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  1. I have looked in to it, I can't find any errors or and logs that say you didn't receiving the crates. Saying that I'll give you 10 abyssal crates and I'll do a full code review of the shop.
  2. Hello Nigel, I need more information. What time did this happen? This is from the shop right?
  3. I have removed your ban.
  4. I'm in discord, in TTT #1 join and talk to me.
  5. Join us on discord. https://discord.gg/hrKrpfe6
  6. What addons are you subscribed to on Garry's mod?
  7. It does make sense. Also you having 1 VAC and 1 game ban on your profile doesn't help you.
  8. I have looked though the code many times and I can't see how anyone could trigger it, Without bypassing my client side code.
  9. Hello Orr, You trigged Exploit check #1, there is no way this can be a false positive. I know this because I coded the hitreg. The forums post you link the player was banned by Exploit check #3 which can have false positive due to lag. If you had more play time I would of giving you the benefit of doubt but you only have 2.5 hours. So unless you can provide a video of your screen at the time of ban. This appeal has been denied.
  11. Decent dude, but this application is terrible.
  12. Is it possible: yes will it be happening: no
  13. I'll look in to this for you. can I please get you're name and steamid. Thanks
  14. Hello DropBear, I have resent your package, you should receive it soon. Sorry for the delay. Please use link below next time: https://forums.fluxservers.net/forms/5-report-donation-issues/
  15. I do have a few plans but not 100% on whats happening as of right now. My aim is to get all the basic stuff in first then we can talk about new stuff.
  16. Hello Everyone, After having a discussion with the community about a TTT server reset, I have decided to go in a bit of a different direction. So what I'm thinking is to creating a new TTT server base off the current server. The new server will have a completely different database, it will not have any of the data from the current server. So that means the current TTT server will not be getting wiped, it will stay the same. Development will freeze on the current server while I'm develop the new TTT server. Feel free to ask questions below
  17. I agree except for the weekly reset on TTT #2
  18. I understand, people would not feel comfortable donating if we would just one day decide that they would lose it.
  19. You are probably right. Hmm, maybe the best thing to do is keep the current server as is. and just make a new one base off the current one.
  20. The plan is currently not clear on what we should do. This wipe would not just be a data clear i will be re-building the server from the ground up.
  21. Currently, if this was to happen i have no plans on refunding points or ranks.
  22. What do you guys think of a TTT server reset? I wipe all the data. I also re-build a few parts of it. This is currently just an idea. If we do end up doing it, a new forums post will be made with all the details.
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