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  1. I knew there was a reason I didn't like you...
  2. It's okay buddy, we'll get you the help you need
  3. You played on Arcadia and now work at Telstra? damn you must really hate yourself
  4. Lets try to keep the replies to just feedback/thoughts on LeKroos as a player and possible staff member and not other stuff please. You seem like a decent player and I don't think I've ever had to slay you so that's a good sign. However I think you should try to be a little more active on Discord and get to know the community, including the staff team, a bit. You also don't really stand out in-game, like you don't really say much in-game and at times seem almost bot like (personality wise not gameplay). For now I'm going to be neutral on this but I may change that depending on what I see.
  5. Give me money and I will
  6. We kinda need their Steam ID or we can't punish them. Don't suppose you've got it laying around somewhere?
  7. You only show damage logs here, not shot logs. And you did shoot first, you just didn't hit him so your screenshots won't show that. Sorry but skittles isn't in the wrong here, you shot at a T for no valid reason and received slays for doing so.
  8. Do you have any screenshots or video to use as evidence? just using text doesn't help as there's no way to verify anything and it could easily be faked.
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