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  1. I have told you multiple times why you get slayed I then tell you the reason then you refuse to accept it and continue to spam admin chat when I'm trying to moderate the server when its full. I shouldn't have to repeat myself 10 times only to get ignored completely. You also have no evidence so this is going to get denied if you don't provide any. Your behavior is appalling and borderline mingey.
  2. Closed Player has withdrawn their application.
  3. Denied Unfortunately we do not think you're fit for staff at this point in time, feel free to apply for staff in the future with a none copy pasted app.
  4. welcome back my wife wheres my kiss
  5. +1 I don't normally comment on mod apps I like to keep my opinions private but as I feel like you're a very good candidate for mod I'm commenting publicly. Now the reason I've +1ed is because you're friendly, very well liked in the community, is mature when need be, don't see you in reports at all unless it's that rare occasional accidental rdm and they normally forgive anyway, you are active in the discord an interact with the community, so honestly you would be a fantastic candidate for staff. Good luck!
  6. I have admitted that i made a mistake but that doesnt mean your slay was unjust i admit aligned should of got slain but we all make mistakes it did not warrant the bullshit you threw at me accusing me of things that just arent true at all. Generic boss your verdict please.
  7. This is where it breaks down - Kats argument is pulled out of nowhere as she would have access to the death cam and she would have seen what had occurred. He shot at both of our directions. If anything bashful was justified in self defense, not Aligned. It is not pulled out of nowhere aligned shot at you which is t baiting and it so happened bashful was standing in front of aligned as he shot then bashful starts shooting at him and he kills bashful maybe he did deserve maybe it was my poor judgment. I reported him for trying to shoot me and t-baiting causing RDM T baiting is not slayable This is where I decide to experiment to see what happens if I reverse the roles. I decide to T-bait aligned a few rounds later. Sure enough he shoots back at me and gives me justification to shoot him in the head. He reports me and I give the same reasoning Kat gave us earlier - he shot at me therefore I'm allowed to kill him. Um no don't try to justify you shooting aligned 2 seconds into the round and killing him. The exact same situation occurred with different outcomes yet only one person was slayed. Why? It is easy to assume that it is because Kat knows Aligned and is friends with him. He is also a VIP. Dont try lying while trying to make a report the 2 situations were very different I try to be unbias an i made a mistake this time It has also come to my attention that during this situation Aligned and Kat were both in a call together in the Flux discord. This is a blatant lie because i was in a call with 2 other people in another discord at the time. I joined to talk to menace 10-15 minutes later after everything went down. From the bullshit excuses when it occurred due to the insults she said over voice. I was also made aware that she deals with a lot of abuse from people due to being a female. Dont make me laugh you and bashful told me to shut up because im a woman and proceeded to abuse me over voice and youre "aware" of the abuse i cop even though you did that on the server. Then I proceeded to call you both children because thats how you were acting like children. Theres a lot of people who can attest to my claims this report is full of lies and youre just trying make me look bad, I work really hard for this server and I'm constantly trying to help people and make friends with people.
  8. Didn't even recognize me sadge Forgotten like the wind good old neko kat
  9. +1 Personally this is the most sincere I've seen you be and I feel like you may have gone overboard but seeing you apologize makes me think you really do regret your actions. In my personal opinion your ban on the server should be lifted but the discord ban should be reduced by 1 month and that can remain considering it was something said on the discord not the server.
  10. You were actually warned twice Jaska warned already and then i gave you a second warning but you did it anyway, you can serve the one day for a poor taste joke.
  11. I like you wildcard but i warned you in voice chat not to do what you did and still went ahead and did it anyway you're lucky you got away with only a one day ban, you can serve the one day for a poor taste joke.
  12. You were slain rightfully the first 2 slays you received was because you rdmed a traitor that placed a mine turtle you did not see him place it therefore you're in the wrong. The second time you were slayed was because hades was sitting in a corner not doing anything and your reason for killing him (see image) which is rdm.
  13. hello and welcome im gay an i have no life also stop killing me when im having an off day
  14. +1 Coinz has been around gmod communities for a very long time he has a lot of experience staffing, hes chill and very mature, hes always around to help an is very fun to play with he would make an excellent addition to the staff team. Also you're a scrub an I'm better at this game then you now .
  15. Kat

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    this guys the guy
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