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Favourite Video Games

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1:a hat in time

2:there is no game wrong dimension


5:shovel knight treasure trove

honorable mentions:
katamari damancy
my friend pedro
stardew valley

madness project nexus 2


both portals




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I dont have 5 games in particular that stand out but I have 5 favourite game series

Diablo 1 & 2 as I have sunk thousands of hours into both and find myself playing a lot of mods for them

Dead space 1-3  (looking forward to the remake coming out)

Bioshock 1 & 2 (Had the best gameplay and environment that the third lacked but Infinite explained the lore in a unique way but had a terrible ending)

The entire oddworld series (except for strangers wrath as it doesnt fit in as well with the others but still a good game in its own right)

The doom series (except doom 3 as it also feels different to the run and gun experience of the classics + 2016 and Eternal)

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Constantly shifting so let's go with the best off the top of my head I guess

1. Mount & Blade: Warband - This shit never gets old
2. Destiny 2 - Even though I hate it
3. New World
4. Fallout: New Vegas
5.  The Elder Scrolls Online

8734. Garry's Mod

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Some of my flavoured games would include, Dota 2, Total War: Warhammer series, Age of Wonders series and Dota 2. My capacity to play particular games has been adjusted to suit a routine that's healthy for me. I cut out MMORPGS because they're extremely difficult to work around lifestyles, and I want to have some form of time outside of the game. Gmod is probably the only game I consistently go out of my way to put time into that I would otherwise find uncomfortable in other games. I didn't say Gmod is a flavoured (favourite) game of mine because it's not that amazing in terms of content, however I do make exceptions when I play on Flux servers when applying time to it.

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3 hours ago, Jaska V said:

Oh man YES!!!

1. Fable 1-3 (love all of them equally, waiting for Fable to come out again too)
2. Escape From Tarkov
3. Satisfactory
4. Stellaris
5. 7DTD ❤️

Love gaming such a nerd lol #winning

They're rebooting the Fable franchise by the way, calling it Fable 4. 

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