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  1. +1 I personally have not recognised you on the server, but I have looked at your activity on gametracker and you are fairly active so that is a great start. You also have a very well written application and seem passionate for the position of Trial Moderator, which is also great. Along with your total play-time, extensive history of staff and moderating, and you seem to present yourself very professionally and mature which I really like. There is no doubt in my mind that you would make a great addition to the staff team. Please note though that all accepted applicants have to buy me uber eats. Other than that you have my support with this application. Goodluck!
  2. If possible I would like to see the recording, and I can give necessary punishments if need be.
  3. You do realise that you reported Popcorn but majority of your evidence is for another player named 'polo'...? Also a little more context would have been nice in your report, I was notified by Popcorn on private message that a user named 'Black supremacist' and 'George Floyd' were online saying racial slurs and mass RDMing so that is really all the context that I have to connect to those screenshots as of now.
  4. It's a -1 from me. In the past 30 days you have only joined the server 6 times. I think it would be a good idea for you to take a couple of weeks joining the server a couple hours a day and get to know the newer players, build up a good reputation and show that you are passionate and really care for the future of the server as well as being someone the staff can trust and look at to manage and moderate the server when you are on by yourself. If i can see a noticeable improvement in your activity and you are well behaved on the server, my vote will change. Wish you the best.
  5. +1 for reduction 1 week ban for a simple mishap seems like a bit of a stretch in my opinion. Yes he did meta-game, which is against the rules... but 1 week??? From the evidence shown and from hearing Draino's explanation in steam messages, it is evident that this was a complete accident and not intentional in the slightest, and these sorts of accidents are bound to happen when you have groups of friends playing while on private chats with each other like Teamspeak, Skype or Discord. Sorry, but I disagree with the extent of this punishment. Personally I find it a bit silly how if MEAST wanted to blatantly RDM the traitor he would only receive 2 slays. But a complete accident and misunderstanding that results in the same outcome for the victim gets 2 players a week ban each. There was no malicious intent and it was evident that it was an accident, even following the Staff Guidelines directly, 1 week is still excessive for the 2nd offence (first offence being the warning).
  6. Just make it KOSable if they are holding the tool from the truck (you need it for like 80% of it and only T's can get it) otherwise its just using the telephone, or destroying a computer.
  7. My favourite maps are; ttt_complex_fix4, ttt_rooftops_2016, de_saturday_night, ttt_goldenplix_prison Complex has one of the most map 'secrets' out of any map I have played, most of the painting on the walls do something, along with room 11, room 5, room 16 and room 12 having some hidden rooms, objective or breakable object... There is also the glass doors than you can open to get to the Tardis and Axe. ttt_rooftops_2016 has some pretty nice easter eggs and map secrets; aliens, flooding the map, traitor traps, allowing you to enter the sky box, Music discs, Tom Selleck's apartment, Annihilation Ending. It also has a pretty nice map design with plenty of high advantage points for sniping, buildings and dark areas to hide bodies. I would consider this one of the greatest gmod maps. de_saturday_night has a secret room you can teleport to with a maze and some other puzzles along with there being no tutorial on the internet that I was able to find or any indication on how to get to the secret room, it is pretty cool if you know it and can share between friends. It also is a visually different map than anything else I've played on and looks like the creation from someone on drugs. ttt_goldenplix_prison has a unique map secret that allows the traitors to get an instant win if they manage to escape the prison using the sewers. This is the first map that I can think of that allows the traitors to get a win by doing some secrets (Using the pay phone, collecting equipment from the truck, going to a sell and breaking the floor, entering the sewers and running to the finish line).
  8. You have eaten Tofu. Birb has an 18 inch penis, I have grey eyes, I own a Les Paul guitar.
  9. -rep uses riot shields and aim bot.

    1. Hakkem


      -rep uses mine turtles unironically like a coward

  10. BIG +1 Birb was one of the first players/impressions I had of Flux TTT... And now I have over 100 hours and donated (so I guess that counts for something). I have not seen Birb break any rules within my time playing on the server along with her amazing activity on Flux as shown: https://www.gametracker.com/player/birbobert/ She is also generally on during hours when no staff are on and would be a perfect addition to the staff team with her hundreds of hours of experience on the server, knowledge of the rules and professionalism she shows when on the server. Along with being an amazing role model on the server, Birb was the first player I would go to when I first joined and had any questions about anything server related, she also replies very fast on private messages (Steam and Discord) so I would consider her very reliable when it comes to communication.
  11. Incident occurred on TTT, at 05/17/20 13:02 GMT+10. My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:78885629 Reported Player: you're (STEAM_0:0:78885629) Description of incident: Player joined and started saying racial slurs in voice chat. (Breaking rule 1) Evidence:
  12. Neutral I feel as though claiming T weapons is a good addition to the server. T weapons are generally better than regular weapons (with the exception of the ravager) and would provide an an innocent carrying one with an advantage they wouldn't have without it. I think your argument of 'Not everyone is staring at chat the entire round and cant be fucked remembering...' can be said about the tester as well. There are already rules in place regarding T weapons that apply to innocents claiming them which state; Planting or using any explosives. (SLAM, C4, Jihad etc.) is KOSable. From memory the only T weapons you should see an innocent using is the AWP (which most of the time is empty), the knife and the Nyan Cat Gun. But that being said, for players that are less likely to notice regular's typing in chat maybe a command could be introduced that has big bold green letters saying "(Player) HAS CLAIMED A T WEAPON" by typing '!claim' in chat. If you have trouble remember who is proven and who has claimed weapons, you can always mark players in TAB. To make it easy you can do anyone proven by map tester and portable tester as 'proven', anyone who is not proven but has a T weapon as 'suspect' and anyone else can be 'avoid'.
  13. I could have probably written it better, but I'm normally awake between 9am on monday to 2am on tuesday and then wake up around 9am on tuesday (repeat till friday).
  14. I conversed with an Admin about the situation before applying and they gave me the okay. Just to clear any confusion.
  15. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:186873699 Age: 19 Total Hours Played on Flux: 65 hours Recommendation(s) from Staff: Aeyon About Fika: I'm 19 year old and have been playing Garry's Mod since 2012-2013 (Introduced to the game by Seananners). I have a history with leadership roles within both real life and Garry's Mod servers, being moderator and admin on at least two different TTT servers and staff on several other game modes. I have also been store manager, and assistant manager of multiple jobs which has provided me with some skills that could carry over into a position of staff. I'm currently 'unemployed' doing freelance graphic design, video editing and binge watching netflix shows with my two best friends, Ben and Jerry. So I have a lot of time that I can dedicate towards Flux TTT (and future Flux Servers)... I will be starting a course at the start of 2021 so I have a while before anything will majorly impact my playtime. I do tend to mess around a little bit on low player counts with people that I know a generally A-okay with a little bit of shenanigans but I do not have any prior history to breaking rules on Flux TTT (evident by not receiving any warnings, slays, bans from staff) I have received a karma ban but that was due to lack of staff on the server at the time and getting T baited and Attempted RDM almost every round. I have also made a timetable of the hours that I am able to come on the server in AEST. Monday - Friday: 9am - 2am Saturday: 11am - 9pm Sunday: 9am - 12am Reason for Application: I instantly noticed a lack of staff during majority of my playtime since I started playing on the server, and feel as though while I'm not perfect I can do a big part in significantly reducing the amount of time there are no staff present on the server. Which will improve the experience for regular and new players without them having to worry about cheaters (that were on 2 nights ago), RDM reports going unnoticed, bullying and harassment, mic-spammers... As you can see from my game tracker statistics (gametracker is not 100% accurate) my average playtime is around 4-6 hours per day. https://www.gametracker.com/player/Fika Flux/ Previous Experience (if applicable): Fallen Angels TTT - Admin (2015-2016) SchoolRP - Moderator (2016-2017) EG TTT - Moderator (2018-2019) SC TTT - Moderator (2019) Comments: I do not use a microphone. (I only ticked box because it would not let me continue otherwise).
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