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  2. If anyone would like to know how popular other servers are: Each of the servers are 32 Slot In the past 30 days as of 11/01/2020 they've barely scraped 8 concurrent players Information courtesy of GameTracker.
  3. Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/29/19 19:33 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198051812363 Reported Player: Slowe_Ninja (STEAM_1:0:154614826) Description of incident: Mass RDM and leave to avoid punishment (karma ban) As detective placed C4 rather than destroying it, breaking the first and second rule of being a detective: Detective Rules: The Detective must actively fulfill the role of a Detective and assist the team as needed. Do not Random Death Match (RDM) - cause damage or kill Innocents or Detectives unless acting in self-defence (Includes using map objects). Evidence: https://puu.sh/EUkni/e75eae6f3c.mp4 https://puu.sh/EUknz/bb57d43585.mp4 ^this specific log (29th of December)
  4. +1 I used to suffer from all sorts of embarrasing ailments, such as premature balding, disgusting zits on my face and arms, blackheads galore, and a rash that wouldnt go away no matter how much I'd scratch it. However when I met this young ingenious young man my problems went away! As soon as this man talked to me my hearing loss went from a dulling sound to a sharp sense that I never felt before in my ears! It's like they're now working at 150% effectiveness, so much so I can hear my parents arguing behind 50 brick walls! I used to be a cold man, wanting to hate everyone and everything from day in day out but this man had told me the ways of not being a cunt and since then I never looked back, I'm ready to love, respect, and cherish everyone I ever come across and I think that's gonna never change thanks to Hakkem! All in all I don't think this man would ever be a bad idea for a staff, there's nothing I have against him and everything I have for him; he has a great understanding of the rules and not only that but has the means and also wants to moderate the FLUX TTT servers. So yeah, I'd give this man a +1.
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