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  1. Never seen you. Don't let me catch you in glenelg or brighton +1 for hunter the dog
  2. "I agree strawberry is #1 fallguys player in Australia " ~Generic ~Aeyon
  3. I need to be banned. Also Fallguys is best game 11/10 Dont @ me Homies.
  4. Your first sentence legit contradicts your whole appeal. appealing in general is trying to defend yourself. It is still considered doxxing as its through a paywall. you're not sorry you even made a spray about me lol.
  5. That literally makes no difference you're still implying to beat kids are you retarted.
  6. "This is why we should beat kids"
  7. Absolutely furious that i have money and i didn't get staff.
  8. 7 hours on flux. Seems legit.
  9. Kinda weird all these new accounts commenting huh.
  10. Just get taylor as recommendation screw typing anything these days.
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