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  1. now do your 2 truths 1 lie bozo
  2. AggressiveHibernation, this is your 7th ban for the same offence. You are permanently banned and will never be allowed back.
  3. Admin chat logs are not saved. As you are the person who is making this report, it is your responsibility to supply the evidence, such as screenshots or videos. If you cannot do so, this report will be locked as a false report.
  4. Would you be able to actually supply evidence?
  5. As report is quite obviously by AggressiveHibernation, I'm going to try and explain something. Not once during your entire time on the server did a staff member abuse their power when dealing with you, we have a small, close-knit team who knows about everything going on. How you have treated our staff is appalling, and your ignorance while we try to explain to you the rules proves that you have no good intention on the server. This is your seventh and final ban on our server and you will not be let back. As you have provided no evidence in your report, as there is none, this report is further evidence of you incessantly harassing staff.
  6. Unless you have video evidence of wrongdoing, we can't really go anything here, Aggressive. Sorry.
  7. Denied If you were to look at the ban evidence in our punishment channel, which you can see at any time, you'll know exactly why you were banned for racism the exact day you were unbanned for another racism ban. Even having been permanently chat muted, you still intentionally decided to mic spam completely racist things, showing that you have no intention of changing how you act and this is why you are going to have to wait through this week ban.
  8. It is clearly stated in our rules in both Discord and on the forums that "Any form of personal attacks, harassment or other forms of abuse are not allowed, including but not limited to: Foul, degrading, homophobic, sexist, or racist remarks." This, along with the fact that you called a staff member a racial slur in staff chat after being muted, is why you were banned. There is absolutely no reason for what you said, and frankly, one day ban is quite lenient.
  9. Accepted Sometimes mistaken bans happen, as we are trying to protect the community. As Monk said, you've been unbanned, welcome back.
  10. You explanations are similar to what I think. We will get back to you soon (the server is currently down for maintenance, so you aren't missing out on anything at the moment).
  11. https://discord.com/invite/7jqNvgv
  12. If you aren't already in our Discord, there is a channel in which we upload evidence for a ban. If you join and take a look at the evidence against you and you have a defence for yourself, then we would be able too assist you further. Otherwise there is not much we can do with the evidence you've supplied.
  13. Some bans aren't automated (like this one), so the precise minute of your ban won't really help. Manual bans from our staff result in activity over multiple rounds. Would you have more video of you playing any rounds leading up to your ban?
  14. Hi, if you believe this was a false ban, would you please be able to upload video of the time you were banned?
  15. so is it just senior mods and mods?
  16. oof yikes you forgot wolfe
  17. Thank you for the report, it has been dealt with.
  18. Thank you for the report, it has been dealt with.
  19. nah man im literally the worst
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