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  1. my...my fucking cat bruh.... 👨‍🦲 dumb head @accel.
  2. stop oppressing me @Cuck do u like augustus tho? @accel.
  3. I've been a thorn in Flux's side since around october 2017
  4. If I got offended over every man making a joke about wanting to see my tits I would have become a feminist @Edgyguy24 🙂 Nice pussy 😉!
  5. My PM's are always open for those who I know have seen this but wont comment. Lets get this cleared up you boobs 🙂!
  6. 👀👀👀
  7. My dog passed away early this year, I agree that dogs are lovely companions though. @BlipBlop Ay man I'll only expose them if they don't apologise themselves, they know who they are tho lmao. Nice cats (and dog) though, they look snuggly! My mum wanted a ginger but we got that burnt little shit. @Bayco Your cats are so beautiful! Like a fluffy siamese/ragdoll? My knees are good idk what you mean they let me suck dick for long periods of time @Naked Snake Snazzy cat mate, mind pming me who those people gossiping are? If you don't that's fine too 🙂
  8. Hello, it's milks introduction! I'm Danielle, I'm 18 years old and I live in Victoria, Australia. I have a black cat(pictured below) named Augustus and a goldfish named Fishy, I love them to bits! I would love to hear your honest opinions about me, because I know some of you hate me and I'd like that to be cleared. I still see my name popup...regardless of being inactive now and if you all would be so kind to either comment below or pm I'd love to discuss this because I do hear and see what you guys say even if you think I don't and I'd love to expose some juicy gossip I've been compiling since some of you like to live in a lie. (i hope y'all get ballsy and comment i want this shit to be a discussion 😠 )
  9. milk


    that was such a turd reply
  10. Few things, 1) Have only just noticed you becoming active again, game wise and discord. 2) You told me that I was banned because I was homophobic, indicating that someone leaked that false information to you (I'm assuming from the staff team as no one knew about the ACTUAL reason I was banned.) and you acted solely on that to try and "call me out", out of nowhere mind you, simply because my texthat at the time was "unbanned god" or something along the lines of me being unbanned. To that I simply say your age definitely represents your maturity in that you wouldn't be someone I'd personally like to see on the staff team. -1 from me. yee yee
  11. just to clarify, it does in fact show them disguised in death scene. just so you know
  12. I wish my appeal was this saucy 😭 #freeHuon
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