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  1. Today
  2. Sometimes your bank(Depending on how you donated) may take up to 3 days to send, check if your payment went through and if it did, send a support ticket in the donation page and it will be handled from there.
  3. Nah its about my 4th. There was an oddity when I went to the checkout this time as I had an extra payment pending for some reason, paid that at the same time.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Is this your first donation? if so could be because paypal has to confirm your first payment then it should go through quicker.
  6. Purchased 2,500 donator points 12/7/20. ($20 package) Still havent received after 2 matches. ID: STEAM_0:0:47071200 Package: 2,500 Don points
  7. ACCEPTED After speaking with staff involved we have decided to unban you but you will be placed on probation, If you break this by doing anything that would result in a ban you will be permabanned once again without a chance to appeal. Please treat all players and staff with respect.
  8. My bad, it came down the line from Debla it wasn't his decision and seeing as you were the highest ranking most active staff member I assumed it was you. I'll edit... Edit: I can't edit
  9. I was not the person person who banned you, that was debla.
  10. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:51821134 Reason for ban: Constant Abuse and Harassment Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Indefinite Appeal: Following up on a report from BlackOdyssey95, from one night in which I allegedly RDM'd him 3 times. Subsequently I was banned indefinitely for harassment. I'm not coming forth as a saint, or in any way suggesting I've done no wrong over my 3+ year play time on the server , however, as a direct result of my, at times questionable, decisions has resulted in my indefinite ban. So, firstly I'd like to draw attention to BlackOdyssey95's report, in which he states firstly; 'Description of incident: last few weeks have had nothing but issues with this bloke, constantly RDM every single game & every round that i jump on.' BlackOdyssey95 , provided nill evidence to support this claim. Rather, he posted merely three screenshots with no context, or any sort of reference to the date or time of said occurrences. Therefor we can only assume from what's provided seeing the same players frequently appearing across the three screenshots, these were all taken within a 1-2 hour period. These screenshots hardly quantify, I quote, ""Constant Abuse and Harassment". A single isolated incident in which yes, regrettably I got frustrated and took it into the game. However, this does not insinuate any form of "Constant Abuse and Harassment". Therefor I believe my temporary punishment through the means of a ban may have been necessary, however the vague and ill-defined ban for something I simply am not guilty of, is, at its core, unjust. If I was such an abuser / harasser then why haven't complaints been made prior to this, and why is "evidence" attesting to my accountability of these actions seemingly from a single, isolated incident. I can accept I have pushed buttons and most definitely crossed lines. I have contemplated incidents in which this was the case and had time to reflect on how I could've acted differently. A strong trait of my personality as a deviant is stirring the pot from time to time, but as a I grow older I see the only outcome of childish endeavours like these either result in disappointing others or myself. So I'll take steps to right wrongs and avoid tumbling down old ways to avoid any more confrontation if given the chance. Until then, I leave it to you, in the final analysis to come a conclusion if Flux TTT'S future has place for me. If it is to be I remain banned, so be it. No hard feelings, it was imperative to me I try. Thank you for consideration, Seasons
  11. Last week
  12. If your mum and your girlfriend both switched bodies and the only way to switch them back was by banging one of them who would it be? ~ Ghandi
  13. DENIED Total Hours Played on Flux: 1422 - No you don't Regular activity on our Discord server , you joined 6 months ago and have only said one thing: "7"
  14. Agreed ever since these new moderators and staff that have been coming through are actually becoming pretty active among the community now
  15. The reason i have been in spectator a lot recently because i just completed my Certificate and i needed to finish off my written assignments so i played for a bit then went afk for about an hour or so and then came back or hopped on depending on the time. I'm all good now And the situation with the interactivity with the staff is just what I experience when I am online, I am usually online between 6pm - 9pm and sometimes onwards. I never usually see you online anymore because I was doing my Cert. I am just writing on behalf of what I am experiencing the time I am active on the server.
  16. I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s entirely true. There are now plenty of staff on that interact with other players. Including myself. You may have a lot of hours on the server but recently I’ve only seen you chilling in spectator. I don’t know what you’re doing, wether it’s farming hours or whatever else. Maybe that’s why you haven’t realised that current staff actually interact with other players. Just my opinion on it. I just don’t think that’s a very good “Reason for Application”. I’m staying neutral though. Just wanted to state my opinion on the application itself.
  17. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:419341789 Age: 16 Total Hours Played on Flux: 1422 About ^2horny harold: Hello, My name is '^2horny harold' or what most people call me is Harry Rolls. I have been playing Flux for a while now, I play mainly on TTT but I used to be a huge fan of DarkRP so I used to play on there all the time. I am 16 and I live in Queensland, Australia. I have a Cert 2 in Public Safety. I love NFL, it is my favorite sport and I'm a sportaholic , I watch sport all the time and i love it. I am very mature. I have been warned before I think 3-4 times but over stupid stuff and my own decisions. i have changed for the better since my last warning and I don't intend on getting anymore. I originally got into Garry's Mod when i was 11 or 12 years old and i really enjoyed the sandbox aspect to it. Reason for Application: I feel like the server needs more staff who is more interactive with other players. I have never been any form of moderator on any Garry's Mod server before and I want to experience it for the first time and make it a regular part of my life to moderate a server and help the server grow, stay positive and keep it fun. Previous Experience (if applicable): No, i do not have any other experience but I am willing to learn Comments: I love Flux!
  18. Revert the regular changes so we can talk in server problems and post or at the very least embed images in general chat. Its so annoying having something relating to the conversation and you cant post it because suprise fucker thats a no no. Its understandable that server problems isnt open to everyone but the fact that it isnt accesible to regulars who are usually more active than half the staff team is fucked can this be looked at thanks.
  19. Jetpacks won't be added - Server problems Jump boosts small possibility in the future - Problems with slots+fall damage Speed boosts won't be added - Unfair advantage
  20. DENIED we don't believe you are suitable for staff at this current time
  21. ACCEPTED please message Generic or myself on discord when you are on next!
  22. After looking at this appeal and evidence gathered, you have indeed been karma banned multiple times recently and have had 2 MRDM bans. As I can't get full context of the latest incident, you will be given one last chance and put on probation (Break any rules *any that would result in a ban* and you will be permanently banned again without any chance to appeal).
  23. Sometimes your bank(Depending on how you donated) may take up to 3 days to send, check if your payment went through and if it did, send a support ticket in the donation page and it will be handled from there.
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