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TheDevastator05 for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66094849

Age: 23

Current Server Level: 37

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Kat  JaskaV sıя ([-Chompy-])


About TheDevastator05:


Hello again, I'm Devastator and for those who know me I'm a "relatively chill" (I use that term loosely) TTT player and I have been playing on the server for quite a while now (honestly I can't believe I've been playing on flux for almost a year already)

I believe I am quite well-known now due to the large amount of time I have spent on the server overall and in the Discord voice chats.

For those who join the discord regularly, they will know me a bit better than those who I talk to in game only and while in these calls I do my best to get to know people better in general and also enjoy assisting helping with new features to the server if testing of certain things if required.

Although recently I wasnt as active as usual due to house repairs I had to go through which took a reasonable amount of my time away from being able to get on the server I am back now and  looking forward to playing more again, especially with all the new content thats been coming out as of late which I know Nekota and Menace have put a LOT of work into.

When Im not playing Gmod. Im fixing cars/doing stuff with my arcade machines or doing something with mates now that the pandemic has finally started to level out



Reason for Application:


Although my last application didn't go the best due to at the time of my previous app, having upset a few people in the community which I understand caused my last application to be unsuccessful, I have done my best to make amends with those I did wrong by and continued to show my dedication to the server and the staff team to show that I am still willing and able to help with the staffing of the server.


In the time between my last application and now, I have come to know the community better and also made an attempt to help out where I can with things here and there 
and was hoping to be able to help further that than I can currently.

I have noticed even with the larger amount of staff that there is from when I first applied, there are still a lot of times where there are 20+ people on for a couple of hours with no staff/a lack of staff on when things tend to get a little bit hektik and during these times I feel that I should apply again and now with everything sorted again in my life, I have the time to do so and feel that I have made enough progress to hopefully be trusted with this role.    
I am well versed in TTT which I believe I have shown during my time on Flux (despite my ineptitude when it comes to aiming) 



Previous Experience:


Previous Experience:
As I have mentioned before: My previous experience comes from Poseidon TTT as a Moderator all the way up to becoming TTT Manager. 
My experience throughout that time I believe will still correlate well with what is expected with a moderator on Flux if I am accepted.




Additional Comments:


Thanks for reading and hopefully I look forward to being able to assist more if given the opportunity.


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