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  1. i lost money to you thats irrelevant you did cheat and have been unbanned before counting alts like this is your 3-4th ban
  2. -1 i think corn is decent
  3. honestly stealth would make a decent mod
  4. more like periodically every week or 2
  5. until the n word i didint target you for rdms
  6. Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/26/21 6:40 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561197960278671 Reported Player: whowho (76561198078619096) Description of incident: she not only called me a n*&&er but told me to die in my sleep (note this was 80% made out of spite so just say denied if you want) Evidence: i dont know how to turn image files into links so ill send it to you via discord ive decided to cancel the report i have no clue how to
  7. your a bitch ya bitch ya bitch ya bitch ya bitch ya bitch *harmonica noises*
  8. sorry my cat stepped on my keyboard and ate it
  9. there is 1 person on the forums
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