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  1. Aeyon

    Doma's TTT Appeal

    Because you haven't been warned and banned for it before unlike Doma.
  2. Aeyon

    Doma's TTT Appeal

    the reason for this ban just like the last time you were banned for this is the same, you are letting your friend live until its just you 2 left so you can then waste time, multiple people had made complaints during this time about you doing it. how am i meant to believe that you "didn't know he was a T" when i have personally seen you do this with another friend for multiple round in a row letting them kill people while you either watch them or turn a blind eye. TTT General Rules: Rule 17: Don't team up with players when you willingly know they're a traitor. (This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent) Traitor Rules: Rule 2: Traitors must actively attempt to complete the objective. I expected you to wise up and cut this out after the first time you were banned for this, clearly that wasn't the case and you still have the same disregard for server rules as before. I'll leave the decision to higher ups as i was the staff member made the ban.
  3. Can you not "bump" a post when the last comment made was only 2 days ago. At least wait a week of inactivity....
  4. Yeah I'll throw my +1 out here as i have seen improvements from you since your last application.
  5. Locking this post while staff look into it and to prevent any further "but he did or he said" arguments
  6. ACCEPTED However you will be on probation and if you are caught cheating again you will be banned without a chance to appeal.
  7. ACCEPTED Ban was made by a previous staff member using footage obtained from another server, this should not have happened. however it was still you using cheats and with this unban there will be a probation placed. Cheating on our server will result in your ban being reinstated with no chance of an unban.
  8. Only screenshots or recordings can be used for evidence, as such no action can be taken at this time. If you can provide such evidence feel free to make another report with either screenshots or videos.
  9. the reason for the ban being 2 weeks: you had multiple warnings plus 3 ban previous bans. (1 day, 3 days, 1 week.) there was a 4th ban for using an alt account to evade the ban (this account was permabanned). the actions that caused this ban: while i was playing you joined, you were afk for about half a map leading up to the map change. after the map changed you played a maximum of 2 rounds then went back to being afk. from what i have seen in the past this is exactly what you do, not to mention using binds/macros to avoid the auto spec which you had been warned about too. There are also cases where o have seen you be afk in the server for over 10 hours. multiple other players have noted this behaviour and this I had consulted with other staff members before making the ban.
  10. As I stated in game prior to your ban, it doesn't matter what other servers said, we don't condone it on flux, feel free to stay on those other servers but if you wish to play on flux you will need to rethink your name. DENIED
  11. the ban will remain but will be reduced, you behaviour was still very disgusting this is what i experienced that led me to make the ban perma. i was dealing with another player's ban, she messages me in admin chat saying players are doxxing her, i told her ill keep an eye on things then i hear ape had been sexually harassing her and talking about how she was raped, then out of nowhere he post her Instagram clearly with intent to create more drama, i did not know it was on her profile i did what i felt was need in that current situation if you really want to come back to this server i suggest you take a long look at yourself. the things you said were disgusting you shared a piece of her social media with intent to cause drama and possibly more harassment towards her i did what i felt was need to keep the server under control while i was the only staff on a fairly full server. i had a lot of shit to deal with so yeah if i see someone share someone else's Instagram just because they think its funny then of course im going to ban them before they get a chance to do more damage. i had very limited information and because of that this mistake was made and i was also abused for this ingame by people who felt they knew more. BAN REDUCED (To 3 days)
  12. Imagine doing something that you had been warned for multiple times and then complain about how you were treated without acknowledging that right now you are being extremely childish about the whole situation by being abusive, narcissistic and too ignorant to even provide evidence that could back up your story. ^ he's not wrong.
  13. and that makes it okay to say to the whole server? causing people to join in on it and also use it again me and resulting me having to make my profile private due to the amount of harassment i was receiving. I did not see any other flips being made by others, you were making coin flips that were for less than 100 points each, clearly spam. Taylor asked to make that warning on you, you were told this after being warned. and the day you were warned for it was the first time i had seen it set as that. There was several occasions where racism was spotted coming from you, I myself am aboriginal (black father, white mother) and don't take these jokes lightly as i know the impact they can make and have seen it personally. This was most likely due to having a large number of players on the server and i had forgotten to remove any gags or mutes, these things happen. The point of having this warning system was to warn the players of their actions and alert staff of players who may continue such things. they only make an impact on a staff's judgement in deciding on what action to take on a player *if* they continue to do the things they are warned for. you had over 10 warnings and there was a number of staff who all agreed on making a permaban on you when it happened. each warning i made was thought over. on several occasions we had some of our regular players requesting staff assistance while you were on. I simply could not and can not trust you to be on the server.
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