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  1. ACCEPTED Contact myself or another senior manager
  2. ACCEPTED Contact myself or another senior manager
  3. Its exactly like the steam market, prices will go all over the place, people will sell really cheap or overprice it. Prices change constantly 🤠
  4. Report has been handled, thank you sir 🤠
  5. DENIED Please create an application after more time has passed from your last one - 3 days ago
  6. You do see if people are disguised in the death scene 🤠
  7. Both steam id's are jacks There is no evidence Report closed.
  8. After reviewing this, the final conclusion is your ban time has been reduced to just a day (You are unbanned now.) You do have a small history of racism so I wouldn't keep going as it may result in you being permanently banned in the future. And it is derogatory, really man? -still racist :)
  9. DENIED Don't appeal again.
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