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  1. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88736612 Age: 16 Current Server Level: 26 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Stealth: currently I'm studying in high school in year 12 or NCEA lvl 2 planning on moving onto university in 2 years and go for a engineers degree i like playing golf still working on getting a handy cap in it i got 2 many hours on gmod (4832) iv been playing for 6 years i was on the og flux server back in the day im good and maths and science and I am horrible at english Reason for Application: The reason why I want to go for staff on flux ttt is because I enjoy playing with this community this is the only server that I play that is oce region i normally play on American server but I enjoy talking with people that understand me and I don't need to repeat about 3 times for a sentence cause of my accent I want to go further in this community and i want to help the people it is rare but its not never to see that there 0 staff online and people are just mass rdming and there is no staff to deal with it so i want to help the server when there is 0 staff online to help and when there is a lot of tickets I can help when the staff are getting over whelmed or if there is 1 staff online and they need help with tickets I am non bias and I will slay anyone if they do something wrong. I normally staff on roleplay servers like imperial clone wars military rp and darkrp but i am looking to learn how to staff on ttt Previous Experience: the previous experience I have is on icefuse I used to be staff on imperial, clone wars and military rp Additional Comments:
  2. +1 nick see him on all the time always talking to the community on the discord great person
  3. ngl doesn't seem like a rumour to what you said to golden
  4. I used to do fishing but dad doesn't take me out anymore
  5. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88736612 Age: 16 Current Server Level: 16 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Stealth: I am from New Zealand I enjoy playing golf on Sundays when I'm not at golf I'm normally on my computer I like science and maths Reason for Application: the reason why I want to apply for staff is because I am on your server a lot of the time and I am wanting to try help the server deal with the people that are rdming when there is no staff on the server I get on and there is normally a staff member on but the longer I play they get off then they disconnect and then the people that are new to the server just go around shooting people I am also looking to become more involved with the community the strengths i have is that I am unbiased I'm friendly and I'm good in confusing situations and I can deal with 2 people screaming at each other if it is needed. Previous Experience: I have a little amount of experience of being a staff member on a TTT server but I have got a lot of experience from other servers on MRP Imperial and Jedi vs Sith on a server by the name of icefuse but other then that i have no experience Additional Comments:
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