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  1. Hello, Javier7083 you were banned by a different staff member for: Repeated rule breaking and toxicity, lying in reports, false KOS, KOS based on skins and bestiality sprays. Because of this you were given a permanent ban 14 days ago, which is more than fair based on your actions. DENIED
  2. Hello, as this ban was a long time ago we are going to give you another chance, we do have information of you abusing staff+players. Keep in mind you will be on probation so if you try and break any rules you will be permanantly banned again with no chance to appeal.
  3. ACCEPTED Speak to Generic or myself when you are available.
  4. ACCEPTED Speak to Generic or myself when you are on next.
  5. DENIED You do not meet the age requirement
  6. Denied based on recent events/action
  7. A) Read everyone's mind because there is a lot more use of being able to read someones mind, either being a medical reason or poker Would you rather Have an itch you can not scratch or A bad smell you can't get rid of
  8. Granted but it's dial up with 0.005 KB/s download I wish I have perfect memory
  9. DENIED Become regularly active in the discord and try again.
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