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  1. i barely know you. but i wish you luck!
  2. Hello................ my name is Golden. you may know me from flux servers. say hi if you wanna be my friend. say no if you hate me
  3. Nick is very professional and friendly. I feel he would fit being staff on flux! +1
  4. +1 Dev would be a mature and great member of staff.
  5. +1 good man, crowbar king and takes all my points
  6. Thanks for looking at it! does this put me out of the app for now entirely?
  7. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:108918688 Age: 20 Total Hours Played on Flux: 92 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Golden: Hello my name is Scott ( Golden on Gmod/Steam ) My hobbies right now are mainly computer tech and my love of building PC'S i also love lazer tag ahah i have 3 trophies from when i was younger playing competitively. I work fulltime and live in a quite but lively street just next to Perth City in WA. my fav pet is a Dog. reason being they give you unconditional love 24/7. the best friend you could ever want. cats are ok..... ive grown up with video games and love the Action. Fav movies being like the matrix and The raid 1 and 2 ( WOULD RECOMMEND!!) I try to be as happy as possible and love to sing! my sound silly but i sing everyday. Thats pretty much alll about me! Reason for Application: Hello, I would like to apply for staff! i haven't been playing on flux for too long but i do love the server, the regular people who play are a blast to play with and i always try and play by the rules. I do not say rude or racist words or intend on doing so to try and be "funny". I try to make as many friends as i can while playing on the server and have some great laughs. I have never been staff on a server and i think now is the time to test my ability to help a server that i support 100%. I do myself witness alot of people join and start verbally abusing and breaking rules and wish i can do something to help the players who want to play legitimately. Aside from my full time work during the week i at least get on the server everyday! if i need to i will work hard and if i have to i will do all that i can to atleast become a staff member. i know i dont have any recommendations cause im not sure if you ask for them or earn them. But i do hope that someone considers me and if i dont get it ill try my best in the future to atleast improve my chances! Previous Experience (if applicable): I dont have previous experience but i am willing to learn! Comments: Please provide feedback if possible. i will take it as constructive and improve if anything is not up to standard!
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