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  1. lmao you literally copied birb’s application ur so funny and quirky xd
  2. there is only one correct answer and it’s kat
  3. no sorry but i miss my gmod friends
  4. +1 he is a good boy with big heart and i think he has changed his ways and will be an even better person going forward. flux is NOT the same without him and handlimp!!
  5. i was chat banned for posting a pic of monkeys but that’s besides the point lmao you don’t play on the server that often and the other people i’ve never even heard of so idk why you’re concerned with who gets unbanned, other than you’re just going out of your way to be mean. no need to attack me and call me a nonce (pedo?) for not seeing the harm in giving him another chance..
  6. milk i’m literally replying to his fucking appeal. clearly i mean he has never cheated PRIOR TO THIS INSTANCE THAT WE ARE DISCUSSING RIGHT NOW anyways everyone who -1’d barely plays on the server and everyone who +1’d is a regular lol
  7. blip has never cheated before, and it’s pretty clear that he’ll never do it again. he explained why he did it and although it was a stupid reason, he even provided a solution for it (banning his paypal) in his appeal. past indiscretions are irrelevant lmao they don’t even relate to this ban..
  8. +1 it was pretty clear from the beginning that blip blop wasn’t cheating to be better at the game or level up etc. it was a super stupid decision on his part but i honestly believe he wouldn’t do it again and should be given another chance. i know i’ve personally talked to him about why he did it and he seems genuinely regretful and it’d be great to have him back as he’s a good and active member of the community :’)
  9. -1 you’re a nice kid but i honestly have seen you make so many misjudgments in the game, making stupid decisions and accidentally rdming people you shouldn’t etc. i’d say be more active and play more on the server until you figure out how to see the nuances in different situations, then consider applying for mod
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