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  1. DNA is synonymous with a KOS unless the attacker had a valid reason to kill the victim which was publicly identified in chat (Note: This does not count for Detectives. Killing and/or being fired upon by a Detective is an active KOS - DNA from a Detective's body is an active KOS). In my opinion, the Detective shouldn't be responsible for the death of an Innocent if the Innocent did not publicly declare it acted accordingly in text/voice chat as the Detective would act without context. BUT THAT'S JUST A GAME THEORY! 🏁
  2. It's dependent on who is responsible for the victim's death in the report. If you acted carelessly and killed the victim you should be slain i.e. firing at a target (with a valid reason) when the victim is close proximity and killing them as a consequence (Note: self-defense cases are different and sometimes can't be avoided when shooting at an attacker in a clusterfuck). BUT THAT'S JUST A GAME THEORY. @Order66 'Did I mkee any slnlipeg misstakes?'
  3. I'll keep this compact. Genuine. Doesn't understand what he's done wrong & high probability he will repeat-offend like last time without further clarification - Credit to Aeyon: "If I remember right you said this before coming back and continuing with you same old behavior that lead to a permaban." Judgement: Probational period may be suitable with consistent monitoring by staff to alleviate Huon's immature behavior. Outstanding -1
  4. yeah +1 and i'm gone for the next month bye
  5. Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by impaired social interDebla +1.
  6. who the fuck are you? no seriously... and saying "if you become a moderator you will straighten your attitude" is indicative of how you don't deserve trial. it's clear you made no effort to improve in the past.
  7. @St.ClairI will cade on the Zombie Survival server :).
  8. What about this? https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/ttt-special-rounds (for ttt). Especially Infected, Juggernaut, Invisible Traitors, Traitor Roulette, Hide & Seek and Deathmatch Switch would be fun imo. Special round could be twice a map on the 5th and last round (whichever one it is is randomized)? What you guys think?
  9. I would drop 100's of hours into Zombie Survival if you made it & an active java minecraft server would be good. 53 days till Halloween @Wookie
  10. Why does it matter? You can't kos off playermodel. "Read" their name [assuming you can read] & if they're 'kos' or using a 'disguiser' kill them... Halloween is approaching...
  11. Collingwood will SMASH Essedon on the weekend *Anzac Day flashbacks*. +1
  12. 'Prop-Killing' is a regular occurrence 'in the absence of staff.' It's stupid to impede upon the strategic element of TTT [Prop-Killing leaves no DNA & can be employed to covertly kill someone [& don't forget the poltergeist]). It's complicated; the issue is not the props but the noxious players that proceed to propkill. It's unnecessary to freeze props & impede traitors ability to win. The solution is punitive measures against those who exhibit this behavior - "active staff" & in addition to this, DO NOT whine when you can submit a player-report for rule-violation on the forums. https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-screen-recorder - record or take screenshots (of logs & text chat by pressing f12).
  13. A blast from the past. +1; No doubt in my mind.
  14. -Predzee-


    I'll join on Halloween and Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends. Bye... Forever. Don't waste your time on me.
  15. -Predzee-


    Bye. Predzee signing off.
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