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  1. Hey red, I was referring to the lack of staff availability in my application not the lack of staff members. As aforementioned in my app, I'm mostly on late in the evening, usually on at around 11pm-3am, and at these times staff are never usually on. I think I could benefit the staff team as I'm willing to fill in these time slots where moderators aren't present because I'm usually available and playing during these times anyway. Thanks for the reply
  2. -Hi BlipBlop, thanks for the reply. My total playtime for Flux servers is comfortably more than 2 weeks. I don't see myself getting bored of TTT on Flux, I've been active everyday for hours and I don't see that slowing down. I've known the server since last year, and I'm certain to say that I wouldn't still be here if I was to be active for "2 weeks then get bored" , and I'm sure you can ask around or even hop on the server, I'm there everyday. -In regards to your point on how times without staff aren't as bad as I say, trust me it can be. Trolls, Rdmers, and Mic spammers make playing on the server from feeling fun to tedious. I probably should've stated in this in my application (and I'll add it in) that I'm active on the server during peak hours and on late nights (basically on midday, and then late in the evening (usually from 11pm-3am), and judging from these time frames hopefully you understand why I don't usually see active staff (I'm not blaming the staff at all, I of course don't expect them to be on late at the times I play, but if were to be a mod I would be able to fill in those hours for them). Like I stated in my application if I were to be accepted into the staff team, I would be able to extend the time frame in which staff members are on the server. You may also check server support on the discord server where I've asked for a mod to be present on the server many times, and have provided evidence in some cases to assist the moderators who aren't there. And yes we do get the same players whether staff are present or not, but the difference is staff members have the ability to control them, and ensure that whatever they're doing ends, but when there is no mod present the rule breaking just gets dragged on to the point where everyone rules breaks (and agrees not to speak of it) until a Moderator shows up later. -Lastly of course I am aware that the majority of my time will be dealing with reports, every applicant should take that into consideration and I have, additionally I have been a Mod before on a few occasions, so I do understand how my play time will be interrupted by report handling, and that's absolutely fine, it's the point of being a team member. Hopefully that cleared up any misconceptions, feel free to reply if you have any other questions or criticism, cheers.
  3. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:111050369 Age: 18 Current Server Level: 15 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Monk onlyinred About PhysiczAU: Hello ladies and gents, let me introduce myself. My ingame name is PhysiczAU and I've been playing Gmod since 2016. After taking some time off the game for around a year I've been getting back into Gmod again, mainly TTT on Flux Servers as I play nothing else on Gmod. During times of recreation you can find me editing shitty YT vids or playing basketball. Other games that I play on a regular basis that aren't Gmod can consist of Rocket League, R6S, Battlefield, 2K, Fifa and more. Currently completing my final year of school before (hopefully) heading off to Uni. I first discovered Flux Servers a year or so ago and grew to love the community and the platform, and have recently reemerged back into flux after a year of being absent (and being surprised by the server rework). I had originally planned on applying for the role of moderator back when i used to play on the old Flux, but the server hadn't been as big as it is now considering that it was on a decline, but I'm glad to see the server back up on its feet and better than ever, and since my return to the server I've been playing it non-stop and haven't been able to go a day without logging in! Reason for Application: Although there are a considerable amount of staff enrolled within the Flux community, I find myself on the server at times where there are no active moderators/staff members present. This leads to all sorts of issues that result from this staff absenteeism (rule breaking such as mass rdming, mic spamming, trolls, racial issues etc), that affect the quality of gameplay for others (myself included), and can at times be unappealing for newcomers on the server. I do sincerely believe that I can have an impact on the server and make the Flux experience better for others, as I am usually online when no staff members are active, hence I would be able to extend time staff are present within the server. To my knowledge I have never been banned or kicked off the server for any reason, and have always made an attempt to befriend players on the server and always attempt to play a role in activley aiding those who are new to the server. I am not one to overreact in a situation, and when I am wrong i generally accept that fact and even at times insist on having myself punished to make the experience fair for the other individual, because we all make mistakes and it can happen to anybody. I am Unbiased when it comes to decision-making, and pick up and learn things/procedures fairly quickly. I have had moderator experience in the past, mostly on Dark RP servers but never in a TTT server. TTT and Flux as a whole should be a fun experience, and although the server is amazing when there is control, it becomes daunting to play with rule breakers and trolls when staff aren't active or there to take control, and with the addition of me in the staff team I believe that I can make an impact to do just that. EDIT: Few things I forgot to mention, majority of the time staff are not active is because I play during late hours (which is completley fine, they need sleep and I'm just a night owl lmao), and most of the rule breaking on the server occurs when there's no Moderator present. If I were to be accepted, I would essentially be extended the time that moderators are present on the server, and it would be beneficial especially since the server would have a moderator monitoring the server on late nights, considering how I'm on the server usually midday and at around 11pm-3am. Previous Experience: I've had 3 separate occasions on where I had the opportunity to be a moderator. Sadly I don't remember the name of the first server I moderated for, but it was for a Military RP server (at around 2016). My 2nd and 3rd occasions of being a moderator both occurred on Faded RP, first being before the rework of the server, and the second time having been re-enrolled back into the server after their rework (2017-18,2018-2018). EDIT: I am well aware that if I were to be accepted, handling reports and dealing with rule breakers will take up a large chunk of my playtime on the server. Which is completley fine, I am more than willing and accepting to have that responsibility, that's the whole point of being a moderator. Additional Comments: That should cover just about everything there is to know about me, if there are any questions about my time on the server or my application feel free to reply or message me. I'm open to any criticism, if you have something on your mind, or want to address something about me feel free to talk about it! Hoping I get accepted, but if not I'll continue to have fun on the server regardless. Thanks for taking the time to read my application!
  4. Fun lad to play with, haven't witnessed any rule breaking from him +1
  5. Neutral - I've never seen you on the server before, maybe just once. I'm sure you'd be a cool guy if you were on the server more.
  6. +1, always online (even when it's just me and him at 3am in the morning), chill guy to play with and doesn't break any rules. I think he'd fit in perfectly.
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