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  1. I recommend you get known around the community and get at least 48 hours in. The higher the hours the better. As a side note, I literally have no idea who you are. That’s the type of thing you definitely don’t want.
  2. +1 literally just debla but more ah shit man musterd oh and i even said that you had my recommendation, just throwing that there
  3. -rep uses riot shields and aim bot.

    1. Hakkem


      -rep uses mine turtles unironically like a coward

  4. +1 Almost every time I see birb in the discord her status is playing gmod, I legit have no idea how she does it. as long as she does the alphabet in discord, it’ll remain a pretty big +1 from me considering she’s never actually broken a rule, and when someone has reported her for rdm, it’s always usually been accidental/crossfire of some sort
  5. VIP means nothing except you get more points and have access to VIP Items. Stop trying to act like moderators treat VIP's diferently because they have the VIP rank.
  6. Granted, however they constantly harass you while gimped. I wish I could be with my boyfriend who lives in America
  7. Granted, but your actually just some weirdo in a bat costume. I wish I was a rock
  8. Granted, but your actually controlled by a rat I wish I could hit Challenger in League.
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