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  1. +1 I dont know the context of this report, so if a staff would provide, it would enlighten the community on what he genuinely did. I dont see much of a real problem here besides a bit of banter
  2. +1 I dont like the guns he uses, but fortunately that dosen't reflect his staffing ability
  3. Im all for second chances and even some after that, but for you I make an exception. Of all the people in this community, you are one that will contribute the least, I say this not out of hate or dislike but as a point I personally see as a fact. You: Send death threats Try to groom any and all women that join the server You create a whole new meaning to the word 'Creep' when you DM members personally and try to flirt with them Are an obnoxious presence to both staff and the community at large Create an atmosphere that makes people feel wrong, which until you proved it, I didnt even know was possible. I cannot -1 you enough sir, I am very sorry
  4. Crazy Bananza Update [Added:] Force a role on a player next round ( this was push to live already ) Being able to mute coinflips Added cryptic keep Added rank colour to scoreboard names You can quicksell items in case you idiots didnt know Hold [DELETE] + click the item !fix : Reloads playermodels (this is a fix for invisible models) - Menace added: Anti-delay system for Traitors After 3 minutes, youl be publicly KOS'ed by the server, and outed as a Traitor (If you dont kill anyone for those 3 minutes) There is a 45 second timer before the server announces you as a Traitor, this gives you time to do your job Getting a kill resets the timer Might be altered depending on how we feel about it Added: crash detection script, this script will restart the server if it crashes. Added a crash screen to the server that will auto connect you once crashy is finish restarting the server. T/D Pass Donator credits Trading player list now has players rank colour as a outline. added a confirmation for coinflips over 5k - inventory trading: left click now brings up the amount box right click now means all in slot - Inventory preview panel: Added colours to the modifier titles. Added RPM to the panel. Starting page is now crates tab. Crates tab does not take keyboard focus unless you click on text field - Added new item to shop: weapon skin removal Sell amount text will be green for flux buxs and gold for donator money stop in chat will stop all currently playing sounds - New modifiers: Money bags Bulls eye ammo stripper poison Added a in game cmd to download CSS textures from workshop: !css Added Modifier removal to the server. Added ttt_losttemple Added ttt_slender Added German [Fixes/Changes] Full rewrite of DB backend ( To support meepen SQL module ) ( Currently only my code ) Fixed XP reset bug Fixed donation bug that would stop players getting there crates. Reduce the chance of inventory out of sync with server. ( Invisible items ) Redone XP coloring again Fixed: You can no longer defib players that died by a headshot. Buffed: Eagle eye to 4 seconds of walls was 2 seconds. Detective cameras have 200 hp instead of 250hp Fixed: Killing players with fire burning modifier now gives the kill credit. Fixed: If the server crashes and you have a coin flip up you will no longer lose your money. it will be refunded when the server comes back online automatically UI Changes to inventory. Should no longer be possible to not spawn with your inventory weapons. Every 5 levels on the player XP you will get Donator credits. Improved crashy’s checking of server crashes. crashing issue ( I believe this is fixed now ) no longer possible to bypass the role pass limit. player stats reset bug fixed. shitload of small bug fixes that you guys don’t care about and I can’t be F writing XP Changes "Yoink" - 15 XP > 30 XP "Avenger" - 15XP >25XP "Headcase" - 50XP > 60XP "Close Call" - 35XP > 50XP "Showstopper" - 60XP > 75XP Ive reuploaded the propkill xp thing, so it should be fixed for most players? - Modifier Changes Deploy Speed III - 50% > 45% Reduce Recoil I - 7.5% > 9% Reduce Recoil II - 15%> 17.5% Reduce Recoil III - 25% >27.5% Spread II - 10% > 13.5% Spread III - 15% >19% Instant Reload I - 5% > 8% Instant Reload II - 10% > 15% Instant Reload III - 15% >20% (Now a glitched) Speedy I - 10% > 8% Speedy II - 20% > 15% Speedy III - 30% > 25% extended_mags lvl1 will give a minimum of 1 bullet extended_mags lvl2 will give a minimum of 2 bullet extended_mags lvl3 will give a minimum of 3 bullet Weapon stats now is correct with modifiers. VIP tab re-named to Premium Half bullet push power for all guns Stacking XP medal kills (e.g. double kill, triple kill etc) Is now 4 seconds, no idea why it wasn't that before. Set a few ranks XP higher, with in turn, higher rewards. Oh so important color gradients got tweaked, mainly the blue ones. [Removals:] Disabled the radio (T Equipment) Removed warehouses Alucard has been removed! If you have Alucard in your inventory its now been replaced with Plague Doctor.
  5. Having a modifier that is in any list, for example RARE, makes your gun RARE too. That means you have a chance to get any other rare modifier OR lower when levelling it up. Its also important to note that once your gun has the maximum amount of modifiers and maximum level of those modifiers on it, it will stop upgrading, even if you have levels left on the gun Since you already have 2 modifiers and level 5 on your gun, it means you have 1 modifier left to get and 1 'upgrade' for your gun e.g. Bizon (level 5) > Bizon (level 10) > Bizon (level 15) Fire 3 > Fire 3 > Fire 3 deploy 1 > deploy 1 > deploy 2 > Spread 2 > Spread 2 Levelling up your gun when you have max modifiers allows you to upgrade a modiifer, as of now the server checks your lowest modifiers (deploy 1 for example) and levels it up.
  6. I admire your commitment in the short term, im only concerned about your long term dedication, youve only been playing for about 4-5 days so far. Id personally like to see you apply in like 2 weeks time, but thats just my opinion. -1 for now
  7. +1 what a great guy, known him since kindergarten
  8. +1 I really wanted you to just get t-mod via a staff drive early on in the server release, due to your dedication, qualities and past staff application being swept under the rug due to new server (obvsly). Its good to see you still have motivation to staff and help out the community.
  9. +1 Healthy variety in the staff team, he's helpful and pretty chill, would love to see what he could bring to the table.
  10. Neutral, less of calling people pedos would be good!
  11. Event Rounds Glossary This thread will serve as a glossary for events specifically run by me daily/ whenever im usually on. Its important to note that: I dont run multiple events in one day, its rarely only ever 1, maybe 2. I pick the rewards I give out, sometimes there are no rewards. Its usually whoever kills me first (i tend to die alot on these events Event types: Boss Battle Scaled to 2.5 anywhere from 5000-15000 hp Role: Traitor Objective: To kill all innocents and survive (traitors help, otherwise they tend to get karma banned lel) Reward: Anywhere from 10-50k usually Or whatever I choose to give out Catch the pussy/weasel Scaled to 0.3 100 HP Role: Traitor/Detective Objective: Run away, hide and make sure I'm not killed by anyone. Equipment: Pulsecannon, body armour. Reward: 10-25k usually Or whatever I choose to give out TF2 Rocket Jumper Everyone gets a pulsecannon for the round. Knife Party Everyone gets a knife RDM rules apply Half Life 2 Everyone starts off with 50hp Hig.net is not responsible for any deaths occurring during this period Big Big babies Everyone is scaled up by a certain amount Honey, ive shrunk the kids Everyone is scaled down by a certain amount More events will be added to this list, if you'd like to suggest anything, feel free to. Whether I do it or not is up to me Also: Event rounds will most likely be coded in later down the track so its functional without me, but for now ill serve as the Event Co-ordinator
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