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  1. What do you call a guy who's cute, handsome, and has an adorable laugh
  2. VIP means nothing except you get more points and have access to VIP Items. Stop trying to act like moderators treat VIP's diferently because they have the VIP rank.
  3. Granted, however they constantly harass you while gimped. I wish I could be with my boyfriend who lives in America
  4. Granted, but your actually just some weirdo in a bat costume. I wish I was a rock
  5. Granted, but your actually controlled by a rat I wish I could hit Challenger in League.
  6. You have been harassing Relish constantly on the server, rdming him based on the fact he is young. -1
  7. Hakkem


    we fuckin got him boys
  8. I will recommend that you get more hours on the server before you apply. I didn't even know who you were until today.
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