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  1. Your Ban has be reduced. You will be unbanned two days from now on the 9th (4 day total ban length), as this is your first ban for meta-gaming. Resolved
  2. There was an error with the automod bot. you'll be unmuted. Resolved
  3. After discussion with the other senior staff, your ban has been reduced to 4 days and 12 hours. You have been warned before in regards to harassment of other players and you should have avoided lashing out in the way you did. The player "king cock" has been banned for Abuse, harassment and Targeted RDM and the video you supplied is extra evidence to support their ban. hopefully this does not happen again in the future. have a nice night.
  4. Denied Like your previous staff application you still don't meet the age requirement for staff on FluxServers. i'd also advise you to not add any direct negative comments about any user on your staff application as it reflects poorly on your character and hurts your chances of becoming a successful applicant. I hope you take this feedback seriously and wait till you meet the age requirements for staff before applying again. thank you for applying.
  5. Granted, but it's DLC for EA's game of life, it's overpriced and kinda meh. I wish i could learn the history of anything i touched.
  6. Never be able to speak again, you can mess up a lot more things in your life if you speak without thinking. and if your mute people might find that more endearing than someone without a filter. i don't like the idea of having all your thoughts be public. Would you rather: A) Share the world with a species of giant ant's the size of cars. (just bigger faster and stronger than their tiny brethren) B) Share the world with a intelligent predators that specialise in hunting humans.
  7. Granted, but its a mediocre idea for a wish. I wish i was the world's greatest chef.
  8. every Friday evening
  9. Reverse centaur. i don't wish to be walking around with a fishbowl on my head all day everyday. Would you rather: A) Be able to read everyone's mind B) or accurately predict the future
  10. a certain, scientific
  11. Granted, but every time you go to have some you've run out of milk to have it with. I wish i could go back in time by at max a decade.
  12. Now to change all damages and headshot values. heh heh
  13. Ooo Do you remember that staff application? You know, the one that came out weeks ago? We appreciate the time you took in making your application, Unfortunately your application has been Accepted. Please Contact either myself or Taylor on Discord when you see this.
  14. Denied You've previously been banned on the server multiple times and recently been un-banned for a MRDM Permaban. Your probation period has also not ended either which is also an automatic disqualification. Thank you for applying.
  15. Accepted Please contact me In discord when you see this. (Discord Nickname E.Cringe) Thanks for applying.
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