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  1. Well this was unexpected, but a welcome surprise. Look forward to seeing you on again, The Poseidon OGs are returning :D
  2. +1 pretty chill and knows what he is doing
  3. Was on last night After Milk disconnected and it was still going between both Cameron and Dappiiddd so I can attest to the both of them continuing to go at each other for a while. The staff that were on at the time also seemed to do nothing about the situation, not even a gag or mute for both parties at the time just causing it to spiral further out of control annoying a lot of the unaffected players. For the stuff that went on after Milk disconnected if anyone has recordings/screenshots of the text exchanged between Cameron and Dappiiddd to provide additional evidence that both players were out of line that would help because both parties in my honest opinion should recieve some form of punishment. Although this all could have been prevented earlier on if the staff who were in game acted quicker which tends to be a large issue on the server overall. A lot of other players on the server who do similar things also tend to get off quite lightly if anything happens to them at all so I dont see why this report in particular stands out to a lot of the other things that go on. However, It's also very convenient for the clips you've provided to not have anything you've said in voice chat as you have mentioned. As anyone who has played on the server with you for enough time could probably agree with the fact you tend to say things that arent always appropriate yourself to get a reaction out of people. You also tend to joke around with a lot of the players with things but as soon as someone you dont necessarily get along with you tend to blow things out of proportion. If other people who were directly on at the time all 3 of the people have any video evidence to see what exactly started this all Ill be more inclined to +1 this if you were targeted yourself in a serious manner. For now I am neutral on a ban leaning towards a -1 until more accurate and larger amounts of evidence for everything besides the words about Wolfe which is pretty well demonstrated.
  4. 05:47:33 PM TheDevastator05: Blm is legalised white racism: Meant this in the sense of teaching CRT in schools becoming prevalent, The riots and looting going on without police intervention in America and somehow these riots occuring in Australia for whatever reason with little to nothing being done about it. 08:20:31 PM [VIP] Josh: TheDevastator05 would you date a guythat's transitioned to a girl? 08:20:40 PM TheDevastator05: Id rather die Asking that in the first place was very out of place and seemed like a meme so I replied in turn. Again can see why can be concieved to be offensive but thats how I do jokes. 08:25:21 PM TheDevastator05: and Im not interested in anyonewith a mental illness I myself have aspergers so I know its impossible for me to relate to someone with anything along those lines, been there tried it and has never worked out so I just dont bother. As soon as I see anything that may cause a confliction, im out. Dealing with mental illnesses on top of your own is nigh impossible as it just causes more problems than its worth. Rather than saving quotes to start a witch hunt which is quite petty, why not just ask me what I meant by them in the first place? Seems rather convenient to start all this weeks after these quotes were grabbed prior to my application
  5. I say it satirically. If you think I genuinely think any of that stuff seriously you are kidding yourself. Yes my jokes and some of the stuff I say comes across as harsh and demeaning but thats inherent with anything. If you actually had problems with anything I said you could have messaged me rather than saving the things I responded to you instigating and taking them out of context (ie your discord group you use to save any quotes that would be taken this way without the prior context). Seeing as a lot of people joke about this stuff including you and some of the people you interact with, I dont think it holds much merit. If anything I have said truly offends anyone, Im more than happy to talk about it in person or if any staff have any say on it PM me.
  6. +1 Known Nick for a long time and seen him on nearly every day I've been on myself, he knows the rules, gets along with everyone and is a good person to play alongside. (although maybe too good ) Would make a good staff member, best of luck for you application
  7. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66094849 Age: 23 Current Server Level: 15 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Jaska About TheDevastator05: I have been playing TTT since 2015 and lately found myself getting the enjoyment I originally had for the game due to the refreshing experience Flux provides, I initally played on a few American servers after the death of the majority of Australian servers in the time from 2019-2020 and found them to be very dull and due to my ping being awful there. I am glad to have found that Flux is still going strong as I can play with people who I used to know and new people without the issues of high ping and the general toxicity that is found on American based servers. When Im not playing Gmod. Im working on my cars and doing the odd days of work with some mates on their cars/ helping them with any work they need done. Im always looking for things to keep me occupied. Reason for Application: After playing on the server for a bit of time now (although maybe a bit more time may be required but since there is no real set time limit for how long you need to be on to apply) I felt like I'd make it known Id like to help, I've seen that there are frequent occurences where there are a large amount of players on but a low amount of mods/admins on especially late at night when I find myself to be on the longest and I would like to volunteer my assistance if its required. Also a lot of the other staff are busy with IRL jobs/other server duties on top of moderation so Id like to lend my hand to help free them up to focus on those duties too. I am available at all times if I am needed and have always enjoyed being a staff member helping others to enjoy the game without rulebreakers ruining their experience. Although the system used on Flux is different in some ways to the conventional ULX system I am quick to learn and adapt to things and I have a very good understanding of TTT rules and gameplay in general. Previous Experience: My previous experience comes from Poseidon TTT as a Moderator in 2016, Admin in 2017-2018 and TTT Manager in 2018 also. I worked my way up and feel like my experience from there would come in handy here. I am also happy to help any new staff if needed (Even if im not accepted at this time, thanks to my previous experience I am happy and always available to help any new staff who may want assistance if noone else is available to. Feel free to PM me on Discord and I'll do my best to explain anything you may not know) Additional Comments: Thank you for considering me and if I am denied please let me know what I can do to improve so as I know what I need to work on for next time.
  8. +1 You are a very mature person and take the game seriously, you also seem to get along with the majority of the playerbase and are one of the most active players on the server. Not sure if there is a minimum time constraint on how long you should have been playing on the server prior to applying but I can definately see you making a good addition to the staff team either way. All the best for your application.
  9. Good to see you here as well. The OGs are all coming back
  10. Hi everyone TheDevastator05 here. Just call me Deva since its easier. Despite my appaling abilty to aim due to years of not playing and just all around sucking at most games I play, I was Ex Staff and eventually worked my way up to Server manager of Poseidon TTT .Most of the hours I've clocked up on Gmod have been from TTT and I believe that I am quite familiar with the core game but I equally enjoy learning new things and all the custom content Flux provides so far has been a refreshing experience for me from the usual Vanilla stuff. Although being new to Flux I have already come across some people who recognised me from my previous endeavours and community and I look forward to getting to know a bunch of new people. It disappointed me to see how much of Australias Gmod Playerbase has disappeared and I am looking forward to making Flux my new home for the forseeable future as I missed the TTT community and scene in general. For those newer people I look to be someone who can help to show the ropes to this game and help them as much as possible. Completely not gaming related I work on cars for a living and currently have a daily and 1 Project car going to keep me occupied while this annoying pandemic is a thing that exists and I also do a bit of photography and play the piano to give myself something to do in the meantime when my cars arent playing ball. Im more of a Forum lurker so expect to see the majority of my posts on here as im not a big fan of discord and how it works as its too easy to lose track of posts and comments there although ill do my best to help anyone on there if they need it and to give feedback/suggestions on the odd occasion. Look forward to playing with everyone and expect to see me around quite a bit.
  11. +1 Has previous experience and despite the limited time i've had on the server so far I can see he would make a good staff member due to his willingness to help others and knows his way around the game very well.
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