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  1. +1, Don't really see any reason why his application shouldn't move forward Experienced Easy going personality Active both in discord and in game Would make a nice addition to the staff
  2. Going to keep this short. The second and third clip are from the same round, fact, thanks. You kosed him as Silly, his username at the time wasn't Silly Sausage (Not so obvious to everyone, sorry), you had more than enough time to do so properly, you then proceed to instead of kill him after being revived, walk away. 17. ... This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent. No exceptions on any rule because of how you conduct yourself for the rest of the round after the fact. Please don't falsely quote me mate, I said (And I'm paraphrasing) "you've been warned for this before, that's a ban", I can understand if there was a misunderstanding since I believe I stated you had 3 warns. This isn't a warn appeal subsection.
  3. Hey Thomas, in regards to information relative to your ban; Yes, you were separately warned subsequently for meta gaming and teaming, that is a fact, thank you for stating it. I'm sorry you're unable to recall any events that have lead to these warns, so you can go ahead and check the link I've supplied, that might refresh your memory. The warns were actually issued for something that happened last Tuesday, unfortunately we don't have any saved by the bell rules, any amount of time that passes after you break a rule isn't going to pardon you, sorry mate. You did ask me what you did and if you could see the evidence, however, you weren't denied, I asked you to make an appeal. It's a two warning thresh hold relative to committing the same offence, the meta gaming warn played no part in your ban, this is a Ban appeal subsection not a Warn appeal subsection. In the following link you will find a clip of; You being revived as an inno by your friend 'I never RDM'/'Silly sausage' You proceeding to say "If I could only figure out who the other traitor is" https://plays.tv/video/5dd2ab151307562cd9/clear-metagame-here Hopefully I was able to help you understand what you did in this instance
  4. Just to add on what Bocaj said, I don't believe I've even played with you in game, or even properly met you, and yet you've claimed things like me having an ego... I don't want to make things personal but I believe that from even from an external standpoint that seems objectively immature and problematic, regardless of the aforementioned, relative to other things I've seen/heard, I don't believe at this point in time you are suited for staff. -1
  5. Been here for much longer than myself, clearly understands the game he's playing well. it's a pity you aren't already staff. Experienced Competent Friendly +1
  6. Never seen you on and don't know who you are. Active in game and on discord Competent Friendly +1
  7. Friendly Active Experienced Competent Ticks all the boxes, +1.
  8. Reasonable Experienced Friendly Very Active +1
  9. Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198065882218 Age: 21 Total Hours Played on Flux: 393 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Aeyon Dr. Zoidberg About Yamz: Hello flux, some of you knew me as Tazza quite some time ago but it's Wild Card now. I'm certain most of you know me by now, here's some more Wild Card lore for the new and old folk of flux, things I do outside of TTT; I work in Health, in a hospital (Yes this statement is intentionally vague) I workout regularly Played rugby league for a few years then switched to basketball Been casually drawing since I can remember Somewhat into graphic design Well versed in Sony Vegas Although I'm not taking a course I enjoy studying Diet and Nutrition from home I enjoy helping those close to me get started on their journey into fitness if they've expressed an interest Yikes, this one spans back to when I was in year 7 starting off in high school, was browsing my mate's big brother's computer and stumbled across gmod, opened it, loved it, and as soon as I could afford to play it I did. Reason for Application: You'll have to forgive me if you feel as though I'm not descriptive enough in my decision, the answer is simple and doesn't really need to be elaborated on; Not enough staff, too much rule breaking. At the end of the day, as long as someone is chosen for this position (Preferably a couple of individuals will be appointed.) I'll be happy. Previous Experience (if applicable): N/A Comments: Lol guys, did I mention I work out??
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