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Jaska V for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:97256325

Age: 22

Current Server Level: 15

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Kat


About Jaska V:

I'm Jaska, If you'd like to know more about me feel free to see my Introduction, but I will give you the short of it. I'm a full time workaholic, on call with an additional 7-4 day roster to attend to. I'm a mixture of social and antisocial depending on the day, moving from going out to lavish bars and restaurants to spending weekends at home feasting and gaming. I got into G'mod on another account back in 2009 following up with TTT around a year or so later. Been dipping my toes into Escape From Tarkov a little bit to, always keen on having a game if anyone is interested.


Reason for Application:

I have been enjoying my time on the server very much during the time I have spent on the server. The TTT team along side the community managers have been excellent to be around, and really do create a great culture and environment for people to sit back, relax and just play a game and have a yarn in the discord. I believe by applying, I can uphold this standard of community engagement with everyone both new and old by incorporating my own personal experiences with community leading, server caretaking and all round general support for the individuals who partake within the Flux community. Alongside this, I am also very able and willing to adopt the standard of moderation conditions upheld by Flux, and will look forward to working alongside other experienced staff members.


Previous Experience:

(These dates are rough estimates and should only be seen as a rough guideline of my experience)

2014-2015. Xtria Gaming, Moderator for TTT.
2016-20(16/17), 5Head Gaming, Moderator for TTT.
Somewhere between 2016 & 2018, Owner and Developer of Vulpes TTT (Ran more as a side project then a community)


Additional Comments:

I would love to become a part of the team. If you would wish to speak to me about anything I frequent the Discord voice chat along side personal DM's. Please also note that @ Higashi  has been added out of respect of a developer, rather then a Staff member and I have received conditional approval for applying his name to the application.

Cheers for reading, I wish to see you all soon on the server!

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