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Mojito for Staff on TTT


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Server(s): TTT

SteamID: 76561198333529834

Age: 17

Total Hours Played on Flux: 504

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Mojito:

What i do when I am not playing games... I work as an apprentice bricklayer trying to save an all.  My skills are I can lay 20 bricks in under a minute to level thats pretty good aye?. I can make a batch of mud in under 2 minutes, I work out and enjoy a good night with the boys.


Reason for Application:

  I mean its called a trial mod for a reason isn't it? you give us a trial to see how we are? I know the whole server staff hates me and ur probably thinking this is a joke but I am serious, I have over 3 thousand hours on ttt, I know the rules,  yeah i know sometimes I stuff and shit but i feel if i become a mod it will straighten my attitude.  Give it a think. 


Previous Experience (if applicable):

No experience as a staff member



Dont let my history just make u -rep i am a very genuine guy keen to be a mod

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If you know the rules why do you always break them? You've been banned multiple times for multiple reasons, you minge and whine like a little girl when you don't get your way and you always butt heads with players and staff on a daily basis. You are a good guy at heart and I respect some aspects you have but you are increasingly mingey, toxic and childish. I don't understand what you mean by don't judge your past, that's exactly what we do, sure if you have actually changed how you act over the time you've been playing flux then maybe you'd be a great guy to play with and a even better person to have on the staff team, but this isnt the case at all. Throughout my times on the server we've had some good times, but almost 85% of those times were bad, as far as what i've seen and what i've been told by the staff team, you haven't changed, not one bit.

-1 Giving you mod will only worsen your attitude and give you power over others that you should never have. Sorry wawii but for now you are just not fit to staff the server, or hold a rank of any power.

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idk how to feel about you applying for mod, i've seen you play a lot but haven't really gotten an impression of you. As far as i know, you're a good player and all but you have a bad reputation and often break rules. It'll probably be best if you can change your attitude, try to abide by rules, get most of the community to like you then reapply later.

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