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  1. Bit biased -1 just because could've put more effort into app
  2. Make me a strawberry player model. Will pay much V bucks.
  3. That clearly is a joke towards someone who is obviously not a transgender and I’m clearly having banter with someone don’t try and call me out for being a bigot/transphobe just cause you don’t like me. Please stop commenting now as your just trying to stir things up by searching up old stuff I’ve said and taking it out of context and making false accusation no point my man I am none of these things. Thank you I’m not replying to you anymore. ps I have spoken to Taylor also.
  4. Look I’m not willing to argue as it is not needed when coming against such accusations when you never play? But basing of discord yes I have had a rocky record with “discord” but it’s discord you cannot judge someone over stuff you have heard or think. Thank you.
  5. Sorry but I’m going to have to go ahead and say this isn’t true, you haven’t played or I haven’t atleast seen you online ever but I would love to hear more about this as many people could disagree thank you.
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