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  1. just realised im on probation so unless this gets approved its on hiatus until three months from now or so
  2. Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198247628054 Age: 15 Total Hours Played on Flux: 500 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About HardPogger69: i play this game a bit. debla loves me he can confirm. i spend a lot of time on the discord. Reason for Application: i really fuicking want this new server to do well so here i am. i fully respect everyone on the staff team this time and i know what im doing moderating shit. Previous Experience (if applicable): Comments: i cant join hte server rn so i cant see my ho
  3. -1 from corn as well hes just abnned #cleanslate2021butnotsnake
  4. Server: Discord SteamID: 76561198247628054 Reason for ban: Given multiple chances to cease his continued harassment on Issuing staff member: Ban length: Eternity Appeal: Yea i admit i was a bit of a prick but half of this stuff isnt even fair I know for a fact aeyon has lied to me at least once about staff punishment stuff sudoh wasnt even on the server at the time and hadnt played TTT since like forever ago nah i do admit i was a bit of a cunt to aeyon and taylor though and i deeply apologise for the baseless acc
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