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  1. +1 cuck is very good staff, he will sacrifice his whole life for Pakistan
  2. They've had all servers before hand and weren't getting nearly as many as TTT 1 (or even sometimes 2) were getting, that's why they had added a 3rd TTT server but that wasn't being used as they thought it would be. They have tried prophunt, DarkRP and even Vanilla for some odd reason(really bad decision imo, don't know what they were thinking the silly goose's.) What I'd assume they're doing is focusing on TTT and would, if anything expand and better the TTT server because the other gamemodes didn't get enough hype. I don't think they did murder and if they did, it most likely flopped quicker
  3. -1, called me a furry and didn't compliment my Space Jam trackies. ban him
  4. The flashbang you got a warning for because you bought like 7 and threw them one after the other uwu
  5. Full/Semi server refresh. Playermodels: Some fresh big titty player models plz? plz sir? big tiddy uwu Maps: Going to attach images because if I list all 30+ maps this message will get big but in the pictures the ones with the x's are in my opinion not played enough for either reason a) new players want the most played maps like rooftops, dolls and the minecraft maps and b) we've played them and we just don't like them. To replace these maps with something fresher would be great, we've been begging for ages and even ""vanilla"" got new maps. I propose Menace should look int
  6. Granted but you can't eat them I wish I had a dog
  7. -1, We don't need Arcadia people on this server, yucky! You're not really selling yourself here, 1. Arcadia ex-staff 2. Disappeared?????????? Last time you were staff on this server and admitted to inactivity on gmod as a whole. 3. Not active on the discord - your last message to the discord was from 2018 (That I can see)
  8. To summarise: 1. Her instagram was easily accessible by two different ways, her twitch and her steam. 2. If he needed a ban at all it'd be for harassment but even then Aeyon didn't gag/mute OR warn him or anyone on the server, which at the time was saying a controversial opinion and then it turned into bullying. I was wondering myself why nothing was being done about the people talking about the non binary crap, this could have all been avoided if action was taken quicker. False ban.
  9. Mate just because you're big mad that you got demoted and for some reason decided to tell all the 14 year olds on the server that it was my fault doesn't mean you gotta passive aggressively put dumb reacts on everything I post because your pee pee is small.
  10. @Higashi You're fucking dumb dude
  11. Ok, Debla mate I legit dont care that u banned me.. couldn't give a single fuck but i just feel that after you banned me for a stupid reason you have the sence that you won that argument and you have fken power. Look mate i dont understand whats wrong with you... First time i ever joined flux you were just that moderator, never talked just came on and bitched and complained. I dont want to go down on you harshly because i feel maybe you have a history of mental illness or whatever so i dont want to disrespect you. I Cant really get a grasp on why you act this way. I don't think I've ever reall
  12. wtf why am I getting "dumb" reactions, y'all don't even know who he is. next person to dumb react my comments is mega gay. smh.
  13. -1 Ignoring the fact that you called me braindead, you've admitted to metagaming on a less full server in the discord after someone called you out - someone who clearly didn't like you metagaming even if it was only the 3 of you on. I've caught you metagaming in the video, your pathetic attempt to try and shoot at him was laughable and you didn't even try to shoot him until AFTER he was off the boat. Lets also add he didn't kill you either which is also a clear indication you were definitely both teaming/metagaming, I also have a video of you both making fun of my post! Cheeky!
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