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magentasteadtler for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48891404

Age: 21

Current Server Level: 15

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Onlyinred


About magentasteadtler:


Hello, I am Daniel aka Magenta. I am a 21 year old deadbeat who stays at home scratching his neanderthal brow every single day. I enjoy playing dungeons & dragons and am a DM for a campaign I am currently running for a few friends of mine which has helped me with my story telling skills and team building skills. I found myself playing Garry's Mod after a friend introduced me to it and began playing TTT on Poseidon Servers many moons ago. Ever since them I have been playing on and off again and have now found myself onto Flux, as all other servers have died out and this is the lone survivor.



Reason for Application:


My reasoning for apply to become a member of staff is that I wish to help and try to bring another watchful eye to the community, to provide support when no other staff is on the server, because I have experience in being a staff member on a TTT server, and because @ Higashi had recommended me to in my introduction post.



Previous Experience:


I have had multiple previous experiences as both a moderator and admin on Poseidon Servers back in what I believe was 2014 and then again in 2016/2017 where I was made admin. I have plenty experience using the report systems, viewing death scenes to provide extra evidence, using the different types of commands, and handing out the correct punishments to the correct offenses. I am very willing to learn the process again if needed.



Additional Comments:


Thank you for listening to my TED Talk, now if you will excuse me, I need to tell people how to pronounce my name correctly.


Signed, Magenta.




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On 10/8/2021 at 9:42 AM, BlipBlop said:

+1 to equal out that -1 from Cmo

Thank you so much for standing up for what you believe in, proud of you.

18 hours ago, Golden said:

yo dude thanks for letting me borrow ya lambo last week and ya girlfriend such a genuine bloke. 1

No problem man, I will be needing it back in a week though, someone else has it booked in by then.

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