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The Real Strawberry for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:72400716

Age: 19

Total Hours Played on Flux: 455

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About The Real Strawberry:


Strawberry is love Strawberry is life. 🍓

When i'm not playing Garry's Mod i'm pretty much just working, I work as a brick layer on a 4 year apprenticeship which i have nearly completed and i currently am going to TAFE for 3 years for brick laying as well. 

I've played many sports i could name a whole list but i am very into Football, Baseball and Boxing which i do a little bit my self mostly just for fitness though.

I'm a fruit who is also a bit smelly sometimes but i do enjoy my video games.

I live in South Australia so you know i'm smart. 





Reason for Application:

I would like to apply for a staff position on Flux because i really enjoy playing and spending time on Flux, Its a good and well managed server many people can vouch for that and i have always been the type of guy who loves to have fun and enjoy the game but obviously make sure everyone is some what following the right criteria/rules to truly make sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. 

The current staff are very friendly and active and ever since starting to play on flux the last couple of months after having a break i have really got to know a couple of the newer staff members on the server and they seem to be doing a terrific job and i would love to be there alongside them and help but also learn from other staff members. Some people see staff as so called "Bullies" and "Power abusers".  But i feel like those people are only there to just stir shit up i don't believe these statements at all as at times i have defiantly had my run in with a few staff members on this server but have also made a lot of new mates and friends to look forward to playing with on Flux.

🍓 Strawbs🍓






Previous Experience (if applicable):

Haven't had any so called Staffing Experience but i feel that i have been on this server and just the TTT  platform for so long i feel i already have my head around most things and that i'm willing to give it a shot for the first time as i really believe i can be fair and also keeping the fun flourishing.  



Strawberry is the best Fruit. 

strawberry GIF

Kowmap is a lil stinky head.


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10 minutes ago, Taylor8380 said:

That's not how that works, we want to see if you make an effort to try, so far I don't see you have tried asking any staff 🤠

I have tried asking Few staff members I did have fika/ducky as a recommendation but he has now resigned. I’m sorry if this is a problem I will try and look around again

Edited by The Real Strawberry
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21 minutes ago, Naked Snake said:

Still a massive -1. You've proved you're immature, a cunt, and a bigot time and time again. I could go on an enormous tangent about why you should never be staff, but i'd be beating a dead horse at this point.

Sorry but I’m going to have to go ahead and say this isn’t true, you haven’t played or I haven’t atleast seen you online ever but I would love to hear more about this as many people could disagree thank you.

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5 minutes ago, Naked Snake said:

Haven't played as far as you know. Your discord history is also pretty horrendous 🙂

Look I’m not willing to argue as it is not needed when coming against such accusations when you never play? But basing of discord yes I have had a rocky record with “discord” but it’s discord you cannot judge someone over stuff you have  heard or think. Thank you. strawberry GIF

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5 hours ago, Naked Snake said:

Well yes, you can. Your reputation on the discord is pretty important for being considered for staff 🙂 I can, and am judging you very heavily based on your discord history, considering you had a recent chat ban for being a transphobe 🙂  

You obviously dont know him very well or at all, your -1 is invalid as there is no proof

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4 hours ago, Naked Snake said:


Oh look, I found what he got chat banned for. Not to mention numerous, and I mean numerous other incidents of being toxic in the discord, don't think this is a person that fits very well for a server thats got their first two rules as pXEFM6M.png

That clearly is a joke towards someone who is obviously not a transgender and I’m clearly having banter with someone don’t try and call me out for being a bigot/transphobe just cause you don’t like me. Please stop commenting now as your just trying to stir things up by searching up old stuff I’ve said and taking it out of context and making false accusation no point my man I am none of these things. Thank you I’m not replying to you anymore. strawberry GIF

ps I have spoken to Taylor also.

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