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  1. Granted, however they constantly harass you while gimped. I wish I could be with my boyfriend who lives in America
  2. Granted, but your actually just some weirdo in a bat costume. I wish I was a rock
  3. Granted, but your actually controlled by a rat I wish I could hit Challenger in League.
  4. You have been harassing Relish constantly on the server, rdming him based on the fact he is young. -1
  5. Hakkem


    we fuckin got him boys
  6. I will recommend that you get more hours on the server before you apply. I didn't even know who you were until today.
  7. I will personally say that I haven't been as active as I should be at the moment, as I've got a lot of people to appease in my life. However I am trying to make more time to stay actively on the server. If staff is needed on the server, ping the @TTT Mod role on the discord in #server-support
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