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  1. ACCEPTED Contact staff next time you are online to have your permagag removed.
  2. your chatban from that chat was removed before this appeal was posted
  3. nothing can be done if you dont have proof to show.
  4. you RDM'd 4 random people and use the same excuse in all 4 reports, do not also lie in your ban appeal and say the ban reason is "Small RDM" and say that its a week ban. your ban is for Mass RDM and is for only 5 days. Your ban will not be removed but will instead be reduced to 2 days from now, do not repeat this behaviour.
  5. Your ban will be reduced to 3 days and placed a on a lengthy probation, you will also be permagagged without the chance to appeal as you already had one permagag removed.
  6. DENIED While we thank you for coming forward about what you did and apologising for it, unfortunately we simply cannot allow this behaviour on flux under any circumstances.
  7. Whats missing from this appeal: Your steam ID (not a link to your profile) which is actually STEAM_0:1:105110254 The staff who banned you, Bacooba the fact you had 5 previous bans, those bans being 3 Karmabans, 1 for possible coinflip exploits (automated ban which was removed due to not being able prove any exploits) 1 for Mass RDM and another for abuse/harassment and chat spam. as well as a permagag then got removed because of the excuse that it was a "new mic that wasnt set up correctly" which was clearly a lie because on the same day as this permaban i received a video of yo
  8. when did i ban you? it would be impossible if it was today as I quit being staff, and didnt i see you in game today? you didnt even put in your steam id and this whole ban appeal is really bad, if you did get banned i doubt you will get unbanned
  9. I've already spoken to generic in regards to this and gave my opinion that you do deserve another chance, hopefully this gets resolved promptly
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