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  1. Bro I wasn't even on for long and you were rdming people for crowbarring the wall where you crowbarred the n word. Don't be a salty slag and take the ban loser LMAO
  2. lol garrys mod Flux TTT moderator loser
  3. paying people obviously
  4. Vote Cuck or you're fat noob!
  5. Why is kat on here but not Wolfe LMAO
  6. I'd believe you were the only competent one, it shows. Keep up the good work.
  7. -1 Played on Poseidon, no staff that have come from Poseidon have been good smh.
  8. Gambling addicts would cut up their cards, de-activate online accounts, etc. You cheated to get banned to stop gambling which didn't even help you? You've been banned multiple times, Whowho you have not been here for his past bans you're literally one of the newer players who hasn't had to deal with Blip Blop and neither have the others who have +1'd so LOL. Whowho you're actually currently chatbanned, dingo was just unchatbanned and you were just unbanned from the actual server. You should not be the person advocating for someone who has had multiple instances where he has fucked up, his ddos threats, harrassment and doxxing and now cheating are literally the 4 biggest things that are no no's on Flux. He has showed countless times that he has no reason to be on this server whatsoever, which you haven't been here for that mess now have you? If the new regulars of this server are the people who defend people that get banned and get banned themselves then there's no wonder that other people aren't regularly playing the server you nonce.
  9. You've made around 4 appeals and he never specified that you have more than 2 TTT bans, just that you've been given many second chances.
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