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Community Answers

  1. +1 Has a more capable head on his shoulders than a vast majority of the current staff team. Id trust magenta to be manager.
  2. I remember you from Poseidon, hope you enjoy the server me and menace made, apply for staff, youd be a good pick knowing your attitude mag
  3. +1 He served along side me as Co- Manager in poseidon. He came to voxel with me and was co-admin, head trial moderator, staff banner among many other things. Great guy. Better than most.
  4. He's clearly apologetic, the man now has three kids and 2 wives, he deserves another chance! +1
  5. I think it was a mistake letting you into the staff team
  6. Doma has spread his changing influence and reformed SeaOfDemise
  7. Menace: Im up for coding it from scratch. DarkRP3_base
  8. Say no more. Hired. +1
  9. +1 Old timer, even older TTT player. Hope your enjoying the server
  10. 24/7 minecraft : 24 playerslot Classic TTT: 32 playerslot
  11. Interesting ideas, but all I can say is that they wont work well. 1. The headcrab mod would be a meme mod, and while funny wouldnt really be useful, it would take some time to actually code in and have ti spawn an npc that attacks others. 2. Shatter, basically a martybomb. Bad idea imo.
  12. +1 only if you do it again, you get perma banned forever, like the multitude of other servers you've been banned on for the same reason. Show us you've reformed Arab.
  13. I re-emerge from my den to -1 You're just as retarded as Doma.
  14. +1 I dont know the context of this report, so if a staff would provide, it would enlighten the community on what he genuinely did. I dont see much of a real problem here besides a bit of banter
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