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  1. +1 Dumbass punishment for mic spam
  2. +1 Needs to replace me. Me and STO got lunch on the weekend and set aside our differences, he invited me into his lovely home and introduced me to his dearest mother, we talked for hours while sharing milk and cookies. This man needs to be unbanned.
  3. Are you sure thats the reason that you got perm-gagged?
  4. Good idea....So when are you making it? Because I bet my bottom dollar that Taylor or Generic wont put in the effort to or even know how to.
  5. Hats might fuck with the hitboxes, custom is a donator friendly zone, meaning an unlimited amount of shit can be added to appease donators and regular players alike. The incentive to donate is currently waining, with the fact that people can more easily obtain items through hard progression and trading, it might be a good idea to delete old and unused guns/models and re-add new guns and models to create a new spark and incentive for donations, donator restricted models, titles and certain weapons like crowbars could be a major way to incentivise donations. More melee skins restricted to donations More model skins restricted to donations Access to more donator orientated emojis via chat Titles - Furious, Lethal, Deadly, Hitman. (Like the vanilla XP system has, but instead its based on how much you donated)
  6. We actually don't have freedom of speech in Australia, you might be confusing it with freedom of expression. Basically this is going to go nowhere, while Aeyons actions are questionable to say the least you need evidence to document what you find Aeyon has done wrong, this happens with alot of complaints against staff, no evidence, so even if someone did happen the management team cannot act on it purely out of a persons opinion. I suggest to you whenever a staff member acts up or does something you think is wrong, record it, screenshot it, document it somehow and refer it to one of the Senior Managers (Preferably Menace), and it will be looked over and reviewed to see if the staff member was in the wrong.
  7. I dont think this should be brought back on the sole basis that the rank is reserved for mature, 'trusted', role models of the community, and the past trusteds have spat in the face of that aspect, theres simply no need for the rank or for them having powers.
  8. +1 Actually has a good head on his shoulders. He's fair, handsome and is helpful to both new and old players, he's a fun person to hang around with and play with. Im sure you'l be a good staff who can keep the playerbase happy.
  9. Recommendation isn't necessary to have. Im going to go Neutral based on your activity it seems like you just started getting back into the server again, which is a good start but you'l need to be semi active for a couple more weeks if the activity is going to be sufficient for staffing, because who wants a staff that comes on once of twice a month . Im not too sure about the "recent attitudes" but from when i've seen you, you've been pretty chill. Goodluck.
  10. Sent through discord
  11. When did I ever say it cost money? You're an idiot
  12. Towards this and to what you've said before, It isnt a weekly thing of continuously fixing it like a car per say, its taking time to add the achievements in (Which with invision can be integrated easier than other forum softwares like enjin) and maybe after a few months adding in more suggested achievements, some achievements might require manual labour for you to add it to a certain profile, but those are only designated with a limited group e.g. developer. I will try to find the addon Tyger once used for the Poseidon achievements.
  13. I suggested something, hense the name Forum Suggestion, I argued for its addition since the forum's haven't really recieved a major update like this that could improve community interaction. And yes I remember having the same discussion with Accel and Wookie, having forums and discord entirely seperate, where the forums is a place for serious topics and discord is a place for general conversing. I feel in any community the forums is a place much more than simply ban reporting appealing and applying, if it truly was as stale as people say then there wouldnt be need for more sub sections in this forum, and there wouldn't need a Forum Manager. The forums are stale and IMO shouldn't be just seen as a stale body for appealing, a good source of documented suggestions, information, banter, general discussion should also be taken place on the forums, and a forum achievement system for community users to interact is a great way to do it and could increase traction for said forums. And as for: "Its not my job to code it, or if it cant be coded im not going to assign manually, you figure it out" "What do you mean you wont do it?" Stop acting like me for a quick sec, stop bein childish chief. This is a suggestion if @Wookie wants to deny it, he's entirely free to do so.
  14. Well worth the time, considering you made these forums with invision it shouldn't be too difficult to add it in. 80% of these should be able to be given through forum posts and rank achievements, things such hacker man and artisto should be given manually unless there would be a Developer or Graphic Designer role that can hook back into the achievement.
  15. Imagine someone giving a suggestion to possibly increase community traction and attention to the forums. Grow up my mans
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