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corn for Staff on TTT


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Server: TTT

SteamID: [C:0SEX]

Age: 750000

Current Server Level: 55

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Cmo


About corn:



my name as you know, is corn.

my real name shan't be discloused.

i have been part of the flux ttt server for about 7 years now, 8 years in december, and i have been there since menace had first rented the server  (back when he went by the name "xX_ME4NC3_Xx" and was the original person who co-owned the server.

i am turning 75 in about 4 days but i still have a lot of life left in me... heh.... and as my parole officer says; idle hands are the devils workshop, so i wanted to myake myself busy, and thoguht what better way than the support the community i love so much..!



Reason for Application:

i as stated above want to prove to my parole officier that i am a reformed man, as so he will stop chasing me around with his ankle bracelet whihc i cut off from time to tiem...hah im always one step ahead of them!


but jokes aside i cant stand and watch the server be taken over by the people who caren't for the deceny of a human who only want it to further thair greed and power.

i want to be different and be a staff memeber that people can adore appreciate and respect


Previous Experience:

I was the co-owner of Poseidon, and had also co-owned some other servers such as Voxel, 2b2t, and Obsidian.

I also do kids birthdays and barmitzvahs


Additional Comments:


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