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  1. I think you have the wrong server, we have no record of your ban.
  2. Issue is being dealt with, thank you for making the report.
  3. 1. You have provided nothing in terms of an apology or understanding of what you did wrong. 2. How long its been since the ban plays no factor in your chances of being unbanned, this goes for your 400+ hours of play time too. 3. Your attitude shows you have not learnt and will more than likely continue similar behaviour in the future. DENIED.
  4. wasn't you last app denied like a month ago for your age, this app still says you are too young
  5. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted but you cannot control where or exactly when you end up. I wish I had a free unlimited internet connection anywhere I went.
  6. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you are still just as vulnerable to electricity as you are now. I wish I could pause time for everyone and everything around me, not including myself.
  7. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    I wish I could manipulate luck for either myself or a specific person.
  8. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, each time time travel occurres a random body part will either shrink or enlarge by a random amount that can't be controlled.
  9. Aeyon

    Doma's TTT Appeal

    Because you haven't been warned and banned for it before unlike Doma.
  10. Aeyon

    Doma's TTT Appeal

    the reason for this ban just like the last time you were banned for this is the same, you are letting your friend live until its just you 2 left so you can then waste time, multiple people had made complaints during this time about you doing it. how am i meant to believe that you "didn't know he was a T" when i have personally seen you do this with another friend for multiple round in a row letting them kill people while you either watch them or turn a blind eye. TTT General Rules: Rule 17: Don't team up with players when you willingly know they're a traitor. (This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent) Traitor Rules: Rule 2: Traitors must actively attempt to complete the objective. I expected you to wise up and cut this out after the first time you were banned for this, clearly that wasn't the case and you still have the same disregard for server rules as before. I'll leave the decision to higher ups as i was the staff member made the ban.
  11. Can you not "bump" a post when the last comment made was only 2 days ago. At least wait a week of inactivity....
  12. Yeah I'll throw my +1 out here as i have seen improvements from you since your last application.
  13. Locking this post while staff look into it and to prevent any further "but he did or he said" arguments
  14. ACCEPTED However you will be on probation and if you are caught cheating again you will be banned without a chance to appeal.
  15. ACCEPTED Ban was made by a previous staff member using footage obtained from another server, this should not have happened. however it was still you using cheats and with this unban there will be a probation placed. Cheating on our server will result in your ban being reinstated with no chance of an unban.
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