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  1. I agree there seems to be no form restrictions or punishments for the staff team. They will put the minimum effort when looking at slays or just outright not do any reports unless you just happened to kill them. The staff members friend group can get away with harassing others and micspamming but if you dare do it for a second you get instantly punished very odd. Half of the staff team arent even present on the server, i just learned yesterday that cuck was a staff member and I have been playing since the server reset.
  2. +1 I hope the staff team will include someone who is active on the server instead of 3 days and disappearing for 6 months
  3. +1 a fellow white supremacist i hope he gets mod, our current ones are really subpar
  4. +1 it would be cool if we got active staff, and the inactive staff were removed instead of promoted to snr
  5. minge is a dumb reason to perma ban when the mods are the bitchiest of all
  6. I agree with Bart. Some moderators, well basically all of them (mainly kat) put in the absolute minimum work when doing slays. Instead of checking the logs and death scene they will glance at them and slay you for it even if you were in the right. This happens especially if you did something to them or someone in their friend group. Its so bad people basically try to report bait you, they will fling props at you at such a speed that they will instantly kill you, but defending yourself against this gets you a slay? Or innocents acting like Ts with T weapons because claiming it makes them immune. But don't complain about unfair slays because that gets you banned. I understand they wish to play, but why volunteer for a staff position if you don't actually want to do the work required? Is it possible there are just some jackasses that want for internet power, which is why half of the staff team are inactive
  7. -1 constantly RDMs, minges all the time. Abuses rules but complains when others do so. Basically like our current staff team.
  8. /unretard Okay I am rarely helpful but here goes cause he deserves it. The flux staff team rarely makes good decisions but making Kintarwoe a mod would easily be one of them. He is not only one of the more mature players on the server, but he also plays frequently and actually communicates with other players. He follows the rules very well, I have never been purposefully RDMed by him and I will commonly do everything in my power to get others to kill me. Everyone always makes mistakes in game but Kintarwoe is quick to admit to them and try to resolve them. Also he was a mod on Hitlers Jewfort which was a respectable server and the name is really cool.
  9. +1 clearly responsible and the servers need more staff because our current ones (such as aeyon) are proving ineffective
  10. i dont trust league of legends players with any form of responsibility
  11. yeah fuck adine he keep rdming me at start of round
  12. +1 clearly a stretch to perma ban him
  13. +1 his sense of humour comes off a little strong but he actually just wants to play TTT. He is unworthy of an infinity long ban as infinity is pretty long in my opinion. Bring back the king cock.
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