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TiviT for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198073016167

Age: 22

Current Server Level: 17

Recommendation(s) from Staff: Generic


About TiviT:

Pretty chill guy, don't have a job atm due to health reasons so i have alot of spare time
i am the life of the party!


Reason for Application:

Use to play like 6 years ago on this server maybe not that long ago idk xD
but i've always loved this server and i really would like to be a part of the team to improve this server
I am willing to play everyday and make sure i am doing my job right


Previous Experience:

I use to be admin on Hogwarts roleplay SBS 
also use to be a admin of 5head gaming ages ago
also Darkrp mod but don't remember the server


Additional Comments:

ily ❤️

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7 hours ago, Hakkem said:

Who the fuck

As per Hakkems response,

I believe you haven't been around and engaged enough with the community for me to make a good decision on you. Sure, your cool and usually get along well on the server, but this communities mod team is a bit more than a bunch of people playing on the server only. To get my vouch, you will need to;

Have more server exposure so I can see you on and how you are more.
Use discord more and become more involved in community discussion and make urself more known.

Until then, good luck with ur application man, hopefully it goes well 😆, I don't doubt you'd be an excellent mod for the team if I see you on more 😆

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