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  1. A blast from the past. +1; No doubt in my mind.
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    I'll join on Halloween and Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends. Bye... Forever. Don't waste your time on me.
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    Bye. Predzee signing off.
  4. Incident occurred on TTT, at 08/05/19 17:10 +09.30GST GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198870812809 Reported Player: Pacific Ocean (STEAM_0:208348375) Description of incident: Koro Veno Main submitted a player report accusing Pacific Ocean of rule violation on the 5th of August 17:23 +09:30GST: https://forums.fluxservers.net/topic/537-reporting-steam_01208348375-for-rule-violation/. I acknowledged there was insufficient evidence of Koro Veno Mains allegations, and recommended a viable solution to eradicate this profoundly toxic player from the server. I have investigated Koro Veno Mains allegation's in my spare time, in spite of the dumb gratuitous response from the community, collecting adequate evidence to rationalize a ban. Special thanks to Aeyon for his support in this matter. Evidence: I apologize for the inconvenience. I've failed to embed the images within the post & have substituted my imgBB account. Regards, Predzee. Pacific Ocean Identification: https://ibb.co/vXDH3RZ Pacific Ocean rdms Sazzag: https://ibb.co/JBC98kd Pacific Ocean rdms GVL & Koro Veno Main: https://ibb.co/8mNMKvX Server retaliates and kills Pacific Ocean: https://ibb.co/s1fRwK1
  5. There is insufficient qualitative evidence to reinforce the alleged massrdm of Pacific Ocean. Next time, take a screenshot utilizing the f12 hotkey. Thankfully, Koro Veno MAIN has given an approximate time that the incident occurred, and I'll advise a moderator/administrator probes old damage/shot log's.
  6. Quoting Zoidberg from Koro Veno Main's staff application denied 2 days ago: I'm also getting a "Sucking Up" Vibe from you. Koro initialized a FluxTTT# 'gofundme' to bribe Cooltank for a recommendation: https://ibb.co/ChCP88g. The staff application has been approached with considerable disregard for recommendation requirements and I wouldn't like to see this behavior endorsed in the future. -1
  7. Koro Veno MAIN's response eminently illustrates his desire to improve and staff FluxTTT#1 to the best of his ability. Undoubtedly should be given an opportunity as a trial-moderator. In the long-term, the development of Koro Veno MAIN's staffing abilities will be worthwhile to the subsistence of the team.
  8. You: *Banned on Discord and Permanently Banned on the Server and active on the forums* Why are you bragging about your negative reputation and embarrassing yourself? Do you understand "pog" is a term used to emphasize shock/excitement (as far as I'm aware)? @BlipBlopCongratulations. It's a joke to you. Well, you've invoked discreditable behavior that's transformed you into the joke. Regards, I hope you age well... Edit: Was unaware he was unbanned from the server, but I retain my stance. Disgusting behavior.
  9. The final paragraph in Blip Bl0p's response underlines his unprincipled attitude towards his ban, and his deficiency of remorse has lead me to suppose he will never accept the conditions of his ban and the relinquishing of his privileges will only lead to incessant rule-breaking in the future. 🙂 In other words: don't unban him and reap the benefits.🙂
  10. I have in-game screenshots displaying 'some' chat-logs in Edgyguy24's image, verifying them. In addition to this, I recollect Blip Bl0p referring to her by her first name in text-chat. https://ibb.co/FHJsJRX ; https://ibb.co/drGx4SM
  11. I'm bearing witness in aes's defence. The manner aes conducted himself was ill-suited. Yet, the definitive problem was the unacceptable way the server (particularly Muffin Man, StormierTangent | Flux, and Flux | Ike23 in voice chat] proceeded to retaliate against aes until the following map ttt_vessel where Minced Meat joined the server. This behaviour constituted harassment and could've been averted if the users manually muted aes as opposed to 'making the decision' to tease his accent, target-rdm, and aggravate him. For example, in the recording [ 2:05] Muffin Man said [12:58:20] aes is a Traitor utilising ttt_radio [at the beginning of the round]. Likewise, It's visible in the recording [2:21] StormierTangent | Flux's said in chat [12:58:26 real time] I don't understand his dumbass lisp.
  12. Aurora, I would like to say thankyou to you for correcting me. My position was based off the knowledge I had obtained over the past few months. I'll take back what I said about Zoidberg.
  13. Huon: Staff guidelines declare mass-rdm as '1 round that has 4 valid reports on a single player = 5 day ban.' Aeyon said, 'You threw a grenade as an inno killing 1 other inno and damaging a T, your response to this report was "First day on sorry man didnt know" this is not the first time i have seen you lie like this in a report to to and get out of it.' Highlighting 'your response to this report;' identifying a specific report where Huon has allegedly lied. No evidence has been posted in this thread to corroborate Aeyon's accusations of the several cases of this behaviour, in support of the defendant Huon. Likewise, are there any 'voice-chat logs' or 'game recordings' to validate Huon's microphone-spamming? In support of the prosecutors, Huon admitted to placing a bounty on himself, 'a detective (unwoven sleeve) asked me if he could kill me for 1000 points if i was a T and i said yes.' In light of Huon's prior offences including 26 bans and 11 warnings (according to Aeyon), there's no doubt in my mind that Huon should remain banned in the instance that staff obtain appropriate evidence. Likewise, Huon admitted to saying, 'zoid you fucking cunt, whyd you metagame,' an example of Staff Abuse. However, I want to touch on this in the next paragraph. Zoidberg: Relevant to this thread, I want to draw on Zoidbergs alleged concerning behaviour. Huon said, 'zoidberg then told him that i was innocent and not a traitor (zoid was dead) meta gaming so i just killed my self.' This was illustrated in Huon and Unwoven Sleeve's private conversations, https://imgur.com/a/kM1LVBG, where Unwoven Sleeve said, 'He didn't he just said "Don't kill him, you'll see why later.' Considering Unwoven Sleeve was under the impression Huon was a Traitor (Bounty from Huon), and Zoidberg was a Traitor (therefore aware Huon was Innocent), is this metagaming? Likewise: Zoidberg server-banning Blip Bl0p for ddos-threat when the ban was strictly a discord-ban (thankyou Accel). "Allegedly" banning Milk because another user told him to, diverging from staff guidelines with the excuse that, 'you are a regular player.' Conclusion: 1 Question: Why is Zoidberg's behaviour being covered up & not referred to in any responses? 1 Resolution: Don't Unban Huon, but launch an internal investigation into Zoidberg.
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