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  1. As a member of the African-Indian community, Thank You.
  2. Yeah no reason for this guy to be banned. Accepted.
  3. Unbanned. Good to see you back.
  4. Server: Discord SteamID: vani.la#8769 Reason for ban: "racial slurs"/"nsfw" Issuing staff member: Monk Ban length: 1-2 days Appeal: no evidence of any actions, i did not do what was said, furthermore i have been chat restricted for way too long and no evidence has been provided of why i was chat restricted. I feel as if i have been persecuted, similar to how the aboriginals were when the british colonized australia. i request,humbly, that i get unbanned. it is not my fault my muscles are huge and my wallet is fat.
  5. Server: TTT SteamID: [C:0SEX] Age: 750000 Current Server Level: 55 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Cmo WildCard Aeyon Jest corn Taylor8380 HFOC Menace About corn: hi my name as you know, is corn. my real name shan't be discloused. i have been part of the flux ttt server for about 7 years now, 8 years in december, and i have been there since menace had first rented the server (back when he went by the name "xX_ME4NC3_Xx" and was the original person who co-owned the server. i am turning 75 in about 4 days but i still have a lot of life left in me... heh.... and as my parole officer says; idle hands are the devils workshop, so i wanted to myake myself busy, and thoguht what better way than the support the community i love so much..! Reason for Application: i as stated above want to prove to my parole officier that i am a reformed man, as so he will stop chasing me around with his ankle bracelet whihc i cut off from time to tiem...hah im always one step ahead of them! but jokes aside i cant stand and watch the server be taken over by the people who caren't for the deceny of a human who only want it to further thair greed and power. i want to be different and be a staff memeber that people can adore appreciate and respect Previous Experience: I was the co-owner of Poseidon, and had also co-owned some other servers such as Voxel, 2b2t, and Obsidian. I also do kids birthdays and barmitzvahs Additional Comments:
  6. also i main mercy on overwatch
  7. Server: TTT SteamID: [U:1:0] Age: 43 Current Server Level: 39 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Cmo About corn: hey man how are you doing my name is la also known as usec 5 when i was just a boy when i squatted at least 5 racks, i didnt know what i was doing, but at the same time i was doing so well that my m(o/u)m rewarded me with sometimes up to 4 crayons, my favourite snack. Reason for Application: well i play flux ever so often and when i do play it i do really well telling people what they can and cannot do and a lot of people like me so when a lot of people like a moderator they will do what they often say and at that point a lot of people will have more fun with someone they like beacuase a lot of people like me. Previous Experience: i was a staff manage ron dark rp and admin on several ttt servers prior id k they're name. Additional Comments:
  8. i think the VIPs and moderators are great people
  9. counterpoint: you're a faggot
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