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  1. +1 All round good bloke tbh, pretty well liked across the player base and I've never seen anything bad so I'd say he'd make a good addition to the team
  2. From Cameron's screenshot, I just want to add that we should remember that Australian land is Aboriginal land and we should respect that. Regardless of what political view you have or what side you are in this debate, hopefully this is a joke because if it isn't, this is an extremely inappropriate response
  3. Haven't ever seen him RDM when I'm on, may have been a once-off?
  4. +1, quite active, especially in VC. Very fun to chat to and overall is quite respected by a lot of people in Flux. I would say he would make a great addition to the team.
  5. +1, very active and has an enormous amount of experience, allround a good guy and a lot of fun to play with
  6. +1 Plays on the server pretty regularly and is all round an fun bloke. From what I know he has a lot of experience with moderation and community interactions and it clearly shows, I would say that he's a good fit for the team
  7. +1 Considering the ban was for toxicity/harassment, remaining gagged/muted for however long his sentence is, this is easily a fair solution to combat any possible harassment in the future so I don't see why this would be an unfair action.
  8. Mate, the ongoing attention seeking behavior is more annoying than pitiful and your growing obsession over me is just weird. If you're worried about how you interact with others, do me a favor and bother someone else. Also PSA: Not all asians are "chinese"
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