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  1. +1 Personally this is the most sincere I've seen you be and I feel like you may have gone overboard but seeing you apologize makes me think you really do regret your actions. In my personal opinion your ban on the server should be lifted but the discord ban should be reduced by 1 month and that can remain considering it was something said on the discord not the server.
  2. You were actually warned twice Jaska warned already and then i gave you a second warning but you did it anyway, you can serve the one day for a poor taste joke.
  3. I like you wildcard but i warned you in voice chat not to do what you did and still went ahead and did it anyway you're lucky you got away with only a one day ban, you can serve the one day for a poor taste joke.
  4. You were slain rightfully the first 2 slays you received was because you rdmed a traitor that placed a mine turtle you did not see him place it therefore you're in the wrong. The second time you were slayed was because hades was sitting in a corner not doing anything and your reason for killing him (see image) which is rdm.
  5. hello and welcome im gay an i have no life also stop killing me when im having an off day
  6. +1 Coinz has been around gmod communities for a very long time he has a lot of experience staffing, hes chill and very mature, hes always around to help an is very fun to play with he would make an excellent addition to the staff team. Also you're a scrub an I'm better at this game then you now .
  7. Kat

    CoiNz Intro

    this guys the guy
  8. -1 this is an absolute no brainer you rdm so often and you're generally toxic, you aren't active on the discord and you constantly map exploit whenever you get the chance. The amount of times i see you in reports because you've propkilled is not good an i don't think you're fit for staff. I suggest you clean up your act before applying.
  9. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61790383 Age: 21 Current Server Level: 17 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Kat: Well I've been playing gmod for a long ass time I'm what you call a server hopper I have a lot of staffing experience under my belt. I play this game a lot and I'm currently learning how to use photoshop so I can possibly become a digital artist. Ah where do I begin what originally got me into gmod was my aunt bought me the orange box when I was around 13-14 an I started by playing css then I slowly migrated over after playing on my cousins account originally. Reason for Application: The reason I'm applying is because I feel like at peak times there's either no staff or 1 to deal with all the reports an I'd like to ease the workload for other staff, I also am applying because as I've been a staff member before I'd bring a lot more experience to the staff team so I can be a better help. Previous Experience (if applicable): As I've said i have a lot of experience staffing here's the list: Malz [Admin] Arcadia [Admin] Revlaks [Jr. Mod] Nomads Realm [Admin] Flux [Admin] Poseidon [Mod] Currently [Advisor] on pluto.gg Comments: It's been a long time glad to see me again?
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