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  1. What do you call Debla's mom
  2. Granted, you can unlock locks the a touch of the right key I wish I was able to adjust the length of my eyesight and see insane distances perfectly
  3. It would have to be Mafia on account of the fact that I'm half Italian, I'm sure I'd fit in there more than Yakuza Would you rather have a really big upper body with skinny legs Have really well developed legs/glutes with an average upper body
  4. Say 1 million a million times, works out to be faster Would you rather Know your time of death Know your cause of death (You cannot alter your fate with either of these options)
  5. Granted, Australia's fires are met with floods, no more fires I wish instant noodles were even more instant
  6. Granted, you vanish into nothing as you are now a genre of music, which is more abstract than anything so your consciousness fades into nothing as well I wish I knew how to cut hair on the level of a five star premium barber
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