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  1. Add another 22 hours in server time....Yikes.
  2. Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198044503843 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 50 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Menace About Higashi: Hello my names Higashi, I go by Hig or Finn to my friends. I'm an obsessive gamer with a hard on for head shots and killing as many players as I can. I currently play the piano and do a mixing job as a sort of sound engineer I guess. Reason for Application: I really want to improve the server in its general fundamentals, I know I'm not the nicest person in the world and probably not the smartest but ive been playing TTT for 2000 hours alone, dedicating approx half of that to Poseidon TTT alone. I've already had some worse for wear encounters on the server including some oddball situations with a couple staff (Mostly all resolved), but that wont stop my commitment to it at all. My primary focus is in TTT weapon values as I've been changing and tweaking them for years as well as general Staff guideline and MOTD 'reconstruction'. I was told to apply when I had the hours by Menace so here I am. Previous Experience (if applicable): Poseidon Servers: TTT - Super Admin | Admin x 3 Cinema - Super Admin Murder - Super Admin | Senior Admin Prophunt - Moderator Darkrp - Moderator/Trial Mentor ImperialRP - Moderator Discord - Manager (Yikes) Voxel Servers: TTT - Admin Forum Moderator Ricketts Lane: ZombieRP - Head Admin Community - Advisory Council Derivative Gaming: Darkrp - Admin Comments:
  3. Jihad: Sethealth: 100 > 25 - 50 (this is to make things more fair for essentially a running, jumping, crouching c4. The Jihad is an insane T weapon that can take out up to 12 people, setting players to a lower health evens the playing field.) Replace Spider hook with: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265714452 (This style is a little more harder to use, but is basically the same other than the fact that you cant hook onto the map roof.) - Higashi
  4. I can't seem to edit my original post 😞
  5. 1. I personally disagree with the act of asking them to check it, passing unid's when it is clear that there is unid on the ground is a traitourous act in itself, I would agree however killing someone for not checking an unid in a large group of corpses is unfair, but only to that that fact. 2. IMO disagree again, whenever you plant a C4 its clear to other traitors where it is, since the actual icon is in all traitors fov with a timer and a massive outline, warning them is just a waste of time. 3. That rule is in place because the detective is not the god of the gamemode, he is a proven innocent with a DNA scanner and a buy shop. Detectives KOS's are more valid than innocents because they are detectives, but like anything you DON'T HAVE TO follow the detectives orders, unless its a KOS over another. 4. I specified don't kill detectives on purpose, ofc the same innocent rules apply to the detective, if you see a detective Mass RDMING, then you are going to kill him. Players are not going to get punished for killing a Det who is mass rdming. 5. Easily removed 6. Will do 7. Prop killing is permitted (RDM rules apply to this) - RDM rules apply, meaning you cant go around prop killing unless you are a traitor or you are killing a traitor. 8. Easy fix 9. Its not so much of a rule as it is an advice to new players, you don't want players playing as detective with no idea how to DNA scan, leading to mass chaos.
  6. +1 Kind and incredibly dedicated to the server.
  7. It's a memey achievement rank. (Plus its a suggestion negative nancy)
  8. To up the activity for the forums and and to add an incentive to post suggestions or just general topics, may I suggest adding in achievements with their own icons to give to people who post/do things on the forums: Name: Veteran Reason: Been apart of the community for over 1 year! Icon: N/A Name: Suggester Reason: Made 5+ Suggestions! Icon: N/A Name: Staff Reason: Is a staff member! Icon: N/A Name: Manager Reason: Part of the Management team! Icon: N/A Name: Addict Reason: Has 50+ Posts Icon: N/A Name: Shitposter Reason: Has 100+ Posts Icon: N/A ETC.
  9. Simply just a suggestion for a new style of MOTD: GENERAL RULES 1. Do not bully or harass players or staff. 2. Do not chat spam or flood the chat box 3. Report any game bugs to staff, using said bugs to your advantage will result in a ban. 4. Do not metagame. Metagaming is the action of using information you have received from sources other than yourself. This includes, whispering players who the traitors are, passing on information via steam or external voice programs. 5. Do not impersonate other players or staff. 6. When a staff member asks you to stop doing something you stop, no questions asked. 7. Prop killing is permitted (RDM rules apply to this) 8. Do not randomly kill players (RDM). You need to have proof that someone is a Traitor. (Do not kill of suspicion or a hunch) 9. Claiming rooms/areas it not allowed. This includes spamming and blocking doors. 10. Do not evade punishments (This includes leaving before or during a warning/slay) 11. Do not advertise of any kind. 12.You may not kill a player for 'using a traitor drop' or because they are high-sus and it is past overtime. 13. Do not randomly KOS a player. (Unless you are the traitor) 14. Throwing incendiary grenades is counted as traitorous, do not throw them unless you intend to kill someone) 15. Names must be legible and in english to avoid confusion, having a name that contains common TTT language is not allowed (e.g. Innocent, Traitor, Me) 16. Shooting randomly and destroying detective equipment is considered traitorous and you might get killed for it. 17. Claiming rooms or specific areas is not permitted. This includes spamming or blocking doors. 18. Sprays must be appropriate for all ages. (Porn, gore/shock and NSFW content is banned) 19. Prop Surfing is allowed. 20. You do NOT have to follow the first KOS called if you believe that person is innocent. It is normally best to wait until players finish fighting and bodies are identified (or ignored) before you get involved. 21. Abusing commands like !stuck will result in a ban. 22. Don't team up with players when you willingly know they're a traitor. (This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent) 23. Just use common sense, if you think something is wrong and you are unsure, message a staff member. INNOCENT RULES 1. Don't T-bait (Traitor bait). This consists of but not limited to: Shooting near players / Shooting explosives near players / Pushing players near high places / Claiming you are a traitor. 2. You must give 3 clear warnings for following you and or blocking a door or area. Give players 3 seconds in between each warning. 3.You cannot kill someone for holding the same weapon that was used to kill another player. You can NOT kill someone based off location. 4. Walking past unidentified bodies without identifying them is considered traitorous, give players time to ID bodies. 5. Do not kill detectives on purpose. Detectives are always proven. 6. You are responsible for KOS's you call. 7. Claiming you are proven without actually being proven is considered traitorous. DETECTIVE RULES 1. Innocent rules still apply to you. 2. No one is obligated to listen to your orders. Therefore you cannot kill players for refusing to be tested or asking players to kill one another. 3. (Please insure you are familiar with the DNA scanner. If not, ask someone for help or opt out of being a detective in the 'F1' menu. 4. Do not abuse your detective equipment. TRAITOR RULES 1. Do not reveal or kill other Traitors to prove your innocence. 2. You do not have to warn other Traitors about your C4, there is already a clear indicator. 3. Do not intentionally get yourself killed by other Traitors. 4. Do not delay or waste the round time deliberately, doing so will get you warned then slain. Rules are subject to change at any point in time, if you have any questions, please message the manager or one of the staff.
  10. Personally, on the evidence given by Nymodia where you seemingly don't care about your actions, given the fact that you admitted to ddosing a community doesn't really help your case at all, in fact it should be reason to actually extend the ban if anything. -1 to reduce or remove the ban, it's only a 3 day ban, you'll live.
  11. Higashi


    Hello, my names Higashi or Hig. Nice to meet you all.
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