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  1. I'll look in to this for you. can I please get you're name and steamid. Thanks
  2. Hello DropBear, I have resent your package, you should receive it soon. Sorry for the delay. Please use link below next time: https://forums.fluxservers.net/forms/5-report-donation-issues/
  3. I do have a few plans but not 100% on whats happening as of right now. My aim is to get all the basic stuff in first then we can talk about new stuff.
  4. Hello Everyone, After having a discussion with the community about a TTT server reset, I have decided to go in a bit of a different direction. So what I'm thinking is to creating a new TTT server base off the current server. The new server will have a completely different database, it will not have any of the data from the current server. So that means the current TTT server will not be getting wiped, it will stay the same. Development will freeze on the current server while I'm develop the new TTT server. Feel free to ask questions below
  5. I agree except for the weekly reset on TTT #2
  6. I understand, people would not feel comfortable donating if we would just one day decide that they would lose it.
  7. You are probably right. Hmm, maybe the best thing to do is keep the current server as is. and just make a new one base off the current one.
  8. The plan is currently not clear on what we should do. This wipe would not just be a data clear i will be re-building the server from the ground up.
  9. Currently, if this was to happen i have no plans on refunding points or ranks.
  10. What do you guys think of a TTT server reset? I wipe all the data. I also re-build a few parts of it. This is currently just an idea. If we do end up doing it, a new forums post will be made with all the details.
  11. Hello Everyone, We would like to know what your thoughts are on what we should do for the future of Flux. This could range from new servers, to a new gamemode or even branch off to a new game entirely, like minecraft or csgo. We want to know what you think we should do for the future, we really would like to hear from you. Thanks
  12. I have given back your points and fix the bug.
  13. I was not the staff member handling this so I only know whats been posted here. Hello BlipBlop, I don't understand why you think emailing a player with her person information wouldn't get you punished? I understand that all you did was a bit of googling and using your brain. But sending her an email with her information, Taking the time to create a new email account just for that. If all you did was get her information and kept it to yourself none of this would have happened. In my opinion: You tried to flex your hacker knowledge to get a reaction out of this girl and it back fired.
  14. While watching the death scene there is not a visual icon ,text or anything like that. But you can see it being enable/disabled in the damage log. If you have the filter enabled.
  15. Yeah I think mau just wins by default.
  16. Mau5tick is easily winning the best memes so far.
  17. Hello all, First you need to set up a bind In Console: Like so: bind "z" "autobuy" You can change the key(z) to any key you like. Once the bind is set you now can set what you would like to auto buy in the T/D Shop. when you what to buy the stuff just click the key.
  18. Hello All, Below i will list all the custom console commands for flux TTT. Feel free to change them to your liking. Player/Equipment Glow: 1 = Enabled(Default), 0 = Disabled ttt_equipment_GL 0/1 ttt_detective_GL 0/1 ttt_traitor_GL 0/1 ttt_ghost_GL 0/1 Enable the default HUD: 1 = Enabled, 0 = Disabled(Default) ttt_default_hud 0/1 How to enable/disable multicore rendering: 2 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled, 0 = Awaiting Client(Default) multicore_remember_enable 0/1/2 Updated 03/07/2019
  19. ACCEPTED @ the admins on discord and someone will show you the robes.
  20. Hello Predzee, Have you ever used the predator blade? After reading what you had to say it looks like you have not. Also it looks like you are only seeing the one side of the argument. That being the person that is getting killed by it.
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