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  1. Someone getting permabanned for their own shitty behaviour then acting like the victim while zyklon white knights them and blames staff? yep this is Flux 2021. Stay mad kid, you did this to yourself.
  2. Have you tried not being racist?
  3. 4 permabans from the TTT server is correct + 3 from the discord (2 on his main account and another on an alt account he used to doxx myself. deny this one all you want we know it was you and you did a tragic job at trying to hide it at the time.) Intentionally breaking rules to get banned because you are too inept to control yourself and expect flux staff to hold your hand to do things for you. you shouldn't be unbanned, you should be seen by a psychologist and learn to take responsibility. Its honestly sad at this point that you think you deserve and fucking sympathy and its hilarious that you think you should get another chance.
  4. You had multiple gags prior to receiving your permagag so there was no excuse for not knowing what wasnt allowed, your gag will not be removed but reduce to 1 week. if you are seen mic spamming again after this then a permagag will be given again.
  5. DENIED, Do not attempt to appeal this ban again.
  6. It was already stated why you received this ban and just as expected you ignored that and instead are now trying to shift the narrative that I banned you solely because of what you have done to me which is entirely false as your ban was the direct result of your own actions, allow me to make a list of my own as to why this second ban appeal will also be DENIED Your constant creepy actions towards people (both staff and non staff) Death threats. Harassment/Abuse. Always creating drama for no reason. Do not attempt to appeal this ban for a third time.
  7. I know this has already been ended but ill add this, your ban was because of you behaviour over the last few weeks, not just on the day of the ban, you were given MANY chances and warning but flat out ignored all of them. the final nail in your coffin was when you abused and sent death threats to a staff member claiming you would find them and slit their neck". such behaviour will never be tolerated and is why your appeal was denied.
  8. Seems like comments were made from both sides, All I can do in this situation is ask that everyone involed think before they speak to others in such a way.
  9. player has been dealt with, thank you.
  10. DENIED You were given multiple chances to change your toxic behaviour but it is clear you have not changed.
  11. ACCEPTED Contact staff next time you are online to have your permagag removed.
  12. your chatban from that chat was removed before this appeal was posted
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