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birbobert for Staff on TTT

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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:48466330

Age: 22

Total Hours Played on Flux: 205

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Aeyon


About birbobert:

Hey hello, I'm commonly known as birbobert aka birb. I'm 22 years old (23 in 3 weeks ish) and I have a slight obsession with computer games. If I'm not playing I'm either at the gym, playing footy or working (not at the moment though due to the current situation). I'm a qualified chef and I currently work in Hospitality, surprise, surprise heh. Although I'm currently working in front of house just to change things up a bit and get as much experience in the different sections as possible. I'm only a casual employee so I work odd hours and will be available in the more odd and difficult hours. I'm also born and raised in Sweden and I've visited Australia back and forth since 2015, in March 2019 I decided to move here permanently, I'm currently awaiting my PR. 
I've been playing computer games for as long as I can remember, I started off with Old School Runescape (the only runescape at the time) and Age of Empires II. Then I quickly moved over to COD4 which definitely would be my most played game out of all the games I've played. I started playing gmod back in 2013 and I played on and off for a bit. It was when I found TTT that I got completely obsessed with gmod. Nowadays I mainly play Gmod, League of Legends and CSGO. 
I'm a very organised person, I like things to be done properly heh. Other then that, I would never hurt a fly and I'm probably one of the kindest people you could ever come across haha. I may only be 5'1 but I have a lot of laughter to give and a lot of energy to spread. 


Reason for Application:

Ever since I joined Flux TTT, I have been HOOKED. I fell in love with the community and the people playing on the server :fatcringe: , but it is the truth haha.

I just feel like I have the urge to help, I want to be a part of this community and help keep the server as great as it is! I really want to be a part of it. 
This server and community is a big part of my life now so why not make the most out of it.  


Previous Experience (if applicable):

Moderator on a Call of Duty 4 Deathrun server: 2012-2013



At the moment, I am able to play and come on basically 24/7.

Also, birbs are real.


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BIG +1

Birb was one of the first players/impressions I had of Flux TTT... And now I have over 100 hours and donated (so I guess that counts for something). I have not seen Birb break any rules within my time playing on the server along with her amazing activity on Flux as shown: https://www.gametracker.com/player/birbobert/  

She is also generally on during hours when no staff are on and would be a perfect addition to the staff team with her hundreds of hours of experience on the server, knowledge of the rules and professionalism she shows when on the server. Along with being an amazing role model on the server, Birb was the first player I would go to when I first joined and had any questions about anything server related, she also replies very fast on private messages (Steam and Discord) so I would consider her very reliable when it comes to communication.



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Almost every time I see birb in the discord her status is playing gmod, I legit have no idea how she does it. 

as long as she does the alphabet in discord, it’ll remain a pretty big +1 from me considering she’s never actually broken a rule, and when someone has reported her for rdm, it’s always usually been accidental/crossfire of some sort

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