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Christmas Giveaway!!

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The winner is:




Fluxservers is giving away two ingame items and a VIP pack for TTT prizes are:

1x Born Beast

1x Crescent Rose

20$ VIP Package


There are only three requirements to enter this giveaway

1: Reply to this post.

2: Your SteamID in the message!

2: Be on within three days of your name being pulled to receive the items.


Make sure to be on within the three days. Good luck biggrin.png



How to get my SteamID

When on flux TTT right click on your name on the TAB menu and click the option "copy steamid" 

then paste it in your reply.


How to claim?

To claim your prize you need to talk to an admin on TTT.


Admins have green/red name on the TAB menu!


Giveaway end 26/12/17 -Finished 

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