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  1. +1 Actually has a good head on his shoulders. He's fair, handsome and is helpful to both new and old players, he's a fun person to hang around with and play with. Im sure you'l be a good staff who can keep the playerbase happy.
  2. Recommendation isn't necessary to have. Im going to go Neutral based on your activity it seems like you just started getting back into the server again, which is a good start but you'l need to be semi active for a couple more weeks if the activity is going to be sufficient for staffing, because who wants a staff that comes on once of twice a month . Im not too sure about the "recent attitudes" but from when i've seen you, you've been pretty chill. Goodluck.
  3. Sent through discord
  4. When did I ever say it cost money? You're an idiot
  5. Towards this and to what you've said before, It isnt a weekly thing of continuously fixing it like a car per say, its taking time to add the achievements in (Which with invision can be integrated easier than other forum softwares like enjin) and maybe after a few months adding in more suggested achievements, some achievements might require manual labour for you to add it to a certain profile, but those are only designated with a limited group e.g. developer. I will try to find the addon Tyger once used for the Poseidon achievements.
  6. I suggested something, hense the name Forum Suggestion, I argued for its addition since the forum's haven't really recieved a major update like this that could improve community interaction. And yes I remember having the same discussion with Accel and Wookie, having forums and discord entirely seperate, where the forums is a place for serious topics and discord is a place for general conversing. I feel in any community the forums is a place much more than simply ban reporting appealing and applying, if it truly was as stale as people say then there wouldnt be need for more sub sections in this forum, and there wouldn't need a Forum Manager. The forums are stale and IMO shouldn't be just seen as a stale body for appealing, a good source of documented suggestions, information, banter, general discussion should also be taken place on the forums, and a forum achievement system for community users to interact is a great way to do it and could increase traction for said forums. And as for: "Its not my job to code it, or if it cant be coded im not going to assign manually, you figure it out" "What do you mean you wont do it?" Stop acting like me for a quick sec, stop bein childish chief. This is a suggestion if @Wookie wants to deny it, he's entirely free to do so.
  7. Well worth the time, considering you made these forums with invision it shouldn't be too difficult to add it in. 80% of these should be able to be given through forum posts and rank achievements, things such hacker man and artisto should be given manually unless there would be a Developer or Graphic Designer role that can hook back into the achievement.
  8. Imagine someone giving a suggestion to possibly increase community traction and attention to the forums. Grow up my mans
  9. It was my same post from posedion I apologise!
  10. Forum Suggestion: (I'm basically going to copy my post straight from Poseidon btw) Picture for reference https://imgur.com/a/WkhHn4t Suggested Badges: Name: Suggestor Picture:https://imgur.com/a/8qOZvAe How to Achieve: Make 15 suggestions. Name: Owner Picture: https://imgur.com/a/im9xgsl How to Achieve: Only achievable by Owners of the community Name: Agreeable Picture:https://imgur.com/a/HlTY7UO How to Achieve: Receive 100+ Agree reacts! Name: You got me there. Picture:https://imgur.com/a/Ya7GTrX How to Achieve: Receive 100+ Funny reacts Name: Talkative Picture: https://imgur.com/a/sxCnCX7 How to Achieve: Post 50+ topics in General Discussion Name: Don't you know who I am?? Picture:https://imgur.com/a/uvYs7c8 How to Achieve: Current/Previous staff Name: Veteran Picture:https://imgur.com/a/gVB3f3e How to Achieve: Spend 3+ years within the community (Forum time since joined) Name: Gametracker king Picture:https://imgur.com/a/FfzsKME How to Achieve: Reach top 5 on any Poseidon servers game-tracker Name: Hacker Man Picture: https://imgur.com/a/tbcXUub How to Achieve: Current/previous developer Name: Management Picture:https://imgur.com/a/90Z4uHx How to Achieve: Currently part of management Name: Insightful Picture:https://imgur.com/a/FFJhtsL How to Achieve: Provide 5+ solutions to any problems Name: Forum Lurker Picture:https://imgur.com/a/oB6dTrU How to Achieve: Actively view the forums for more than a year Name: 100/500/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000 Posts Picture: Just a simple picture of 100/500/1k so on How to Achieve: Post (x) amount of times Name: Artisto Picture: https://imgur.com/a/BZNpG30 How to Achieve: Make an art piece for Poseidon Name: Opinion Leader Picture: https://imgur.com/a/9ZcQpPT How to Achieve: Receive 100+ Good Idea reacts The list could go on with each achievement, hopefully there would be a cap for the achievements so each user isn't filled to the brim with achievements. This is just an aesthetic/interactive system where by being active on the forums and posting regularly (besides shitposting) can and will reward you. I don't know how this could be implemented with already existing reacts on the forums, like will certain people instantly get the achievement based on what they already have? Possibly, a way you could do most of these achievement is to add a hook to what a user posts and how he/she gets reacted and go from there. Also borders around the images would make it a bit aesthetically pleasing. New Borders for ranks If you would scroll up once more and view Chris's post in all his glory, you'l see a border for his rank, him being Veteran. What I propose it to make an easily designed border around the ranks on the forums, just a simple suggestion that shouldn't even take 5-10 minutes for someone who knows what they're doing.
  11. Although this is late and will probably never happen, reset would be a bad idea on many levels, those who have donated hundreds (or even a little bit) would have no refund for the server wipe, even those who haven't donated but chose to grind their way to the top would have to start from absolute nothing again, ranks and levels would be reset and as a result many people would choose not to play anymore. Take a look at moat and his choice on a reset, fucking awful idea, years of grind and commitment gone down the drain. The idea of a completely new server however (get excited for this btw, it actually looks unique) would be an alternative to this, instead of a reset players would be introduced to a new server with new ways of gameplay, therefore it would be their choice to switch servers and play a new thing from the ground up. tdlr; probably wont happen but if it does you would lose some of your older players who jumpstart the server, motivation and interest for the new server would be lacking severely.
  12. Though I personally believe Aeyon can take punishments too far in some standards, I don't think he'd ban you for simply what you claimed. Do you have any evidence supporting your statements or is there more to the story than simply one sentence?
  13. thats really cool and all, but whats you're phone number and address haha asking for a friend
  14. I meant off of the forum too. Telling someone to go fuck themselves in the heat of the moment is a bad choice, rdming somone is a bad choice. You KNOWINGLY revealed personal and private information (In whatever form it took) about someone, that isnt a bad choice its a fucking crime. Its like saying you stabbed a guy, getting sent to prison then explaining that it was all a bad choice you made the previous year.
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