your speed to 45% for a short amount of time or can be stacked by headshots (disintegrate) after killing someone there body's will disappear
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  22. First one is fine, not op and probably wouldn't be all that valued. Other two I have serious issues with. 2nd one completely nullifies the point of the flare gun and thinking about getting rid of bodies, and the third one is yet another mod that takes away movement from the player. Taking away or hindering movement in any FPS is a delicate balance of doing it right, and fucking with someone's controls like that are the kind of thing that should never be done. Add 1, -1 on 2 and 3.
  23. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56484101 Reason for ban: abuse via rampart Issuing staff member: Ban length: 7 day vacation Appeal: i will not type i am a good boy pls i dindu nuffiin major guys please dont make me play league of legends
  24. Sorry mate, this sorta stuff is definitely not allowed to happen within the community. Hope to see you back on the server afterwards. Memes like this have to be left outside of the community, as this type of behavior is not tolerated in any way. You're 700k deagle will be waiting when you arive.
  25. You were warned in this man I'm very disappointed and thrown back you took the step to do it again. I hope after the days up you can come back and enjoy yourself on the server but definitely can not let this stuff slide on the server.
  26. +1 he is a kind soul and good mentor, what ever commotion cometh upon him is unjust and rightly so, he deserves no such quarrel with the law as his eyes speak the truest form of poetry as happenstance would show
  27. +1 He will سأكون جيد
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