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  1. Like Wolfe. I know i aint staff anymore but if you rdm, even if accidental, should still be slayable, the whole point of the game is to kill the opposing team not to rdm innocents. I mean sure if it truly is an accident and the death scene supports your point of view, depending on the staff you may not even get a slay or warning for it. But crossfire still equals slay since it still falls under the basis of RDM.
  2. +1 Absolute legend. Calm, collected and is respectful to everyone he meets.
  3. I mean in that situation you technically killed off of sus, hense your death. I kill anyone who kills an inno, if its clear you've killed an inno then im going to shoot and kill you no questions, but that's only my side, don't follow my example kiddos 🙂
  4. Maybe like describe them first.
  5. +1 Active as fuck, experienced and can bring alot of new shit to the community and the server.
  6. Neutral leaning to -1, I see alot of potential in you but alot of negatives rather than positives, if you can show you can be welcoming to all players instead of a select few and help out more, then its a +1. Until then ima stay Neutral leaning to -1
  7. Can you explain what these warns and bans entailed exactly, so me and others can get a full scope as to why you were banned.
  8. +1 Shall bring peace to the surf server
  9. If you're kosed by a traitor then you're kosed by a traitor, it dosen't cause staff much hassle as we just resolve the report in an instant. Adding this rule would change a big fundamental of being a traitor, not to mention the addition of yet another unnecessary rule into the mix. TDLR: It would be a stupid rule and cause more harm than good.
  10. -1 You can be a cool guy but the negatives outweigh the positives, you are mingey, toxic and completely immature. You are by far worse than me and thats saying something. Unless you can seriously work on your act then its a fat fucking no.
  11. If you know the rules why do you always break them? You've been banned multiple times for multiple reasons, you minge and whine like a little girl when you don't get your way and you always butt heads with players and staff on a daily basis. You are a good guy at heart and I respect some aspects you have but you are increasingly mingey, toxic and childish. I don't understand what you mean by don't judge your past, that's exactly what we do, sure if you have actually changed how you act over the time you've been playing flux then maybe you'd be a great guy to play with and a even better person to have on the staff team, but this isnt the case at all. Throughout my times on the server we've had some good times, but almost 85% of those times were bad, as far as what i've seen and what i've been told by the staff team, you haven't changed, not one bit. -1 Giving you mod will only worsen your attitude and give you power over others that you should never have. Sorry wawii but for now you are just not fit to staff the server, or hold a rank of any power.
  12. Every mistake you made - 50k to me OT: +1 Just because I'm actually interested to see what you can do. You're not toxic, not that mingy and accel thought it best to give you trusted, so to some degree you can be trusted with a certain amount of power. You're mature for your age, funny, kind and banter with all players on the server, never once showing hostility or toxicity.
  13. +1 Very fucking mature for his age, polite, fair and above all a great guy to play with or have a chat to. The staff team would benefit with him in our ranks.
  14. Answering, pre sure we gonna do it every staff meeting now
  15. New method is that the staff nominate people.
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