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  1. -1 We literally wiped all of the bans, it was a fresh start for everyone. I dont exactly know why it didn't occur to you to not repeat previous offences. But you seem to have not changed, and the whole circle jerk you have with you're friends isn't really fun for other players. (I was in a discord call with menace while you were literally targetting others on the server, and I heard through his mic and through him the situation, acting dumb is the worst thing you can do ahahahaha) Act like a clown, you get treated like one. You dont deserve a third chance.
  2. Maps: • ttt_aircraft_ccf_r2_fix2 • ttt_67thway_v14 • ttt_metropolis • Added ttt_magma - Spawns should should better now • Summermansion • ttt_warehouses Fixes: • Kakariko has a few more spawn points • Fixed unreachable position on office • Metropolis has less exploits • Warehouses has a few kill zones to cancel out delaying • aztec player blocker on top of roof • You can now see weapon skins on people you're spectating • Donation store fixes • Galil ADS has been fixed • UI fixes - Weapon levels, spectating people • Preview for crates now fits in better •
  3. Modifier List Uncommon Extra Ammo I - Your gun starts with an extra magazine spare E.g. Regular: 30/0 With modifier: 30/30 Extra Ammo II - Your gun starts with two extra magazine spare E.g. Regular 30/0 With modifier 30/60 Speedy I - You have increased movement speed when you have your gun equipped Modifier: 10% more speed Deploy Speed I - Pulling out your gun is faster than normal Modifier: 10% Reduce Recoil I - Your recoil on your gun is lowered by 7.5% Reduce Recoil II - Your r
  4. Arcadia +1 will do good
  5. Server Release: Stab vest now has only 1 use Permissions changed for staff New T and D addons added Pulse Cannon Cameras Stab vest Removed prop disguiser for now Crate chances upped a bit more Slight VIP incentives More will be added as server progresses! Adjusted hitreg Level lock on guns and skins Smart turret disable - causing nill value Vip locking for shop, Donation website support Bans site Disable all packages on store cant trade
  6. TTT Changelogs This Topic/Section will serve as a changelog to future updates.
  7. If you are genuine about this then maybe try putting more effort into the application, more importantly how your new 'slate' would be of benefit to the server and the community. Might be good to get some staff recommendations down the line too, considering you're on probation.
  8. New Server Explanation So with the release of the new server on the 2/04/2021, there will alot of new changes you will see, and some things you are not accustomed to, with this post I hope to clear up a few things and make transitioning onto the new server easier. Modifiers: As you have seen in the changelog, one of the most unique features that the server hosts are Weapon Modifiers, these modifiers basically enhance the guns stats and provides a unique stat to a gun. These modifiers have they're own rarity and determine the rarity of the gun they are currently on, you can eit
  9. I'd personally like to see a bit more activity from you, in the jumpstarting department to be sure. But you seem like a great guy who's capable of some common sense and thinking clearly. Neutral leaning to +1
  10. +1 Dumbass punishment for mic spam
  11. +1 Needs to replace me. Me and STO got lunch on the weekend and set aside our differences, he invited me into his lovely home and introduced me to his dearest mother, we talked for hours while sharing milk and cookies. This man needs to be unbanned.
  12. Are you sure thats the reason that you got perm-gagged?
  13. Good idea....So when are you making it? Because I bet my bottom dollar that Taylor or Generic wont put in the effort to or even know how to.
  14. Hats might fuck with the hitboxes, custom is a donator friendly zone, meaning an unlimited amount of shit can be added to appease donators and regular players alike. The incentive to donate is currently waining, with the fact that people can more easily obtain items through hard progression and trading, it might be a good idea to delete old and unused guns/models and re-add new guns and models to create a new spark and incentive for donations, donator restricted models, titles and certain weapons like crowbars could be a major way to incentivise donations. More melee skins restricted to
  15. We actually don't have freedom of speech in Australia, you might be confusing it with freedom of expression. Basically this is going to go nowhere, while Aeyons actions are questionable to say the least you need evidence to document what you find Aeyon has done wrong, this happens with alot of complaints against staff, no evidence, so even if someone did happen the management team cannot act on it purely out of a persons opinion. I suggest to you whenever a staff member acts up or does something you think is wrong, record it, screenshot it, document it somehow and refer it to one of the S
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