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  1. You have been unbanned and are free to play again. My apologies, the image i captured was misleading and i thought you were using wallhacks. Sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:73165767 Age: 20 Total Hours Played on Flux: 895 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Debla Hakkem BruhMoment About Bocaj: Hey, my name is Bocaj and due to quarantine my life over the past few months has consisted of switching between doing uni work and playing games. Usually I would be boxing, travelling or meeting up with my mates but instead I’ve been stuck at home all day. At the end of last year I took a break from playing games to focus on other aspects and my life and decided to resign as a moderator on the server.
  3. +1 Friendly, active, gets along well with the community and follows the rules.
  4. This truly is a sad origin story. +1, make sure the only n word this man says is nice.
  5. -1. From what I've seen and experienced you are toxic and you go out of your way to start shit with other members of the community. Just the other day in discord you were trying to start an argument with the mods claiming that you "outsmart us" and that Higashi and Wildcard have egos. I wouldn't trust you to make unbiased decisions as a mod.
  6. Me Bocaj Me Play games Here is my hand Thanks
  7. I really don't understand why you have made another application less than 2 days after being denied. You claim you made the app again because you love the server but you haven't taken time to work on the feedback the community has given you. Surely you don't expect the outcome to change in the span of a day or two.
  8. Okay so let me explain the situation to you BlipBlop, Last night I was contacted on Discord by the victim who was upset and angry that you were sharing her personal information on the server and going out of your way to contact her through her personal email. She provided screenshots of the chat logs on the server and the email you sent. As shown above, Edgy and Predzee were witnesses to this and have provided evidence to back this up. You DID NOT have her permission to post any of her information on the server for the other users to see. We DO NOT tolerate this kind of behavior, a
  9. Personally, I like this idea and think having that ADS option would be beneficial. It would help with long range accuracy and give the players another option in gunfights. +1
  10. I don't understand why gagging and muting someone would stop RDM. It would stop their communication and influence on other players, but that's not going to stop their ability to kill someone. If anything, it would make them angrier and they would start to target the player who muted them. If you encounter RDM and there is no staff on, ping @TTTMod on Discord and check if anyone is available. If not, create a post with evidence underneath the player report and it will be dealt with.
  11. In what situation would these taunts be used though? In prop hunt, the players use taunts as a way of trying to bring the hunters into their area; but what purpose would it serve in TTT?¿
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