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  1. milk

    Ape's TTT Appeal

    To summarise: 1. Her instagram was easily accessible by two different ways, her twitch and her steam. 2. If he needed a ban at all it'd be for harassment but even then Aeyon didn't gag/mute OR warn him or anyone on the server, which at the time was saying a controversial opinion and then it turned into bullying. I was wondering myself why nothing was being done about the people talking about the non binary crap, this could have all been avoided if action was taken quicker. False ban.
  2. Mate just because you're big mad that you got demoted and for some reason decided to tell all the 14 year olds on the server that it was my fault doesn't mean you gotta passive aggressively put dumb reacts on everything I post because your pee pee is small.
  3. @Higashi You're fucking dumb dude
  4. Ok, Debla mate I legit dont care that u banned me.. couldn't give a single fuck but i just feel that after you banned me for a stupid reason you have the sence that you won that argument and you have fken power. Look mate i dont understand whats wrong with you... First time i ever joined flux you were just that moderator, never talked just came on and bitched and complained. I dont want to go down on you harshly because i feel maybe you have a history of mental illness or whatever so i dont want to disrespect you. I Cant really get a grasp on why you act this way. I don't think I've ever really seen an moderator so distraught like yourself.Honestly and I dont know if its just me but when you're online I feel like I am at a party filled with retired people talking about their pension... In other ways boring. Now some would say leave if you're not having fun but why should i leave... Just because one moderator takes out his shitty day on the whole server means i shouldn't leave, Anyways I am getting side tracked. I mean sure maybe irl you're a good kid which i highly doubt but online.. fucking hell mate. Honestly I hope you dont act this way out in the real world because far our man, you would be eatin alive. I dont know.. ur probably mates with Menace but i just want him to know how you act. Please learn of Aeyon, i think the only staff that actually plays the game for the game and doesn't bitch or complain. Other staff are great aswell but they arent as active
  5. You keep saying you "asked him to stop" but we don't see any proof of that? We see two out of context screenshots made by Sharpie, so no accel didn't act appropriately with the evidence supplied. I could take a screenshot of any chat and say it was directed "maliciously" towards me and they could get a warning or a ban, the big fuss is over a warning that might not have been needed.
  6. Except he was saying what you said to him, "fuck you"(and eat my ass, I don't know how you think that's malicious but go off I guess). There was obviously miscommunication and we are definitely not getting the whole story as we don't know what happened voice wise, accel acted with only your report on Sharpie and 2 screenshots. Unless there's some video evidence we're missing that accel got and we did not, then this whole thing is pretty outta wack. Honestly Pheebs, get off the internet if you think "Fuck you" and "eat my ass" is malicious. I've had someone say that they're glad my dog died, people have said they'll rape my sisters, but if you're big mad about "fuck you" and "eat my ass", then you deserve a "fuck you" and "eat my ass".
  7. Sounds fair to me Burger, but also some staff should stop being hypocritical and sensitive, I was saying much worse whilst staff were on.
  8. Wookie said "*keep* pushing you into the water and get you damaged" at 0:02 seconds you're seen to be holding a knife out, at that time you were ankle deep in the water and were FULLY able to shoot at him to stop yourself from getting hurt. You chose a knife, poor decision honestly but besides the point you had every chance to defend yourself and you chose a *knife* which you can't stab someone when there's a barrel in the way now can you? Even AFTER you were out of the water, you chose to run up and knife him and he didn't even shoot you at any point. This looks like honest banter.
  9. Staff should focus on censoring actual triggering and harmful messages (even staff themselves are being crude.) and not hypocritical banter.
  10. just make an alt account lmao
  11. wtf why am I getting "dumb" reactions, y'all don't even know who he is. next person to dumb react my comments is mega gay. smh.
  12. -1 Ignoring the fact that you called me braindead, you've admitted to metagaming on a less full server in the discord after someone called you out - someone who clearly didn't like you metagaming even if it was only the 3 of you on. I've caught you metagaming in the video, your pathetic attempt to try and shoot at him was laughable and you didn't even try to shoot him until AFTER he was off the boat. Lets also add he didn't kill you either which is also a clear indication you were definitely both teaming/metagaming, I also have a video of you both making fun of my post! Cheeky! You are: - Not active enough on the discord or the TTT server. - Hard headed - Immature - Rule breaker 😮 - Single minded
  13. lmaoooooooo who tf is this bitch? bruh
  14. Katie you didn't follow him, you didn't KOS him and you didn't even TRY to shoot him even when he had the predator blade OUT. Also he didn't stab you either whilst he had every chance to.
  15. Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/11/19 idk bro like 8:30pm? bruh GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198092102849 Reported Player: Katie and Kwafee (STEAM_1:0:90220217 STEAM_1:0:74940805) Description of incident: They've already been accused of this but it was on a more full server this time so.... Kwaffee was Traitor, Katie was innocent. Kwaffee killed someone right in front of Katie (see video) and Katie loosely shot at them purposefully and didn't KOS them. I was checking the !motd for what rule this would be breaking since teaming isn't specified and Generic said it falls under metagaming. sorry to snitch oopz Evidence: https://youtu.be/xJDzBikvuo8
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