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  1. +1 Is more communicative than most mods, is regularly online, has an absolute monster horse cock, well known in the community and is liked by many of the players who frequent the Flux servers
  2. +1 absolute chad, was the one who stopped World War 2 and found the cure to cancer, you'd be a fool not to hire this big throbbing veiny man
  3. Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198047149280 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 240 Recommendation(s) from Staff: birbobert About Opal Guy: Although there are a couple bumps in the road of my reputation, I believe that everyone makes mistakes and I, OpalGuy have learnt from them. I believe that this probation has made me a changed man. I will ensure that the server be a friendly and fun filled environment. I am a consistent player and I am well known in the flux community, many players, moderators and ex-moderators enjoy my company. Getting a long with me is very easy and I would also like to improve the server itself as well as myself and others. Reason for Application: To improve the server and its community, to improve on myself and to make sure that everyone is having a great time. There is also lack of communication at times between players and mods and I'd be willing to be very talkative to any player. Previous Experience (if applicable): I was a mod on a small dark rp server a while ago, but only for a small time because the server was no longer supported. Comments:
  4. Yeah I'll shut my mouth
  5. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198047149280 Reason for ban: Staff harassment Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Permanently Appeal: I would like to appeal my permanent ban for "Staff Harassment". I believe that hitting a staff member once with a crowbar should not be reason for 3-4 day ban and instead should have been slayed for random damage. I have gotten rid of any sprays that staff may find annoying and if I were unbanned I would also remove my text hat that called Aeyon a simp. I would like to be given another chance to show that I'm not going out of my way to be nuisance
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