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  1. Yesterday
  2. A new and different server will more likely than not attract all dormant members of the community who have remained lurking around the game and/or Discord. The TTT playerbase honestly couldn't get much worse than it is now, so I don't think that's much of a worry
  3. dont you think this will kill the server further by dividing the playerbase.
  4. I do have a few plans but not 100% on whats happening as of right now. My aim is to get all the basic stuff in first then we can talk about new stuff.
  5. do you have any idea of what new stuff is coming to the new TTT?
  6. Hello Everyone, After having a discussion with the community about a TTT server reset, I have decided to go in a bit of a different direction. So what I'm thinking is to creating a new TTT server base off the current server. The new server will have a completely different database, it will not have any of the data from the current server. So that means the current TTT server will not be getting wiped, it will stay the same. Development will freeze on the current server while I'm develop the new TTT server. Feel free to ask questions below
  7. I agree with snake. The single most prevalent problem with flux right now is the map pool. We NEED new maps, and we need a safeguard of sorts to stop the same 4 or 5 maps being played constantly, because it's pretty much always just a rotation of community pool, community pool revamped, minecraft b5, rooftops 2016 and a few others. New maps would bring a massively refreshing feel to the game, especially for veteran players, because for a some of us, the discord is more entertaining than the game itself
  8. Last week
  9. Ooook long winded response likely incoming. I think a full reset is a good idea. Refresh the map pool, change weapons etc. Those who have VIP rank should keep it, however a point refund is NOT a good idea. Giving old VIP's and old trusted etc. something unique is a better idea than instantly reflooding the economy. The major inhibitor for me coming back has been the incredibly boring map pool, which I simply cannot stand after all this time. Bringing back older, but classic maps would be an excellent way to bring in some new people in my opinion, but hey that's just me, I don't know what's good for the longevity of Flux if i'm being entirely frank. Stripping away useless t items and useless weapons is also a fantastic idea, when you get an item it should feel impactful, without being pay to win.
  10. Incident occurred on TTT, at 04/05/20 21:30ish GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198247628054 Reported Player: Hobo (STEAM_0:0:521727825) Description of incident: Him and Striker Echo wouldn't stop RDMing people to put their bodies in the melon machine on ttt_plaza_b7. Not much else to say. Blatant RDM across multiple rounds. Also metagaming as hobo was a traitor one round, killed a guy and striker did nothing, although this was every round. Evidence: Also sorry for keyboard and shitty mic. Got more vids if needed it just didn't let me embed more EDIT: Fourth Clip
  11. i have always purchased flash bangs with spare credits as detective cause i dont find anything else of use to buy
  12. The flashbang you got a warning for because you bought like 7 and threw them one after the other uwu
  13. crossed out my flashbang
  14. You crossed out vegas how dare you.
  15. Full/Semi server refresh. Playermodels: Some fresh big titty player models plz? plz sir? big tiddy uwu Maps: Going to attach images because if I list all 30+ maps this message will get big but in the pictures the ones with the x's are in my opinion not played enough for either reason a) new players want the most played maps like rooftops, dolls and the minecraft maps and b) we've played them and we just don't like them. To replace these maps with something fresher would be great, we've been begging for ages and even ""vanilla"" got new maps. I propose Menace should look into our suggestions on the forums now, the forums that no one wants to post on because they're ignored. We've got multiple maps requested as well as player models AND Traitor/Detective weapons, you have a whole staff team to help test them out or even part of the community. (As Nymodia asked) Time Played - I'm neutral on whether or not this should be wiped, if it's easier that way then sure but if it can be avoided that's also cool. Deathmatch stats - Does anyone???? Really care???? Bans (although I doubt there would be a ban clear) - I believe bans should be cleared because people that have been banned permanently probably will not come back lets be honest, the only one sticking around is Blip Blop? Kills, Deaths, other "game related" statistics. - I assume you mean the tab in the shop that's for Player info? That's new in itself so it can very well be wiped and we can just rank up again. I sadly just ranked up from lvl 69 whilst typing this so a wipe on that would be great. 67th way I believe should maybe get a different 67thway, I crossed out maps I'm not too fond of and feel like they don't get played as much as I think they should. Personally either Roy the ship or vessel should go because why have a giant boat map x 2? Which people choose Vessel because they think it has the helicopter but it doesn't anymore. Community pool and the revamped version are there because I didn't know which one I personally preferred and since this would generally be the communities decision, I just left them both. TTT Weapons/Detective Weapons: I was unsure of if people really use the teleporter so that's why there's a question mark but the ones I crossed out I personally don't see them used/are pretty boring t weapons. I'd only add a harpoon though I think it's pretty fun. Detective weapons no comment I was trying to get detective on flux to see them but apparently that's extremely hard to do.
  16. Just set up a script that detects what people have bought, and have it add that back in some way. Like an earlier suggestion of converting it to VIP time. Maybe have it only give donator points, which can only be spent on cosmetics like skins or hats - nothing that has a direct effect on the gameplay. I understand that something needs to be done about it currently, as new players or people who don't play often are at a massive disadvantage due to the weapons available to the older players. But it should be done in a way that doesn't screw over the people who have already supported the server.
  17. vip/donator should get a working jump pack as compensation
  18. If we get a reset can we havd jump packs back. They were so much fun, especially with the gravity change
  19. I agree except for the weekly reset on TTT #2
  20. I understand, people would not feel comfortable donating if we would just one day decide that they would lose it.
  21. To me this feels like a right and a wrong move - a lot (or at least some) of the veteran/older players can agree that not everything should to be wiped. If the pointshop was wiped and everything goes back to stage one, I wouldn’t mind. Of course as St. Clair said; refunding ranks/bought points/vip points is probably a must; if not I think a lot of the players who bought things wouldn’t be happy. It does give a lot of the newer players a chance to get points though, and I guess that’s what this reset is aimed for - as really the only players that play as of right now are people who have been in the community for a while. But if you’re going to carry this plan out at all, I feel the best choice is to, as you suggested, make a new server, similar to the Original but with a new economy and whatever. Like TTT #1 and TTT #2, except #2 has say, weekly resets and x2 the amount of experience given at the end of rounds or for Traitor kills or whatever.
  22. Something I've seen done on their servers that reset is premium currency balance is converted to "VIP" time i.e. 100 vip points nets you a month of vip or whatever.
  23. You are probably right. Hmm, maybe the best thing to do is keep the current server as is. and just make a new one base off the current one.
  24. Yeah its probably gonna make me never donate again
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