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Reporting Kat for Rule Violation

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 10/24/21 00:00 GMT+10.

My SteamID: Kat

Reported Player: Kat (Kat)


Description of incident:

As asked for report, moderator [Kat] has banned the player account for asking why they were slayne.  Moderator [Kat] became upset that one of their aquaintences on the TTT server was killed by a mine turtle laid sometime before (despite the turtle being visible on maps) after an innocent player set it off and killed them. Moderator [Kat] then slayed the player for this, multiple times, despite no rule violation. When asked why they were slayne, the moderator proceeded to break moderation rules and abuse player. After this the moderator [Kat] proceeded to ban the player for asking why they were slayne.

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Moderator slays players for killing their friends even though no RDM rules are broken.

Moderator then refuses to explain slays.

Moderator then threatens, abuses and then bans players for asking why they were slayne.

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I have told you multiple times why you get slayed I then tell you the reason then you refuse to accept it and continue to spam admin chat when I'm trying to moderate the server when its full.
I shouldn't have to repeat myself 10 times only to get ignored completely.
You also have no evidence so this is going to get denied if you don't provide any.
Your behavior is appalling and borderline mingey.

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5 minutes ago, Kat said:

I have told you multiple times why you get slayed

As chat logs (admin chat logs too, making this more absurd in their attempted cover up) and video prove, the moderator [Kat] not once stated why the player was slayne and continued to refuse to provide a single reason. In fact abusing the player and then threatening them for asking.

That this moderator continues to outright lie, given even admin chat logs refute his claim, is further confirming their mod abuse. Admins can clearly see they didn't provide a single reason in admin chat, regular chat and as video provided shows they didn't state it in voice chat either.

It's actually surprising how much the moderator [Kat] is flat out lying given the evidence.

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As report is quite obviously by AggressiveHibernation, I'm going to try and explain something. Not once during your entire time on the server did a staff member abuse their power when dealing with you, we have a small, close-knit team who knows about everything going on. How you have treated our staff is appalling, and your ignorance while we try to explain to you the rules proves that you have no good intention on the server. This is your seventh and final ban on our server and you will not be let back. As you have provided no evidence in your report, as there is none, this report is further evidence of you incessantly harassing staff.

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1 minute ago, onlyinred said:

Not once during your entire time on the server did a staff member abuse their power when dealing with you

As report video shows, moderator [onlyinred] was also part of the game in question. The moderator appears to be knowingly lying as well, as they also saw the chat logs.

Chat logs included calling the player in question a "turd" and repeatedly threatening to ban them if they asked why they were slayne.

Despite this objectively (still) being in the admin chat logs and the report provided, this moderator [onlyinred] has decided to lie as well and claim objective evidence is false.

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Just now, Reporting_Mod_Abuse said:

Evidence has already been supplied.

Feel free to directly quote the admin chat logs where moderator [Kat] stated the reason for the slay.

It will help proving that you lied, as the admin chat logs already show you are.


Admin chat logs are not saved. As you are the person who is making this report, it is your responsibility to supply the evidence, such as screenshots or videos. If you cannot do so, this report will be locked as a false report.

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