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  1. lmaoooooooo who tf is this bitch? bruh
  2. Katie you didn't follow him, you didn't KOS him and you didn't even TRY to shoot him even when he had the predator blade OUT. Also he didn't stab you either whilst he had every chance to.
  3. Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/11/19 idk bro like 8:30pm? bruh GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198092102849 Reported Player: Katie and Kwafee (STEAM_1:0:90220217 STEAM_1:0:74940805) Description of incident: They've already been accused of this but it was on a more full server this time so.... Kwaffee was Traitor, Katie was innocent. Kwaffee killed someone right in front of Katie (see video) and Katie loosely shot at them purposefully and didn't KOS them. I was checking the !motd for what rule this would be breaking since teaming isn't specified and Generic said it falls under metagaming. sorry to snitch oopz Evidence: https://youtu.be/xJDzBikvuo8
  4. Are you telling me that or are you suggesting that?
  5. figure out a better method to giving people trusted.
  6. omg guys higashi just did quick maths and told us a coinflip is...50/50...bro....................this man is a genius.
  7. I'm just gonna, debunk this. Leaving out the ones Flux has already, since there's a lot and you had no need to just re-word them... Innocent Rules: 2. Following isn't suppose to be scary, there's no need for warnings if you feel like you're going to be killed then watch your back. 3. Unnecessary addition, at the bottom of your rules you say: "Just use common sense, if you think something is wrong and you are unsure, message a staff member." If they had common sense they'd know that just guessing based off location + weapon is assumption and RDM. 5. This is RDM and stated in the rules that's it's not allowed. Unnecessary addition. 6. What? I don't even know what you mean by this point? 7. Stupid rule as it will bring more rdm to the table when people jokingly say "I'm proven! I'm proven I swear" People will know if you're not proven or not trust you even if you say it. Traitor Rules: 2. That's not in the rules anymore and people can warn about their C4's if they want to. It just wont be slayable if a T carelessly walks into another T's C4. 3. What? Dumb rule..what are they benefiting from doing that? Detective Rules: 4. What do you mean by abuse the equipment? You'd have to elaborate and that just makes a long ass rule for no reason. General Rules: 6. Not only is something similar to this rule said in the Flux rules it makes it look like staff are all powerful gods and the players that are keeping this server running mind you are meant to bow down? 7. This isn't allowed (in my opinion) as prop killing/pushing can make it so no one can confirm if this prop killer/pusher is a) killing traitors by pushing them off or killing innocents and b) delays the round if someones just trying to be a jackass and use a prop to attempt to kill players. Also it's mostly used for rdm so there's no need for it to be allowed. 10. Seems to be the only good rule out of this lmao 12. What the shit is a "traitor drop" this isn't minecraft, traitors aren't dropping mob loot. It's stated in the flux rules that you must claim a T weapon clearly, implying that if the person is killed because of it by another innocent then that's rdm. Anyone who suggests killing a person "because it's overtime and they're high sus" will automatically get told they're wrong. 13. You don't know if it's a random KOS, false KOSers will be punished by staff if it was rdm/killed if they're a T. 14. Common sense that if someone throws a deadly grenade(Frag grenade, Innocent Frag Grenade or Inced Grenade) they will be kos'd. 20. There's no need for this rule???????????????????????????????????? You're just trying to explain the game poorly to new players... 21. A bAN? bruh, someone didn't read the TTT Staff guidelines! It's counted as exploiting to use the !unstuck/!stuck command when you're not stuck 🙂 Which is in.....you guessed it bud! The Flux Rules 22. Teaming was in the rules as a no no but for some reason it's been taken out. My beef is with staff on that one.
  8. What times would you be active that staff aren't? What are you peak times that you seem to be on? Have you had another name? Personally never seen you on. Essendon sucks, even on drugs.
  9. my...my fucking cat bruh.... 👨‍🦲 dumb head @accel.
  10. stop oppressing me @Cuck do u like augustus tho? @accel.
  11. I've been a thorn in Flux's side since around october 2017
  12. If I got offended over every man making a joke about wanting to see my tits I would have become a feminist @Edgyguy24 🙂 Nice pussy 😉!
  13. My PM's are always open for those who I know have seen this but wont comment. Lets get this cleared up you boobs 🙂!
  14. My dog passed away early this year, I agree that dogs are lovely companions though. @BlipBlop Ay man I'll only expose them if they don't apologise themselves, they know who they are tho lmao. Nice cats (and dog) though, they look snuggly! My mum wanted a ginger but we got that burnt little shit. @Bayco Your cats are so beautiful! Like a fluffy siamese/ragdoll? My knees are good idk what you mean they let me suck dick for long periods of time @Naked Snake Snazzy cat mate, mind pming me who those people gossiping are? If you don't that's fine too 🙂
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