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  1. Although you seem genuine enough about wanting to play legit, I'd have to agree with Wolfe here, you do also seem to be the kind of person that would get bored of TTT very quickly and start cheating again, and considering you even have cheats on your computer for any games at all is enough of a deterrent from unbanning you. Personally, I think you should stay banned too and that you really haven't made a good case for yourself.
  2. After some consideration and words from others, I am going to take away my previous comments, still going to +1 but i think that you should tone down profanity usage even in the company of those you don't like.
  3. ok. i guess then cancel my comment but keep the +1
  4. +1 From what i've seen follows the rules and is pretty chill, i'd say worth giving them a shot. However, i just noticed the comment and someone pointed out that she does seem to essentially afk point farm, so i'm barely leaning towards the +1. The comment was quite unprofessional considering this is an application and afk point farming is explicitly against the rules, but the time spent idling mid round could be used to deal with reports.
  5. +1 From what i've seen they're pretty chill and barely ever gets reported, so i'd say that he'd be good for trial mod. I still think that he should play for a while longer before applying though, considering 54 hours isnt much in terms of learning the rules and fully understanding them.
  6. -1 You don't seem to fit the bill for mod judging from previous comments and don't have that many hours on flux, so you might not even be too familiar with most of the rules.
  7. +1 Probably the only person to play Skill surf lmao
  8. +1 u owe me big time now debla (Previous -1 was a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously)
  9. Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/22/19 5:50PM GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198375889352 Reported Player: Amy Rose (STEAM_0:1:114272260) Description of incident: Using aimbot and norecoil Evidence: https://youtu.be/S03VWbF5f2Y https://youtu.be/DrWyuyQix18
  10. Not buying it Debla, we all know you have dyslexia.
  11. heh, that's the funny sex number.
  12. idk how to feel about you applying for mod, i've seen you play a lot but haven't really gotten an impression of you. As far as i know, you're a good player and all but you have a bad reputation and often break rules. It'll probably be best if you can change your attitude, try to abide by rules, get most of the community to like you then reapply later.
  13. -1 doesn't even know how to abuse new map karma resets
  14. Ok Debla you think you're a funny guy?
  15. Thanks Mau, I'll be adding your name to the recommendations
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