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Reporting STEAM_0:1:37759959 for Rule Violation

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 08/21/19 16:40 - 17:23 GMT+10.

My SteamID: 76561198044503843

Reported Player: Poizy (STEAM_0:1:37759959)


Description of incident:

Let me just start off by saying that Poizy is one of those types that wants to be liked by the crowd, I mean no disrespect in saying this, its just what ive observed.

Throughout the 1-2 weeks ive been playing on this server ive been targeted by various individuals, most notably Poizy. Poizy chooses to RDM me blantly at the start of every single round and call KOS's on me for no reason. Ive tried talking to staff and tried to get them on, but they seemingly want to play other games or have lives outside of GMOD (shocking). Today was sort of a last straw for me, he and Wawii decided to constantly RDM me on every single round, when they couldnt, they would call KOS's on me. Now I'm going to show some evidence of him doing so, but I urge @Menace @Taylor8380 & @Generic to go through the logs for the past 2 or so days and see how many times Poizy has RDMed and Mass RDMed.

Im also calling a few witnesses to attest to this, since im fucking fed up, when I retaliate I get rdmed even more and they complain about the RDM later on. Everytime a staff member leaves he says, and I quote "Its RDM time"

Im doing this report for: MassRDM| Revenge RDM| Targeted RDM| Toxicity | General Minge.

I don't want him slain or warned, I want him BANNED: Whether that be a several months to a year. I encourage you to check past logs as it will prove my case.



I realise this isnt much, but I'm sick of the constant targeting and RDM. Whether this gets accepted or not is up to Management personally, since no staff rarely join anymore me and others have to resort to RDM to not be RDMed.


Past logs of the couple days: Poizy specifically, im sure Wawii deserves his own report someday.

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Go understand your concern on this issue and I apologize on my end for my lack of activity on the server due to getting a new job that has me working 5 nights a week.

I'm reading this on my phone and the photos for me are low res and I can't zoom in to read the logs properly. 

I would urged you to start using a recording software. A easy to use one that I use is Plays.tv. use what ever works for you. 


I will do what I can to deal with this situation but to any of the other staff who read this please take action if you can.

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I was on today and wawi and poizy had another 5 people helping them kill Higashi repeatedly, Higashi would not even have time to do anything and he was RDM'ed at the start of the round for an entire map. Not sure about it previous days but I did notice it was really bad today.

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