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  1. Post it in suggestions and it might get added, nobody cares if you just post it whereever
  2. Do it. Literally asked for it and also thinks a shit game like Fall Guys is good
  3. If you're really sorry, take the ban and don't do it again
  4. Massive -1 from me fam. You said it to me, one of the few known trans people in the community. Using that word as a joke isn't funny, doesn't matter if the person you called is trans or not. Plus the whole "having banter" excuse is stupid and doesn't make you any less of a bigot/transphobe. This was a recent thing and you know it. This happened less than 4 weeks ago, so it's a recent example of how you aren't suited for a staff position. Other than this event, you've shown countless times in the past that you aren't suited for staff, both in-game and on Discord and you hav
  5. Big fat -1 from me fam. Sure you're well known in the community, but you aren't known for anything good. In the entire time I've seen you around Flux, you've been nothing but toxic towards both players and staff and I honestly don't think you'd made a decent mod at all. Edit: forgot to mention, you said just prior to making this you couldn't even be bothered asking any staff for a recommendation... if you can't be bothered doing something that simple you aren't going to make a good mod.
  6. You're glad I remember how much of a creep you are? weird flex but okay. It's not a crime, but if you're trying to appeal a ban for something as serious as this you should probably try a little harder. Also I still play Flux
  7. You look like you put about 30 seconds of thought into your appeal and all you've done in the comments is argue with everybody, you clearly haven't changed at all. Before you got banned for doxxing somebody, you were a massive dick constantly and probably should've been banned long before that point. You spent months harassing myself as well as others on the Discord, and you said some very concerning shit. Remember that time you said you'd find me irl by "pheromone sense of smell"? yeah, shit like that is just flat out disturbing. I really hope you stay banned, and that you don't bot
  8. It flopped because nobody did anything with it. If it had an active dev that actually put time and effort into it then it might still be around now. Also I never said it had to be Garry's Mod, could find other games the community enjoy and put up a server for those.
  9. Yeah no. Forcing people to play maps they don't want to play is a good way to kill your playerbase. Removing all the maps everybody loves to play is just going to make them move to another server. Flux is getting enough from donations to keep servers up, so replacing them with other modes that people will play isn't a terrible idea tbh. It would help the community grow and gives us more options to play as well.
  10. Deleting/Reshaping current inactive servers I agree that Deathrun should be replaced with something else, but I don't think it should be a Minecraft server. We've had Minecraft in the past but people get bored of it pretty quickly. TTT Vanilla Don't really need a gun and development team for a vanilla server? if it's vanilla what would a dev team be needed for? you literally just use the base TTT gamemode for vanilla, at most you'd need one person to make some slight edits to gun stats for balancing. I highly disagree with replacing TTT2 with a vanilla server as it gets used, if
  11. Sounds like you only want to be unbanned because other servers aren't as active and not because you genuinely feel bad for breaking the rules. Also you just admitted that you still use cheats for other games and that you don't even play GMod too often, so who's to say you won't get bored of TTT and use cheats again for a bit of fun or something? Personally I think you should stay banned.
  12. The metagaming. Have you even seen the video linked in the report? it clearly shows you looking right at a traitor holding a predator blade and watching as they jump around the boat for 5 seconds before they jumped into the water. You waited for them to be in the water before doing anything, and all you did was jump in, go a different direction to where you'd just watched them go, and then get back on the boat. You also failed to call a KOS or anything... seems a lot like you were metagaming to me. And I agree with Debla here, even if it wasn't metagaming calling people braindea
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